Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Low Trust In Crazyland

Trust is what distinguishes an advanced modern country from a third world hellhole. So just how much trust is there in USA? We shall see.

There's a saying in most countries that people "should know how to live together". Not so in the USA where people "should leave each other alone" because obviously people can't live together without raping, looting, stealing, murdering or otherwise hurting each other. People just ain't trustworthy, doncha know?

Going on, the only trustworthy institution I can think of is firefighters. Period.
  • banks, thieves.
  • media, mind controllers.
  • news media, propagandists.
  • police, murderers.
  • army, mercs for the Saudis.
  • air force, psychopathic serial killers.
  • navy, utterly fucking useless.
  • marines, invaders.
  • government, dictators & genociders.
  • CIA, Cocaine Import Agency.
  • cities, no man's lands.
  • urban planners, destroyers of cities.
  • real estate developers, raping cities.
  • streets, for hookers and gangsters.
  • highways, broken down and ugly.
  • prosecutors, witch-hunters.
  • judges, power-hungry legalistic morons.
  • lawyers, avaricious hired thugs.
  • strangers, pedophiles.
  • blacks, niggers.
  • whites, klanners.
  • managers, fascists.
  • CEOs, psychopaths.
  • utilities, for-profit (unreliable and expensive).
  • doctors, avaricious butchers.
  • programmers, unfeeling autistics.
  • Big Oil, destroying the planet.
  • Big Auto, turning citizens into zombie psychopaths.
  • stock traders, evil incarnate.
  • agribusiness, GMO corn brought to you by Monsanto.
  • restaurants, McDonald's.
  • red traffic light, drive over a pedestrian to your right.
  • traffic rules, feel free to murder cyclists.
  • physicists, nuclear weapons designers.
  • engineers, bomb makers.
  • universities, for the rich.
  • daycare, for the rich.
  • healthcare, for the rich.
  • churches, megachurch preachers.
  • religious people, fundamentalists.
  • Congress / Senate, the puppet theater.
  • White House, evil overlords.
  • philosophers, useless fairies.
  • neighbours, middle class robots.
  • humanity, to be exploited.
  • human rights, what's that?
  • law, by divine rule.
  • ambulances, for profit / thieves.
  • hospitals, get your unnecessary surgery with a free epidemic!
  • pharmacists, drug peddlers.
  • water company, Evian!
  • sewer company, you really don't want to know.
  • mass transit, for the poor.
  • cars, expensive and stultifying.
  • high school, concentration camp.
  • prison, slave camp.
  • welfare, for ghetto members.
  • stores, Wal-Mart.
  • small stores, wannabe Wal-Mart.
  • airlines, vastly inferior to rail.
  • art, Hollywood.
  • philanthropy, control of fortunes from beyond the grave.
  • charity, feudal patronage.
  • history, USA number 1!
  • reality, USA number 1!
  • sociology, tops & bottoms .
  • psychology, act first then think.
  • culture, destroy your neighbour.
Name me a single fucking institution other than firefighters that functions adequately in Crazyland.

In Canada you can trust firefighters, ambulances, welfare, healthcare insurance, the intelligence agency, human rights, prisons, humanity, religious people (everyone's a liberal christian in Ontario), scientists, utilities, blacks, whites. And you can sortof trust the news media, judges, high schools, hospitals, mass transit, streets, cities. Police are only wanton thugs instead of wanton murderers.

In other words, in Canada you have a whole order of magnitude more trust. In Saskatchewan you can trust government, the cable / broadband company, and stores (which are coops). In Quebec you can trust government, pharmacists, daycares, and the media (much of which comes from France). Saskatchewan / Quebec are at the upper end of mid trust. They're about like New Zealand, I think.

So Canada, New Zealand, and to a lesser extent the UK and Australia, are mid-trust countries. Western Europe is at the low end of high trust. Northern Europe is at the high end of high trust. And the USA is on par with China and Italy: low trust. Lower than low are no trust and negative trust. Because yeah, it gets a lot lower than the USA, but nobody on the internet is going to live in a third world hellhole so we aren't interested in that part of the spectrum. For our purposes, the USA is low trust.