Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Manners, Politeness, Chivalry And Grace Are Despicable

First of all, what are they about? They're all about weakness. How to be weak, when you have to deal with people you hate, loathe, despise, scorn and feel utter contempt for, and can't do anything about. When you hate people but can't kill them, can't slap them, can't cut up their faces, and can't even walk away but must grin and bear it.

Now, civility I respect. Civility allows you to stare at someone frostily and stonily, to tell them clearly (if they aren't mindless) that you loathe their guts and would glady kill them, but you won't because you can't. Same for professionalism which allows you to glare at someone hatefully but still do your job (and keep your job) serving them (unfortunately).

But manners? Manners are the arbitrary rules your momma taught you. Why do you follow them? Because your momma said so. Manners are the rules you follow because you LIKE being weak. Because you're mentally stuck in your childhood, infancy and adolescence. Because you're a neurotic basketcase. Manners are arbitrary, petty and don't make sense, so are despicable.

Now, manners are petty and stupid and completely arbitrary. and politeness is about sucking up and sycophancy just in case whoever you're dealing with is bigger and meaner than you and might take offense and squash you like a bug. But grace? That's about being physically weak.

Instead of making strong deliberate movements, you make weak movements that absolutely optimize and minimize effort as if you were diseased. Yeah, that sends a wonderful image! It's incomprehensible to me that this is popular! Gracefulness is egregiously despicable. And the horrifying thing is that it is NOT in fact MOST despicable.

What is most despicable? Chivalry and gentlemanliness! But first, what are they, for those few people who are mercifully ignorant of them?

Stereotypically, a gentleman would lay his coat on the muddy street so a lady wouldn't step on the mud. rather than walking around it or carrying her. WTF? And also he would walk on the side nearest the road so that if anyone died it would be him because men are expendable, always. And this is with ANY woman, even the vilest bitchiest queen of bitches. Because women are "ladies".

Chivalry is not merely cherishing archaicisms like fedora-tipping and miladying everywhere you go. Arbitrary contemptible ossified crap from bygone ages. Chivalry is about being DESTROYED. It's about being WEAK and deciding to be destroyed. Your coat gets destroyed, your life gets destroyed too since you duel for petty "honor". The question which chivalry answers is when and where should your life be destroyed.

Savoir-vivre is about living well. Chivalry and gentlemanliness are about "dying well". The only difference is the chivalrous man runs towards danger while the gentleman runs away from it. And that's why it's worse than manners and worse than politeness. Fucktarded neckbeards can keep their chivalry because anyone with a brain can tell it's cringeworthy.

Yes, chivalry dovetails into martyrdom and castration and self-sacrifice, all of which are utterly vile and loathsome, and really should be capital crimes. No error here, martyrs should be prevented from martyring themselves then killed for attempting it. But chivalry has a particular loathsome stench to it made all the more repugnant by people being blind to it.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

How Yoga, Homeopathy and Alchemy Make Sense

The personality type that goes for homeopathy, naturopathy, yoga, zen and alchemy is not merely "magical thinkers" and is not merely people utterly incapable of logic or any semblance of a concern for truth. It's far, far more specific than that.

The underpinnings of the Gaian personality type are all about trade and interaction and continuity. If you put two things together then they MUST interact and they MUST have a lasting imprint on each other (mutual contamination) due to continuity. And two things brought together are always together, which is of course one of the laws of magic.

Hell, alchemy is trading off the properties of X for the properties of Y. Want green steel? Mix in copper because it's green, or mix in leaves because they're green, or mix in green dye ... water + metal = mercury! Alchemy is magical dissociation and reassociation, nothing more. Elixir of life is made from liquid gold because gold doesn't corrode but lasts.

By ingesting liquid gold, you ingest the property of not corroding and lasting, rendering you immortal! The same way that if you ingest fat then you become fat, if you ingest meat then you become a muscleman and if you ingest sugar you become a chocolate covered waffle. You eat natural things because you want to be natural, thus ingesting the naturalness.

Now, homeopathy works by taking a poison that mimics the disease you have then diluting OUT the poison until it's non-existent. then by magical association (ie, mutual contamination) it follows that what you have left is an ANTI-poison, and this perfectly shaped anti-poison will cure you of whatever you had to begin with. Simple and oh so comprehensible.

What is yoga? It's breathing exercises for long life. Why? Because living things breathe so by practicing breathing you're making yourself better able to able to breathe which means you're able to live longer. If you could practice heartbeats, yoga would be about that. Instead, it's about "not wasting" heartbeats by lowering your heart rate. It's all about trade.

Incidentally, Gaians are also sensualists and also pro-poverty. This combines in the bizareness of "no-food dinners" where insane nutters prepare dinner then waft the smells around so they can comment on its deliciousness, then NOT eat it but continue starving. Low-calorie, don't you know?

Personally, the only pathy I believe in is telepathy. Also cyberpathy in Elf Sternberg's sense of someone who has an intuitive magical understanding of technology. I also believe in magic, but this is not enough. And I also believe in one golden glance of what should be. It's a kind of magic.

Magic? Magic!