Saturday, August 15, 2015

Consumerism: the Very Least Possible

Consumerism is based on two principles:
  • doing the least possible (ideally, absolutely nothing)
  • mutual exchange of value (in goods or favors)

Doing the fucking job you've been hired for is NOT the very least possible. The least possible is goldbricking, therefore you need a mutual exchange of value (called a bribe or reward program) in order to motivate people. And properly demotivate anyone who isn't corrupt so that they become exactly like the ones who are corrupt thus validating their personality type including values and worldview.

Now, you might think that treating people with respect, dignity, or like human beings is the least possible. (Shyeah!) This would be because YOU aren't positively and actively motivated by doing the least possible and have trouble comprehending the concept that anybody would or could be.

No, the least possible is caring for your progeny, the people who are necessary for your personal survival (called your tribe as in tribalism) and the clients that entertain you their patron. Thus are hereditary caste systems created ... out of the VERY LEAST possible. Ever wonder why India has a hereditary caste system AND rampant bribery and corruption? Now you can wonder how the combined abomination arose out of history rather than asking how two abominations coincide.

Ever wonder about the people who engage in token protest to ease their guilt by begging the masters to improve living conditions and don't actually give a damn about the results of their protest? Wonder no longer, they are doing the VERY least possible to ease their guilt over all the potential new clients and/or personal friends starving and dying in front of their eyes while retaining their own economic privileges.

Ever wonder about the people who preach pacifism while atrocities are happening in far away lands? That's right, closing their eyes to your death is the VERY least possible they can do, and they are committed to doing it! Very hardcore they are about sitting down (or "having a sit down") and not lifting a single finger to do anything. Ever wonder why pacifism is so prevalent an ideology in the USA in the context of its narcissistic love of war and torture? Wonder no longer!

Ever wonder at some people's belief in luck as a guiding principle in life? That's right, constructing coherent theories of how reality works and how you should run your life takes actual effort. Declaring that there are no such theories is the very least possible! It's even less effort than solipsism because under solipsism your wishes create reality which means you have to determine what your wishes are. Total randomness = luck = shit happens is so much less effort.

Ever wonder at the people who excuse slavery and talk up what a good master they have? Well, quite aside the fact that switching masters is a hell of a lot of effort, eradicating slavery is unimaginable effort. Excusing your master is indeed the very least possible!

Ever wonder if Uncle Toms are related to Peeping Toms? Well, peeping toms are doing the very least possible in order to engage another person in sex. Raping other people takes effort and securing their consent for sex ALSO takes effort, but peeping on them ... is least effort. Ever wonder why Japan is so consumerist, caste-based, tribalistic, cliqueist ... and always have "pervert" peeping toms in japanimes? You have been enlightened.

Do you know what final consumer means in biology? It means those who feed on the bodies of the dead. Because that takes least effort. Another word for fungus and mushroom is rot, also known as corruption. Huh, it looks like we've made a full circle, and making full circles is indeed the least possible way to dissipate energy since you come back to the exact place you left from so don't need to adapt to it in any way but already know what to expect.

You hated consumerism and now you hate consumerism. BUT ... you know why, and perhaps, just perhaps, you want them dead now. And that would be awesome because it WOULDN'T be the least possible. Consider that killing all those who want to do the very least possible would AUTOMATICALLY raise standards. And if you're not okay with killing them, there's always enslaving them. They LOVE slavery, it makes them HAPPY to have someone else think for them, and happiness is the ... very least possible.