Friday, August 30, 2013

Human Agency

The authors reviewed data from three large U.S. studies and found that the risk of suicide for adults who drank two to four cups of caffeinated coffee per day was about half that of those who drank decaffeinated coffee or very little or no coffee.

Now there is retarded research worthy of an Ig Nobel prize.

These imbecilic cretins don't even contemplate that the arrow of causation runs the other way around. No it can't be human agency at fault. It can't possibly be that depressed people cease giving a fuck about coffee just like they cease giving a fuck about everything else. Including but not limited to sleep, hygiene, water and food. No, it can't be that depressed people willingly cut their caffeine intake because it has lower priority than not starving to death, which already requires more effort and motivation than they can bring to bear!

It's funny how in physics, they assume human agency, whereas in medicine they assume none. When you're studying the universe, humans are apparently sitting outside of the universe and not subject to its laws. Whereas when you're studying human beings, the human mind doesn't exist at all. The worst part is these utterly retarded cretins are par for the course. They are totally representative of the scientific community and of academe. As proof, consider the so-called Copenhagen "interpretation" of quantum mechanics. Or John Steward Bell's retarded claims that so-called super-determinacy (ie, physics applies to the human brain) is uncomfortable to think about therefore it can't possibly be true. A ludicrous claim which his famous "Bell's theorem" relied upon as an assumption.

The sad truth is that all the authority figures you cretins all look up to are retarded mongoloids who should be executed en masse to teach them a lesson in doing proper fucking science! Why do you think the mythical "scientific method" says to predict in advance? It's because scientists are incapable of not lying to themselves (and others) and because they're incapable of thinking. All they're good for is running experiments, ritualistically running calculations that have been agreed to by everyone, and then reporting the results. Anything fuzzy that actually requires grey matter, things like INTERPRETATION, are beyond the ken of any but the very, very best scientists. And even they manage to spout some great honking idiocies. And that's what they should stick to. Things that a chimp could do if a chimp could understand language.

The purpose of consciousness is not to learn or to act but to INHIBIT learning and action. Everything else can be dealt with by the subconscious. People drive home asleep for goodness' sake! The purpose of consciousness is to model behaviors which would lead to your death so that you DO NOT DO THEM. Scientists are obviously all uniformly lacking in consciousness, they are obviously no better than chimps, since they are totally lacking in the consciousness necessary to inhibit them from pursuing useless science and proudly publishing bogus results. With their own names attached to the papers! Unless ... unless science is so corrupt, so thoroughly rotten to its dark Evil heart, and its rituals are all so completely pointless, useless, and ineffectual that fraudulent, lying and useless papers will never get scorned and result in career death. Take your pick, either scientists are all mindless chimps or they are all corrupt & Evil. Personally, I ask "why choose?" I believe they're lacking in consciousness and conscience both.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Air Force in Fiction (Stargate) vs Reality (Psychopaths)

From Distant punishment: Immoral and Soon to be Illegal?.
The bottom line is that, outside of a small cabal inside the Air Force, and some self-serving members of the aerospace industry, there is no intellectual, historical, or scientific basis of support for distant punishment as national policy.

the Air Force is infiltrated by psychopaths. Jet fighters are "cool" and provide stimulation to psychopaths who believe that "the feeling of letting a bomb drop" is

No. That is not a legitimate question and it is not asked. But if you nevertheless want to know what I feel when I release a bomb, I will tell you: I feel a light bump to the plane as a result of the bomb's release. A second later it's gone, and that's all. That is what I feel.
as Israeli Air Force general Dan Halutz famously said. He also claims that pilots should never feel guilt or responsibility because they're Just Following Orders. He would have done well as Auschwitz' camp commander.

These same psychopaths believe in mass murder on a grand scale and in glory (a narcissistic concept). It's why they *will not* give up strategic bombing, why they *hate* the A-10 Warthog which goes slow, looks vaguely ugly, and is "uncool" (and whose mission is to protect infantry troops from tanks), and why the Boeing bomber (which looked sort of like the space shuttle with its bulbous black and white design), was rejected in favour of the much more expensive and much more traditional (but also dangerous-looking, emphasis on *looking*) F35 "raptor". (Raptors are an endangered species which must be saved you know. Save the raptor!)

Virtuous my ass

All of this serves to make Stargate: SG1, where the Air Force is supposedly the paragon of Moralistic (and Imperialistic) virtue .... more than a bit specious. This is the same air force that loves to carpet bomb electric and water treatment facilities (eg, Iraq and Bosnia).

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Magical Thinking Game

This is how magical thinkers think. Note that I'm not recommending this game except as a learning tool, in case you want a practical demonstration of magical thinking. If just reading logic vs magic didn't do it for you. Oh and in that case, this is how analytics think.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Where Greens Come From

It took me forever to figure out where Greens come from. It took meeting someone who had both personality types in himself. Because I never expected real human beings could be hybrids of two personality types. Though I should have known better just from continuity. And THEN finding a Mastermind, a high-Presence kind of Gaian who wasn't a Green at all. Here's what I wrote him.


You don't seem to understand green psychology very well if you believe that locavores (who ARE greens) would fight other greens to stop mindless worship of their sun-god Ra.

The green ideology is a bastard child of three personality types. First is *your* personality type that worships Life. Second is the anarchist personality type that worships Freedom. And third is psychopaths who worship destruction.

The psychopaths (con men, shills, salesmen, lawyers, nomads, tribals, hackers, crackers, and it just goes on) have thoroughly infiltrated the anarchists because they're essentially Evil anarchists. And because anarchists' ever-shifting organizational structures doesn't provide them with the defense that rigid organizations obtain from the psychopaths' short attention spans.

(Rigid hierarchical organizations are thoroughly infiltrated by right-wing authoritarians, who are Evil authoritarians. This type of infiltration is called Corruption. As in, 'corruption of the law'. But I digress.)

So there's a lot of insane fucks like John Zerzan (who is a narcissist but that's close enough) who one way or another want the destruction of humanity and/or the ecosphere both. And these insane fucks have made their way into the Green movement.

The second group is the anarchists. These people HATE hierarchical organizations. Centralization, hierarchy? HATE. They would have no problem with small modular reactors but they HATE big nuclear power plants. And nuclear power plants being associated with government (either due to regulation or sovereign debt) just makes it worse.

The important part is that these people are ALL non-analytics thus their brains aren't intrinsically capable of logic. They're generally not interested in faking logic either. After all, sticking to logic would be constraining of their Freedom. You might even call it authoritarian. Though the important part is they don't natively do logic rather than that they don't want to.

What makes it all toxic is that they have low Presence. If they had high Presence, they would take responsibility for their neighbourhood or community or region or society. But they don't. They have LOW Presence. And by low I really mean zero or negative. And another word for Presence is Responsibility.

So here you have people who are totally irresponsible (low Presence), are infiltrated by psychopaths, HATE centralized power plants with a passion, aren't willing (or even capable) of thinking in abstract terms such as necessity or the long term. Are able but not willing to weigh people freezing to death versus their hatred of centralized power. Because they just don't have any sense of responsibility to their own universal principles on anything resembling a large scale.

Now the LOGICAL thing to do would be for them to buckle down and push for the dismantling of the power grid in favour of small nuclear power reactors. Which would eliminate the risk of widespread power failures from cascading overloads, coronal mass ejections, and ice storms. It would also cut electricity prices in half since the greater share (transmission & distribution) would be eliminated.

But they aren't logical. And they aren't smart either. They're very, very stupid. Nor as already stated are they at all responsible. Instead of responsibility what they have is some vague sense of obligation to a social role they play out. Like Kabuki theater. (This is zero Presence by the way. The passive in passive-aggressive. Though there's really two meanings of passive in passive-aggressive, but I digress.)

So instead of doing the smart thing, they've struck an alliance with people who (also zero Presence, also playing out a role, but this time caring for Life) magically think of radiation as death, as intrinsically inimical to Life. And who magically believe the sun-god Ra is the 'primordial source of life'. Even though that's untrue since there is no life on tectonically inactive planets but there is in geothermal vents. Father Sun and Mother Earth.

You worship Mother Earth, don't you? Personally I hate that fucking crazy bitch and would love nothing better than for the Earth to be irradiated. So long as civilization continues, I'm fine with that. But I digress.

Locavores? They're the same basic personality type. They're a toxic low-Presence mix of Life-worshipers (who obsess about EATING life for some reason, probably on the same basis as cannibals eating the hearts of their enemies to gain their courage) with Freedom worshipers (this time hating centralized transport, logistics and petroleum companies).

Why do you expect them to oppose each other when they are people with the exact same values acting in exactly the same insane ways, at the exact same level of 'tools'?


See, the pure authoritarians (idealistic cops and the like) struck an alliance with the corrupt authoritarians (fascists, nazis, engineers) to form capitalist society. The Evil authoritarians make up to 25% of the American population so they're a hefty chunk of the population. So for that reason the anarchists decided to form an alliance with the well let's call you Gaians. That alliance spawned an ideology, and that ideology is the Green ideology. Good people were shut out of the process as none of you want anything to do with any of us. Since we would rule over you like kings.

In the past, anarchists were crushed utterly, so they weren't a big enough faction for the Gaians to ever bother allying with. I think that's the reason why there was a Gaian-Authoritarian-Fascists pan-alliance. Or that's how it seems to have been in Nazi Germany where nature got very romanticized. I could be wrong on this. It could be intrinsic to fascism which is intrinsically reactionary (backwards-looking) and nature does lie in humanity's past, not its present or future. Hmm..

Anyways, the reason the political alchemy happened is because people whose core value is Life end up looking fairly anemic politically. Fairly unmotivated. And that's compared to *every* other personality types. Not motivated by Good, not motivated by Evil, not motivated by pyramid-building, not motivated by leveling pyramids. You're motivated by Life but Life is everywhere so it's not very motivating unless you start crying doomsday and Global Warming. (Which explains that by the way.) So by allying with some other personality type, you get to adopt their motivation.

And on the other side, the anarchists are just too damned small to matter from a purely mass democracy point of view. So they have an incentive to absorb Gaians. And they offered Gaians a better deal than the authoritarians did. More relevance. And far less inconvenient reality getting in the way of their fantasies.


And this all resulted from the breakdown of the anarchists and the anarcho-communists. And I suppose communism in general. Because the anarchists and anarcho-communists used to be allied, and they used to be allied to the authoritarian communists too. But in anglo-american countries, these were all thoroughly crushed. Then 'divide and conquer' set in. I think there used to be an alliance between pure authoritarians and communist authoritarians too, but that broke down, and the pure authoritarians turned to the corrupt authoritarians. That may have played a role in the Gaians' rejection of the authoritarians.

And the timing works too. There was just enough time between WW2 and the 1970s for a generation to grow up. And that generation was raised in a political environment where communism was no longer acceptable at all.

Well, this is pretty interesting but speculative. I don't know history to the level of detail I know the human mind.