Friday, August 30, 2013

Human Agency

The authors reviewed data from three large U.S. studies and found that the risk of suicide for adults who drank two to four cups of caffeinated coffee per day was about half that of those who drank decaffeinated coffee or very little or no coffee.

Now there is retarded research worthy of an Ig Nobel prize.

These imbecilic cretins don't even contemplate that the arrow of causation runs the other way around. No it can't be human agency at fault. It can't possibly be that depressed people cease giving a fuck about coffee just like they cease giving a fuck about everything else. Including but not limited to sleep, hygiene, water and food. No, it can't be that depressed people willingly cut their caffeine intake because it has lower priority than not starving to death, which already requires more effort and motivation than they can bring to bear!

It's funny how in physics, they assume human agency, whereas in medicine they assume none. When you're studying the universe, humans are apparently sitting outside of the universe and not subject to its laws. Whereas when you're studying human beings, the human mind doesn't exist at all. The worst part is these utterly retarded cretins are par for the course. They are totally representative of the scientific community and of academe. As proof, consider the so-called Copenhagen "interpretation" of quantum mechanics. Or John Steward Bell's retarded claims that so-called super-determinacy (ie, physics applies to the human brain) is uncomfortable to think about therefore it can't possibly be true. A ludicrous claim which his famous "Bell's theorem" relied upon as an assumption.

The sad truth is that all the authority figures you cretins all look up to are retarded mongoloids who should be executed en masse to teach them a lesson in doing proper fucking science! Why do you think the mythical "scientific method" says to predict in advance? It's because scientists are incapable of not lying to themselves (and others) and because they're incapable of thinking. All they're good for is running experiments, ritualistically running calculations that have been agreed to by everyone, and then reporting the results. Anything fuzzy that actually requires grey matter, things like INTERPRETATION, are beyond the ken of any but the very, very best scientists. And even they manage to spout some great honking idiocies. And that's what they should stick to. Things that a chimp could do if a chimp could understand language.

The purpose of consciousness is not to learn or to act but to INHIBIT learning and action. Everything else can be dealt with by the subconscious. People drive home asleep for goodness' sake! The purpose of consciousness is to model behaviors which would lead to your death so that you DO NOT DO THEM. Scientists are obviously all uniformly lacking in consciousness, they are obviously no better than chimps, since they are totally lacking in the consciousness necessary to inhibit them from pursuing useless science and proudly publishing bogus results. With their own names attached to the papers! Unless ... unless science is so corrupt, so thoroughly rotten to its dark Evil heart, and its rituals are all so completely pointless, useless, and ineffectual that fraudulent, lying and useless papers will never get scorned and result in career death. Take your pick, either scientists are all mindless chimps or they are all corrupt & Evil. Personally, I ask "why choose?" I believe they're lacking in consciousness and conscience both.

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