Friday, September 20, 2013

Self-Abasing American Democrats

I just went to DailyKOS and they had a popup begging all their members to abase themselves before Obama's munificence. Some kind of "thank Obama for standing up for gay rights" crap.

Well, isn't POTUS their servant? Wasn't he fucking elected?! If these people had a trace of self-esteem, they would be saying "pat Obama on the head for doing a minimally decent job". So not "thank you" but "good job".

Instead, you've got self-abasement. Instead, you've got craving for abuse, for being beaten, for being made to feel worthless. And this towards the asshole that has more state secrets and stomps on whistle-blowers worse than GWB!

Not that he really matters because he's a gutless figurehead, and he will straightforwardly admit this if you ask. But that's besides the point, the point is the self-abasement. Which is reprehensible and disgusting.

Why? Because self-abasement isn't something that slaves do. Real slaves (think Roman empire, not Uncle Tom) were kind of matter of fact about their slavery. Slavery was just a fact of reality. Nowadays, servitude and being an employee is just a fact of reality.

So if self-abasement doesn't come from Submission and it doesn't come from Passivity then where does it come from? Well, who does it? Adjutants, boot licks and shills. Right-wing authoritarians, narcissists, and psychopaths, respectively. IOW, Evil people.

That's right, self-abasement is something EVIL people do. And DailyKOS, supposedly the province and refuge of American Democrats just told everyone "hey, I'm Evil, why won't you be Evil too?" in an obviously demeaning, dehumanizing and SELF-ABASING way.

And what kind of message is this sending to Obama? Let's assume that he ever receives this message (he won't) and let's further assume that it has any kind of impact upon him (it wouldn't). Then what kind of impact does saying "Hi, we are your supporters and we are EVIL!" going to have? What kind of impact does saying "We are not worthy of you oh great saviour as we are the scum of the Earth" going to have?

If the miserable goatfucker weren't already thoroughly vile and Evil, he would become so. He would also become even weaker, more gutless and totally spineless than he already is. Because in my experience, lowering yourself before others only encourages them to join you by lowering themselves. If you want to raise people up you have to challenge them. Usually the result is intimidating and cowing the fuck out of them, but that's a positive result for an elected official. And double plus good for an American elected official.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Humanity's Enslavement Proceeding Apace

A disturbing news article on much heralded Nazi experiments.

If they were taking a thought from one person and directly creating a thought in another then I'd be impressed."


Mr Stocco says that one day it could be used to enable someone on the ground to help a passenger land an aeroplane if the pilot becomes incapacitated.

(contempt) That's what autopilots and drone remote-control is for. This retarded cretin is 50 years behind the times. This senile old codger should clearly be euthenized. If you're not going to live in the present (and the future) but just reminisce about the 1950s, what's the point of living at all?

More importantly, I am deeply deeply disturbed that the first application any of these Evil cretinous retards come up with is "control" of others' bodies. Rather than sending through visual or auditory sensations or anything else. That would be communication.

These retards aren't communicating, they're SLAVING. They're performing Nazi experiments under the guise of communication. Hey, who could ever protest against communication? But it's NOT communication. It's slavery.

And enslavement is just what you would expect from Right-Wing Authoritarians, and most engineers ARE RWAs. Thus dangerous nazi and fascist wannabes.

Building the RWA's Gods

The apotheosis of right-wing authoritarians is Friend Computer:

Friend Computer is wise. Friend Computer wants Alpha Complex to be happy. Happiness Is Mandatory. Failure to be happy is treason. Treason is punishable by death.

And the gutless version of Friend Computer is known as The Deceiver. But unlike the fictional stories of The Deceiver where he's known by that name and all of the readers automatically know that he's lying ...

In other words, unlike all the fiction where they don't take a God of Deception's ability to deceive seriously. If The Deceiver ever existed in real-life (or was created by engineers as a god to worship) then he would call himself The High Lord and be venerated by everyone as a good guy.

Yes, the High Lord wants you to die so you can be his servant forever in the afterlife, but don't you see? That's proof he's the GOOD guy.

I don't think many people will understand my point here. If psychopaths had a god, it would be a god of total destruction. If narcissists had a god, it would devour the universe in order to make itself bigger. And if right-wing authoritarians (ie, engineers) had a god then it would enslave the universe ... and make us like it. By saying some crap about how slavery is "communication" and "really makes us free". In other words, exactly what we're seeing.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

People Hate Innovation

It took 15 years for someone to do ONE photo-gallery website correctly. The same for text.

Hell, try to look up how many new construction homes include any of (let alone ALL of): washlets, underfloor heating, central vacuums, in-wall conduits for computer network cables, foot or elbow operated bathroom fixtures, balcony panels that are transparent glass instead of metal. Or look up how many still use copper pipes instead of PEX. Or how many different kinds of mutually incompatible fittings there are for PEX pipes (the innovation there would be standardization). Or how many municipalities still use ductile iron pipes even though PVC is decades old and has superior performance? Or look up SawStop and the lame-ass "response" of the established table saw companies.

These are really things that should be legislated mandatory because it's quite obvious that people *loathe* innovations, even when they are blatantly superior to what already exists.

The reason why people come up with conspiracy theories around battery electric cars isn't because they love innovation, it's because they love conspiracy theories. Which doesn't mean that conspiracies don't happen. The Bohemian Grove is definitely an anti-democratic conspiracy. But look at all the stupid conspiracies around a suicidal fucker, john fucking kennedy, getting shot in a city where everyone wanted to kill him. Oh but can't speak ill of the dead so he was a "great man" and "everybody loved him". People lie lie lie.

The reason people love Thomas Edison and hate or scorn Nikola Tesla is not because Edison was a better inventor. In fact, Edison invented only one thing: the modern research lab, whereas Nikola Tesla invented four (AC power & generator, wireless power transmission, wireless control, and bladeless turbines). The reason people love Edison is really because he was rich and powerful. That is the ONLY reason. If he hadn't been rich, they would hate him for inventing anything at all.

Einstein is loved precisely because he is irrelevant. He invented some theories that are so complex, or supposedly so complex, that nobody is ever expected to learn or understand them. People can pat themselves on the back about how they love innovation, invention and science, while doing precisely nothing.

Einstein was a gutless fucker. He didn't set out (or accomplish) the destruction of any preexisting theories or modes of thought. And that is why he is tolerated unlike Freud who is still scorned even after he backtracked from his claims that Victorians were sexually abusing their children. Or Lloyd deMause (who is an asshole and a bully but that's besides the point) who set out to destroy most of sociology, history and anthropology. And succeeded, at least in theory.

Why do you think Star Trek is set in the 23rd century rather than the 21st century? It's because people like poverty. Why do you think every single last AI in Star Trek gets killed and every last robot wants to become human? Why do you think Star Trek, even set in the 23rd century, still has diseases, military command structures, marriage, planets and biological ecosystems? It's because people LOVE these things. And they love them for the sole reason that they're already familiar with them. Some idiots will complain that changing these things would make "storytelling" difficult, but really that just says people don't want to hear stories about societies different from their own. Which just proves my point. People hate innovation.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Psychologists Admit They Have No Authority Nor Credibility

I just watched this infuriating video lecture where a lying, hypocritical idiot makes all kinds of absurd claims. Let's dismantle her claims.

Believes Mind Doesn't Exist

First and most important is that the human mind doesn't exist. An astonishing and flabbergasting claim coming from a psychologist since psychology is the study and manipulation of the human mind!

Where does this idiot make that claim? It's subtle but it's there. Everywhere she talks about hormones, useless crap like oxytocin and adrenalin and other such things. NOWHERE does she refer to any HUMAN EMOTIONS.

Yes, she talks about BELIEFS, but she talks about beliefs in relation to hormones. Something that is as retarded and stupid as talking about the relation between windows on your computer and current flow through its CPU.

Hormones are HARDWARE. The human mind is SOFTWARE. Human emotions are part of the MIND, they are part of SOFTWARE. They have nothing to do with hardware!

Dealing with the Emotion of Stress

Case in point, she talks about "stress". Does she refer to the EMOTION of stress? Does she refer to 'disempowered anxiety'? No she does not! Because if she did, then she would know that the moment you add empowerment to stress then you CONVERT that emotion into SOMETHING ELSE. And that "something else" is FURY!

Fury isn't the only emotion you can convert the emotion of stress to. If you move the emotion in a completely different direction, you get helplessness. This was solidly established in experiments almost 50 years ago. Give up on trying to control whether you receive electroshocks, become depressed and apathetic, and you won't suffer from stress at all.

Of course, this result is entirely inexplicable if you don't even know what emotions are. Something even the psychologists supposedly "specializing" in human emotion don't have the faintest clue about.

Their idiotic theories are roughly the exact opposite of the truth. Except for one idiot who doesn't even realize he's not dealing with human emotions at all but with categories of human emotions. He's close to the truth. Especially in the sense of "so close, yet so very far away".

No Mind, Continued

So as I was saying, to this worthless mindless cretin, "stress" is not an EMOTION at all. Her so-called "stress" is a purely PHYSICAL phenomenon. A purely BIOLOGICAL phenomenon. You see, according to this worthless mindless cretin, the human emotion of stress SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST.

(I'll just note here that it's pretty hard to figure out how something works or what it is when you're constantly denying it even exists. When you constantly claim that monkeys have no emotions at all, only stomach ulcers.)

According to this mindless cretin, there is the hardware and then there are physical phenomena such as dying. There is NO INTERVENING LAYER such as the human mind! According to this idiot, either the mind does not exist or IT IS SIMPLY IRRELEVANT!

Of course she's inconsistent at it. Sometimes she claims the mind exists (eg, beliefs exist) but other times she claims it doesn't exist (eg, emotions don't exist). But that's just what can be expected out of a worthless fucking idiot who really should blow her own head off to spare all of her patients the damage she causes them.

Appeal to Neuroscience

It's not just this cretin either. Psychology is rife with idiots such as her. I recall a university lecture where this psychology professor believed he was being "deep" by proclaiming to his class (of idiots) that there is no such thing as love or hatred, only "arousal".

Because you see, if you can't find a molecule in blood serum that conveys something then it apparently doesn't exist!

And there's a long history of such cretins reaching all the way back to Skinner who also thought the human mind didn't exist and that homo sapiens were all animals that could be conditioned and had no beliefs or expectations to mess up the simple animal conditioning.

Now it's one thing for medical doctors and pharma researchers to believe the human mind doesn't exist, but psychologists are the very people who are supposed to study the human mind! How is it POSSIBLE for them to believe it doesn't exist?

No Credibility

Well, you see, there's another bunch of pathological lying shysters who have no credibility whatsoever beyond the victims of their cons. It's economists. Because economists have no credibility they eagerly mine physics for "inspiration". Really for language with the appropriate gravitas. Physics has deep (unearned) credentials and authority and the economists are perfectly eager to exploit these by appropriating terms from physics vocabulary to make it sound like they aren't hopeless retards but rather like they know what they're doing. Sound familiar?

Ding ding, yes indeed. It's EXACTLY what psychologists are doing by relying on fucking neuroscience! As if neuroscience had ANYTHING to say about the fucking human mind! You might as well ask chip designers how to design a fucking operating system! Hello, there's a reason why hardware designer and software designer (to say nothing of systems designer) are two entirely different jobs with ZERO intersection between them! Do we ask civil engineers where the best places are to put restaurants at highway rest stops? NO!

Because software designers have credibility. Because restaurant franchise executives have credibility. Because psychologists and economists have NO credibility! And it doesn't get any better as far as admissions of not having any credibility go than believing (or just forgetting) that the subject of your own field even exists.

The Demands of Justice

This lying cunt's entire career is a lie. She said so herself to anyone with the brains to hear it. Hell, I personally think she should die for the sole fact that she considers what every 12 year old knows (that emotions exist and that human belief and expectation matter to your emotional and physical state) to be some kind of revelation. Stupidity such as hers simply should not be allowed to exist.

(Incidentally, even 2 year olds know how to convert one emotion into another completely different emotion. Ever seen a toddler throw a temper tantrum after being frustrated? Emotion conversion in action! Yet this brainless retard of a psychologist thinks this is a revelation! Did she also think it was a revelation when someone explained that walking required you to put one foot in front of the other? Die brainless monkey, die!)

I reserve the same honor for every physicist over the 20th century who believed humans were exempt from the laws of physics. Yeah, they all deserve to die too. That's only, what, 95-98% of them? Experts who dilly-dally 50 years or more behind the research of their field should just be put to death. Niels Bohr for example was about 200 years behind his time. John Bell about 250.

It's the reason why mortality was invented after all, to cull the idiots who refused to keep up. So logically, when humanity discovers immortality, we should reimplement the death penalty. Either that or implement gag orders on idiots backed by electroshocks. I'm fine with cages too. Academics and others with PhDs deserve more prison time.

Yes I DO in fact believe that pathological liars should be treated EXACTLY THE SAME as psychopathic serial killers. Since minds are life forms, poisoning minds with lies should be treated exactly like poisoning human bodies. And how many minds does the typical PhD'd idiot poison with lies over their career? A thousand? Two? Lies hurt people just as much as bullets do.