Tuesday, September 10, 2013

People Hate Innovation

It took 15 years for someone to do ONE photo-gallery website correctly. The same for text.

Hell, try to look up how many new construction homes include any of (let alone ALL of): washlets, underfloor heating, central vacuums, in-wall conduits for computer network cables, foot or elbow operated bathroom fixtures, balcony panels that are transparent glass instead of metal. Or look up how many still use copper pipes instead of PEX. Or how many different kinds of mutually incompatible fittings there are for PEX pipes (the innovation there would be standardization). Or how many municipalities still use ductile iron pipes even though PVC is decades old and has superior performance? Or look up SawStop and the lame-ass "response" of the established table saw companies.

These are really things that should be legislated mandatory because it's quite obvious that people *loathe* innovations, even when they are blatantly superior to what already exists.

The reason why people come up with conspiracy theories around battery electric cars isn't because they love innovation, it's because they love conspiracy theories. Which doesn't mean that conspiracies don't happen. The Bohemian Grove is definitely an anti-democratic conspiracy. But look at all the stupid conspiracies around a suicidal fucker, john fucking kennedy, getting shot in a city where everyone wanted to kill him. Oh but can't speak ill of the dead so he was a "great man" and "everybody loved him". People lie lie lie.

The reason people love Thomas Edison and hate or scorn Nikola Tesla is not because Edison was a better inventor. In fact, Edison invented only one thing: the modern research lab, whereas Nikola Tesla invented four (AC power & generator, wireless power transmission, wireless control, and bladeless turbines). The reason people love Edison is really because he was rich and powerful. That is the ONLY reason. If he hadn't been rich, they would hate him for inventing anything at all.

Einstein is loved precisely because he is irrelevant. He invented some theories that are so complex, or supposedly so complex, that nobody is ever expected to learn or understand them. People can pat themselves on the back about how they love innovation, invention and science, while doing precisely nothing.

Einstein was a gutless fucker. He didn't set out (or accomplish) the destruction of any preexisting theories or modes of thought. And that is why he is tolerated unlike Freud who is still scorned even after he backtracked from his claims that Victorians were sexually abusing their children. Or Lloyd deMause (who is an asshole and a bully but that's besides the point) who set out to destroy most of sociology, history and anthropology. And succeeded, at least in theory.

Why do you think Star Trek is set in the 23rd century rather than the 21st century? It's because people like poverty. Why do you think every single last AI in Star Trek gets killed and every last robot wants to become human? Why do you think Star Trek, even set in the 23rd century, still has diseases, military command structures, marriage, planets and biological ecosystems? It's because people LOVE these things. And they love them for the sole reason that they're already familiar with them. Some idiots will complain that changing these things would make "storytelling" difficult, but really that just says people don't want to hear stories about societies different from their own. Which just proves my point. People hate innovation.

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