Monday, September 16, 2013

Humanity's Enslavement Proceeding Apace

A disturbing news article on much heralded Nazi experiments.

If they were taking a thought from one person and directly creating a thought in another then I'd be impressed."


Mr Stocco says that one day it could be used to enable someone on the ground to help a passenger land an aeroplane if the pilot becomes incapacitated.

(contempt) That's what autopilots and drone remote-control is for. This retarded cretin is 50 years behind the times. This senile old codger should clearly be euthenized. If you're not going to live in the present (and the future) but just reminisce about the 1950s, what's the point of living at all?

More importantly, I am deeply deeply disturbed that the first application any of these Evil cretinous retards come up with is "control" of others' bodies. Rather than sending through visual or auditory sensations or anything else. That would be communication.

These retards aren't communicating, they're SLAVING. They're performing Nazi experiments under the guise of communication. Hey, who could ever protest against communication? But it's NOT communication. It's slavery.

And enslavement is just what you would expect from Right-Wing Authoritarians, and most engineers ARE RWAs. Thus dangerous nazi and fascist wannabes.

Building the RWA's Gods

The apotheosis of right-wing authoritarians is Friend Computer:

Friend Computer is wise. Friend Computer wants Alpha Complex to be happy. Happiness Is Mandatory. Failure to be happy is treason. Treason is punishable by death.

And the gutless version of Friend Computer is known as The Deceiver. But unlike the fictional stories of The Deceiver where he's known by that name and all of the readers automatically know that he's lying ...

In other words, unlike all the fiction where they don't take a God of Deception's ability to deceive seriously. If The Deceiver ever existed in real-life (or was created by engineers as a god to worship) then he would call himself The High Lord and be venerated by everyone as a good guy.

Yes, the High Lord wants you to die so you can be his servant forever in the afterlife, but don't you see? That's proof he's the GOOD guy.

I don't think many people will understand my point here. If psychopaths had a god, it would be a god of total destruction. If narcissists had a god, it would devour the universe in order to make itself bigger. And if right-wing authoritarians (ie, engineers) had a god then it would enslave the universe ... and make us like it. By saying some crap about how slavery is "communication" and "really makes us free". In other words, exactly what we're seeing.

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