Sunday, December 29, 2013

Perfect Opposite of Life, Anyone? Annealing? Equity?

After all this time, I still don't know what abstract concept is the perfect opposite of Life. Assuming there even is one, which I kind of doubt.

Opposites are NOT obvious, because they require PERFECT understanding of a concept. And even that may not be enough.

What's the opposite of Morality? Not immorality! It's Societal Catastrophe. What's the opposite of Justice? Catastrophe. Really simple and obvious if pointed out to you. Impenetrable otherwise.

What's the opposite of Equity? I don't know. In fact, I don't really understand Equity. Not by my conception of Understanding anyways. If anyone knowns the opposite of Equity ...

Annealing means 'general optimization'. In that sense, I do have a perfect understanding of it. But I'm still not sure what its opposite is. Dislocations? Defects? Discontinuities? What is the abstract concept that encompasses all three?


The formal definition of life tells us Life has three sub-concepts:

  • using energy
  • enough complexity
  • maintains internal order

The first one of those is a simple concept with no opposite. The other two are both complex concepts with opposites.

Now, if you invert say uses energy, then you have stasis pods and hibernation. Whereas if you invert just maintains internal order then you've got death. But either way that's 1.0 out of 2.5 inversions.

If you invert uses energy and maintains internal order then you've got undeath. Which is 1.5 out of 2.5 inversions.

If you invert maintains internal order and complexity, then you've got pathology. That's 2.0 out of 2.5 inversions.

But if you invert ALL THREE ... what the fuck do you get?


If Monotony is the opposite of Stimulation, then what's the opposite of Creativity?

The formal definition of creativity is something along the lines of 'sudden compression of living representation' if this helps any.

Pure Ideas

Consider these explorations of concept-space for those interested in playing at the Pure Ideas meta-level of Perspective. The most rigorous and formal part of philosophy which philosophers are blind to and overwhelmingly incapable of. No mere philosophy this. Yet far more necessary for mental development than the sum total of all philosophy.

Narcissists Organize Reality by Selfdom

So all the words I used previously for the Narcissists' driving value turned out to be Presence level bound. Glory, Big Man, attention-seeking, these are all specific to particular Presence levels so they are ALL ruled out.

It took a LOT of thinking and then looking it up in a thesaurus, but the only word that ACTUALLY describes what narcissists are driven by, their driving value, is:

Selfdom - the realm of the self, the self as a kingdom

the opposite of this would be depersonification and depersonalization. Insignificance and nothingness come very close to that. But much closer come *ANY* universalizable principles. Universalization itself comes closer to depersonification than insignificance ever could.

If core values are Good then Narcissists are the very EMBODIMENT of Evil. They are not Neutral Evil by accident, by standing between Psychopaths and RWAs. They don't happen to be Evil. They are its most perfect embodiment. Of the exact opposite of Selflessness, Altruism and Mirroring.


Holy shit.

Oh did I forget to mention that the Table of Drives for Narcissists includes 'politician' at the Passive level? Yeah, that old joke about politicians being pure Evil? Not a joke.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Condemning The True Meaning of Christmas

Ahh, suicide season has come upon us and now everyone is stupidly pondering the meaning of Christmas. Which is stupidly obvious if you bother to think about it: your self-worth comes from your family and you need them to put up with you and confirm you have it otherwise you are worthless. Therefore, if you don't have a family, say because you told them to go fuck themselves because they're Nazis, and you choose not to breed because you won't settle for less than immortal AI children, then you don't have any self-worth and you should kill yourself.

Funny how everyone (Evil) insists that Christmas is positive without any darker and wholly negative flipside. It's as if they assume everyone in the world is as retarded as they are and nobody is capable of simple logic! Nobody is capable of calculating that if family is positive then lack of family must be negative. But I digress. Of course societies which culturally target Evil as some kind of social and psychological ideal assume that everyone's mentally retarded (ie, Evil) and that no one is capable of logic.

There's just a WEE thing wrong with the whole "meaning of Christmas" and it is this: who the fuck gives a damn about self-worth? To be precise: what kind of person obsesses over self-worth? And what does 'worth' even mean? Surprisingly, these turn out to have the same answer.

Incidentally, I hope by now you expect vastly more from me than some feel-good shite or fuzzy useless "philosophical" tripe. I will be rigorous. Behold,

generic names for manifestation of one's values by Presence Level

unoriented valuationpospolar valuationnegpolar valuationif holed
SubcomponentWORTHY, esteemedappreciatedRAD
Godlyincarnationforce of naturen/a

So let's just say that worth, worthiness, even self-worth, is distinctly unimpressive. And in this day and age, it's also distinctly subpar. Because nowadays most people manage to be valued and a minority even manages to lead meaningful lives. Leading a worthy life is exceedingly pathetic. It is also passé and obsolete. Why, nowadays ambitious people aim to lead productive lives.

So what is the true meaning of Christmas? It's OBSOLETE. There ISN'T ANY POINT TO IT. It's a relic of a bygone age that should never be celebrated and instead be done away with. The only holiday I celebrate is the only one that has any meaning to me. Ascension Day on January 14-16. Actually two other days are worth celebrating but I don't know what July 22nd is called, and I can't date Resurrection Day.

Yes, I just used the word 'worth' about something in my life, and I used it advisedly. Because I unlike all of you do not say that something has worth to me simply because it is mine. I say it has worth because it manifests value at higher levels. And even you pathetic wretches can manage to assign worth to things because they are useful and valuable. I have made worth redundant.

Edit: Actually, worth doesn't even belong in this table at all. It's in a specialized table that describes NARCISSISTS! It's in between protected and precious, and is a kind of noteworthy. No wonder I ... just don't care about it. At all. And that I reuse the word to refer to completely different things. Using it to refer to myself sounds ludicrous and alien.

More importantly, this means Christmas IS EVIL!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Multiple Personalities Disorder of BTVS Characters

The thing about knowing how the human mind is put together is that you begin to spot when a character isn't "complex" but rather has a logically impossible personality. Something that can only be resolved by multiple personalities disorder, if at all.

Take Xander Harris in BTVS. He's a white knight and a genuine hero. That makes him a Gaian of reasonably high Presence. Logically, he should have the lower Presence levels of Gaian. In particular, he should be a grey man who fits in with any situation without ever standing out, like Clark Kent. And he should be a survivor willing to cut the throat of anyone, anyone at all, in order to LIVE!

Instead, he's the exact OPPOSITE of a grey man and a survivor. But that at least can be explained by him being a blatant fucking hypocrite. A person who has ideals and principles and imposes those ideals and principles on OTHERS but NEVER ON HIMSELF. Yes, that works as an explanation, the scum sucking son of a bitch!

But no such explanation is possible for Willow who in the very first episode is a hacker (psychopath!). She goes on to becoming a traitor (psychopath) and is ever amoral (psychopath) and reckless (psychopath). And she's quite the eager little cultist (psychopath). And that's WITHOUT looking at what she does hopped up on "dark magic". She's not schizoid either but a straight out psychopath.

Problem is, she's also loyal overall (not a sociopath of any kind) and she is very, very much obedient to authority figures (right-wing authoritarian or moralist) and an eager little drone (moralist) and yes man (moralist) and adjutant / teacher's assistant (right-wing authoritarian). And there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that can make those personality types fit together.

In fact, those personality types can't fit together IN THE SAME ROOM. The moment you have knives available anywhere in that room, one of them will try to stab the other. And if there aren't any knives, they'll make a shiv. The weaker (mentally) the characters, the longer it will take for their minds to turn to thoughts of killing the other. But it will happen, inevitably.

You might as well ask Batman (right-wing authoritarian) to get along with the freaking Joker (psychopath). Oh except you wouldn't because the idea is totally fucking ridiculous! Similarly, put them in the same room ... as kids with undeveloped personalities, and you'd still expect sparks to fly.

So when an author writes 'shy little Willow' as a gutless backstabbing psychopath uncaring of anyone's feelings who wants to enslave, mind control and humiliate her "best friend" Buffy Summers, they're not exactly breathing fresh air into the character. They're just writing her far more consistently than the psychopath Joss Whedon ever managed to. And picking her dominant personality to boot.

And giving that egotistical selfish heartless narcissistic little bitch Buffy Summers exactly what she deserves. Because if there were any justice in the world then psychopaths would all be killed and narcissists would all be sold as sex slaves. It's not just what the Good people of the world want ... it's what the Evil people want too!

And not just because Evil people hate other Evil people, although they do. They really, really do. But because psychopaths don't care about consequences even to themselves, so they DON'T CARE if they go to prison or end up dead for doing something. They CAN'T CARE because not caring about consequences is WHAT MAKES THEM PSYCHOPATHS. And what makes them dangerous too.

Meanwhile, narcissists actually WANT to be sex slaves. They FANTASIZE about it. Who the fuck do you think writes all those semi-exhibitionistic pro-humiliation self-abasing sex slave stories? That's right, their authors are narcissists. And they are so not because they necessarily want to be the center of the universe, but because they firmly believe that *A* person ought to be the center of the universe.

Meanwhile, right-wing authoritarians are perfectly fine with homo sapiens getting slaughtered like cattle or other homo sapiens being sold as slaves, sexual or otherwise. It's a time honoured tradition!! 99% of human societies throughout 99% of human history had slavery and genocide. Even to this day, we STILL have slavery and genocide out in black Africa. What could possibly be wrong with something so NORMAL!?

Note that right-wing authoritarians are perfectly fine with killing each other so long as it's done across ethnic or national lines. Really, killing Evil people isn't a problem for ANY Evil person. Though preferably, it's other Evil people that are going to die if they get their way. Evil people will put their lives on the line to kill other Evil people.

The only people who want Evil people to be treated like human beings (and psychopaths AREN'T human beings, they're mindless animals who've accidentally mastered the trick of human speech, and I can prove this!) is Neutrals. Because being neither Evil nor categorical mortal enemies of Evil (render Evil unto Evil!), they don't have an instinctive grasp of what Evil *IS*.

Finally, when you've shown that the world could be improved by targeted mass killings and enslavement, this constitutes powerful evidence that the world is as fucked up as it can possibly get. Something I've known to be true for a long time now.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Information vs Entropy

What is the difference between information and entropy?

Nobody will tell you because as usual the scientific community is made up of inept worthless morons so THEY. DON'T. KNOW. In fact, they will tell you that information and entropy are synonyms despite the fact that they are never used interchangeably but rather are opposites.

Just like the "learned" philosophers will tell you that ethics and morality are synonymous despite their never being used interchangeably and often as complements to each other. Entropic shit-spewers, the whole lot of them, with only single-digit exceptions!

Well, I will tell you. Because I am not a douchebag driven to hide how much he doesn't know to maintain "credibility". Nor am I a douchebag driven to build up and cryptify what he knows in order to build up "credibility" amongst a crypto-priesthood of like-minded "brothers"..

What It Is

bits + ISA = information

bits - ISA = entropy.

What is ISA? ISA is INFORMATIONAL SYNTAX AFFINITY. It's basically, THE INFORMATION YOU LIKE. That's right bitches! The difference between information and entropy is subjective! Something they barely let on in communication theory when they start talking about signal vs noise. Something they LIE ABOUT in thermodynamics when they claim it's about microstates vs macrostates!

What It Isn't

Physicists claim that the motion of aluminum atoms in your hard drive are microstates, and that the arrangements of aluminum atoms in your hard drive that correspond to 0s and 1s which your computer reads are macrostates. And, this is the important bit, they claim that the microstates are garbage (entropy) whereas the macrostates are useful (information). In other words, physicists claim that the difference between entropy and information is the META-LEVEL you're interested in. THEY ARE LYING!

Counter-example: how many of you have garbage files on your computer? Ancient ZIP files, corrupt files that can't be played, duplicate and truncated textfiles, automated log files nobody ever looks at, useless "temporary" files that have accumulated, porn you never bother to look at any more, bookmarks you never go to? How many of you have entire FOLDERS' worth of that crap?

And yet this ALL OCCURS AT THE SAME LEVEL AS THE USEFUL FILES! Proving that the distinction between information and entropy has NOTHING to do with meta-levels. But actually, we'll get back to this because the retards were more wrong than could be imagined.

Building Blocks Of The Universe

Some, and I stress, some exceptional physicists have grasped that bits are one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe. The other building blocks are energy and dimension. Although dimension may, MAY, be optional if you successfully reduce it down to ... bits!

Are there other fundamental building blocks of the universe? Why, yes there are! These are all of them,

  • 0. math = symbols + rules
  • 1. energy, the substrate of physical existence
  • 2. dimension, a kind of information, maybe
  • 3. information, symbols given physical existence
  • 4. value, meta-circular loops

Note how time isn't in there. That's because time is just a dimension along which information is conserved. That's it. And since time isn't fundamental and computation is just 'math occurring in time' ... but I digress.

The unfamiliar building block of the universe in there is 'value'. Which is nonetheless startlingly familiar to anyone who's skimmed GED: The Eternal Golden Braid. I say skimmed since that book was useless to anyone. Meandering, winding and always avoiding making its fucking point! Probably because its authors were too stupid to put their point into the kind of rigor which mathematicians prefer and they were afraid of looking stupid. Credibility is the death-knell of science.


Now, I already said that information is intrinsically subjective. You need something like brains to have information at all. But you actually don't. You need neither brains nor computation nor time to have information. What you DO need is a container with bits in it and for those bits to form meta-circular loops. In other words, for the bits to talk about what the other bits look like!

When a container chock full of bits is ALSO chock-full of meta-circular loops, then the space of possible information is vastly decreased. When that happens, the bits in the container can be COMPRESSED. And when bits are compressed that's the same thing as if they didn't exist. Look it up, information theory says this most explicitly.

So, the more meta-circular loops there are or the stronger the loops are in the container (the more fully they describe the container's bits) the more VALUE is in a container full of bits, the fewer bits there actually are. And ISA is a very primitive form of value because it refers to what a computation machine such as a brain likes in terms of bits on a purely syntactic level.

That is, what it likes to see in terms of density and spatial arrangement of bits. Does this brain like for the container to be about half-full of 1s? Almost completely full of 1s? Almost completely full of 0s? Should those 1s and 0s move in time or not? Should they ...? That's ISA.

Information And Entropy Are Opposites

Bits + ISA = Bits + Value = Bits + more compression = Fewer actual bits = Information

Bits - ISA = Bits - Value = Bits + zero compression = Maximum actual bits = Entropy

And *THAT* children is why Information and Entropy ARE FUCKING OPPOSITES!

Because while "information" theory and computation theory and physics all talk about BITS ... they never, EVER talk about information OR entropy. Because the concepts of information and entropy exist ABOVE the level of bits. And because scientists and academic researchers are TOO FUCKING UNCREATIVE to synthesize concepts above the level they're working on. Being worthless stupid idiotic hacks.

Information and entropy REALLY ARE opposites and academics are simply too stupid to understand the concepts so they MISUSE the words informatino AND entropy to refer to ... BITS.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

What Is Chaos?

This was a message to Alara Rogers, an author who spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about and defending chaos.

In physics, information == entropy. That's because the only difference between information and entropy is SUBJECTIVE and so is beyond physics. In fact, the difference between information and entropy is something I call Informational Syntax Affinity.

ISA is basically what brains, whose reason for existence is to organize entropy, happen to like at a very shallow level and in a very superficial manner. And it's different for different people, along a multi-dimensional spectrum. So what some people consider information, others consider entropy.

For example, a friend of mine finds fantasy and science fiction almost impossible to understand. Because she can't get into it. And the reason she can't get into it is because she can't imagine herself in those situations, because they aren't real, and she can't imagine learning anything meaningful from them. So to her it's just noise. And it's very difficult to understand noise.

Another example, there's a song a friend recommended to me which she enjoys greatly. Only the song was torture to my ears and caused me to instinctively rip my headphones right off my head a minute into it. Because the information / entropy in it had the same syntax (the same overall shape) as pain. It didn't CAUSE pain, it WAS pain. Just audio-pain rather than tactile-pain.

Why are some people masochists? Because the sensory signals of temperature and pressure which touch transmits happen to be ones their brain likes. Because their ISA is satisfied by intense rigid space-filling signals. It's nothing more complicated than that.

There is no INTRINSIC reason why anyone hates pain or has an aversion to it, it's just that pain is a very unusual kind of signal and fits very few people's ISA. All that's necessary for ... extreme signals to be painful to nearly everybody is for ISA to be distributed randomly in the population.

Now, I already said that brains' jobs is to ORGANIZE entropy. And that's true. And surprisingly, even though ISA is hardwired, brains DO NOT organize entropy around ISA. Except for Psychopaths who are more or less animals with animal minds. And should all be put to death as mockeries of human beings. But I digress.

Brains look for PRINCIPLES along which to organize entropy. Those principles take the form of VALUES.

Now, some brains prefer organizing entropy so that the environment has overall very low entropy. Moralists like Jean Luc Picard are like that. But so are Right-Wing Authoritarians like Hitler. The big difference is that Hitler's brain was itself chock full of entropy (he was a brain-damaged psychotic hallucinating retard) so his brain didn't take into account all reality when it picked what principles should be used to organize entropy. Basically, he did a bad job of it.

People whose brains aren't completely retarded pick UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES to use for performing their brain's function of organizing entropy. Principles that can be applied simultaneously to EVERYONE without logical contradiction. So for instance, if you picked "the universe should be organized around my whims and I should be most important and have all the attention" this can't be made universal. But if you pick "everyone should always be truthful" this CAN be made universal.

There are lots and LOTS of those universal organizing principles to pick from. But there are some very common ones that recur and that are more important because they dig deeper into reality. Something that's critical but highly technical so it is its own lecture.

Now, Picard as a Moralist has a brain that likes very, very low levels of entropy. He also has a brain that functions adequately, not anything stellar but not retarded. Which means that he DOES have a universal organizing principle (Morality = anti-Catastrophe = anti-very-high-entropy).

In temperature terms, Picard's brain is warm (neither hot nor cold) and he wants the environment to be crystalline with near-zero friction. Whereas right-wing authoritarians have brains that are molten magma and they want their environment to be polycrystalline (crystals with many defects) with high friction (they actually find friction desirable). And Marxists have brains that are cryogenic and they want their environment to be a super-solid. A superconducting crystal with zero viscosity or friction.

Now, on the other side of the spectrum are brains that tolerate and prefer much higher levels of entropy. You've got the Anarcho-Communists whose brains are cryogenic and they want their environment to be a super-fluid with zero viscosity. Then you've got your Annealers whose brains are warm and they want their environment to be a liquid. And then you've got your Psychopaths whose brains are hot plasma and they want their environment to become burning plasma.

Annealing is a universal principle. It means 'global optimization'. In order to anneal metal, it has to be warm. It CAN'T be hot enough to melt, let alone vaporize, let alone ionize the way the psychopaths want it. But it also CAN'T be cold and crystalline the way Moralists want it. Crystallization is death to Annealers. It is ossification.

And critically important, if you look at a system that has been annealed, it would at first glance look extremely entropic, extremely disorganized. Until you looked at the meta-level, at the SPACE OF POSSIBLE STATES of the system, then you would instantly see that the system is at the lowest possible point in that phase space, that it is actually HIGHLY organized.

So what is chaos? Chaos is Anarcho-Communists and Annealers. Chaos is what's produced by brains that like moderate amounts of entropy, but they like (and are able to make) their entropy VERY HIGHLY ORGANIZED.

Chaos is a meta-state of matter associated with 'warm but solid'.

Energy simply has nothing to do with what entropy or information is. Except for the fact that in the material universe, energy is the substrate of 'physical existence'. If something has no energy then it has no physical existence. For information to exist, it has to have energy to carry it. If information were the bits in your hard drive then energy would be the hard drive itself. It's simply what carries information. But energy is not information and has nothing to do with what information is about.

Rather, if you want to get the full story of information, beyond high entropy vs low entropy, then you must throw in COMPUTATION. Which means, BRAINS. Computation is intrinsic to information theory. Energy ... not so much. And chaos is the kind of entropy that a particular class of brains likes very, very much.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Marital Decline Will Reverse Itself Within 50 Years

There's two ways to predict the future. The first is to really understand the present and the second is to make the future happen. Let's start with the first.

Why is marriage declining? To understand it, you need to know two facts. First, CHILDLESS marriages are breaking up. Marriages with children aren't breaking up so much, at least until the children are grown.

Second, poverty is going down and wealth is going up. Which means people have more opportunities and more freedom. And with this comes mental freedom. One of the four indicators of mental development has gone up.

It used to be that all people cared about, literally all they cared about, and all they could AFFORD to care about, was their family and their workplace. And NOTHING ELSE.

Nowadays, people can afford a great deal more principle. Even maids and servants are perfectly comfortable changing employers. They're no longer operating on the Subcomponent level, but on the Submissive level.

Where before, a maid or servant was a part of their master's household FOR LIFE, nowadays they're not part of the household period, and are just hired for the duration. They'll be the maid or servant of someone completely different in 3 or 7 years' time.

When you put those two facts together, the fact that people are having fewer children, that children STILL matter, and that people are growing mentally ... you come to the conclusion that marriages are breaking up because people have more principles now and simply *can't stand* each other.

Why should a Communist tolerate a Nazi? They would have in the past. Nowadays, it's not that the proportion of communists and nazis has gone down at all. If anything, it's gone up. Rather, they can nowadays afford to hate each other's guts, and they've grown enough to WANT to hate each other's guts.

So how will society develop? How will marriage develop in the future? It's pretty fucking obvious. People will adjust by pre-filtering their spouses looking for people they can stand rather than relying strictly on looks and sexual attraction. And doing this will entirely reverse the decline of marriage.

The only point that requires my expert judgement to address is the time horizon this will occur on. And in my expert judgement, I give it 50 years.

Finally, how do I know that marriage won't dissolve or mutate into something unrecognizable? Easy. Because human brains will always, ALWAYS operate on the PairBond level in conjunction with any other levels they operate on. Because EVEN AI will operate on the PairBond level. Because the PairBond level is one of the 11 meta-levels that can be formally and rigorously defined using OOSA. And while this is more than enough to anyone who's seen the math, there is the separate fact that mathematics doesn't allow stable solutions to the man-woman-dog matching problem. In other words, because math says so!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Narnia's Aslan is Evil

I'm sure that any fan of Narnia is more than aware it was meant as Christian propaganda with Aslan being Jesus-lite. But are they aware of the vast differences between Aslan and Jesus?

Jesus died on the cross. He didn't want to, but he did. He begged to have it not happen. He was scared of it. He suffered. He was tortured harshly, humiliated ignominiously. After he died, he descended to Hell where he confronted the demons and gained power over them. Then he briefly ascended to the mortal world to tell his followers what had happened. He was wounded STILL. Then he ascended to Heaven as the mortal world got cut off from him. At the end of it all, Jesus gained nothing he planned for nor wanted, and he lost BIG. But he personally and unselfishly paid the price because NOT paying the price would have been more terrible for the entire world.

Now Aslan ... he died and got resurrected like Jesus but that's pretty much where the similarity ends. He wasn't tortured, he wasn't humiliated, and he didn't suffer. He had a quick death then he got resurrected thanks to the "deeper magic" which he boasted about knowing and taunted the White Witch about. He gave up nothing as he's still got full access to the mortal world, as much as he ever used it previously. He PLANNED everything! He KNEW he would get resurrected. He didn't sacrifice his life AT ALL. Rather, he sacrificed 3 days in order to gain the advantage of surprise over his enemy. And to look good.

The Jesus character is a hero and a saviour. The Aslan character is a trickster and a con man. He conned the white witch. He tricked her. He gave her his confidence so that she would pay him back confidence (that he was dead) so that he could then exploit it. It's almost a stereotypical confidence game. A CON game.

Do you know what kind of people are con men? What kind of people ENJOY conning others? They're called 'psychopaths'. And if not them then narcissists. Together, psychopaths and narcissists make up 'sociopaths'.

Aslan in a word is Evil.

Jesus is the real deal, a REAL saviour. Whereas Aslan merely PRETENDS and PLAYS AT being a saviour.

And really, the clue was there all along. He's a fucking LION. And once you drop that Lion King Disney shit, Lions are egotistical asshole sacks of shit that murder their partners in order to get The Lion's Share.

The early Latin version of Phaedrus[1] begins with the reflection that "Partnership with the mighty is never trustworthy". It then relates how a cow, a goat and a sheep go hunting together with a lion. When it comes to dividing the spoil, the lion says, "I take the first portion because of my title, since I am addressed as king; the second portion you will assign to me, since I’m your partner; then because I am the stronger, the third will follow me; and an accident will happen to anyone who touches the fourth".

For two thousand years, the lion has stood as a symbol of Evil. And you honestly believe CS Lewis changed all that? It's gryffons that are symbols of ... non-Evil. And as for symbols of genuine Good, they are few and far between. Owls are one of the few. Otters maybe. Mostly it's relegated to angels themselves to be the symbols of Good because there just ISN'T anything in nature that can be called Good.

But really, what does it say about people that they worship an icon of Evil in its full Evil splendor? I am speaking of Aslan here and of Narnia fans.

Incidentally, Da Jesus Book makes for some fantastic reading. But if you're interested in a real Saviour, you should check out Geoff Wolak's novel Magestic where Jimmy Silo single-handedly saves the world. Without resorting to any magic or hocus pocus bullshit! And he's perfectly willing to ... Cull pathological areas of the world.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reactions To REAL Creative Genius

It annoys me that idiots continue to use "oh wow, that's so amazing" as the measure of creative genius. Or even worse, that they rely on society's direction to determine who is a creative genius and who isn't.

Narcissists Vs Society

First of all, creative geniuses are RESPECTED and LOOKED UP TO by society. And any position that is looked up to will be coveted by Narcissists who are driven by Glory, such as Richard Feynman who all his life was driven to be a jerkass asshole and a thief. And Narcissism is a form of severe brain damage and profound mental retardation.

So if you're using society's direction to determine who's a creative genius, then you're almost certain to include some profoundly mentally retarded people in your list just because those people will do anything, literally ANYTHING, to try to snow society about their status.

Some of those things will even work ... because society is made up of idiots ... like you. But then so long as society is ruled by idiots then only idiots will take the direction of society in anything. The fact you take the direction of society for who's a creative genius or not means you're an idiot. And idiots get easily lied to and taken advantage of.

Society as run by RWAs

For calibration purposes, the stereotypical (American) engineer is profoundly retarded so is an idiot but also far beyond an idiot. Engineers are most pronounced in taking the direction of society and as we'll see, implying that real creative genius (the kind that's forever beyond society's ability to evaluate) simply cannot exist.

I find these beliefs of theirs particularly objectionable, but they are typical of the engineering mindset. The typical engineer is a Right-Wing Authoritarian aka Corrupt Moralist aka Evil Moralist. They blatantly misuse and give a bad name to the word 'Morality' when they really just mean Social Norms.

The typical engineer is a Nazi just waiting to happen. Or would be if Nazism weren't proscribed by the social norms they grew up with. The typical engineer will find a novel way to enslave people since they deem slavery to be maximally desirable. So long as it's not called slavery and isn't one of the very long list of slaver-technologies which have been proscribed by modern social norms.

Society respects these people. Psychologists even have a term for "Evil person who isn't a right-wing authoritarian", it's 'sociopath'. As if it were perfectly permissible and even HEALTHY to be a right-wing authoritarian! YOU respect these people. YOU respect society. YOU respect psychologists. That's all the proof I need that you're a fucking idiot.

Incidentally, because RWAs are driven by Social Norms, it follows immediately that a freakish phenomenon such as creative genius is either profoundly undesirable or simply cannot exist. The more low-brow RWAs who openly advocate fascist ideology believe creative genius is undesirable. The more high-brow like engineers believe that it simply cannot exist. But if you prove that it exists, they'll claim it's undesirable.


Moving on, the correct reaction to a creative genius' creative genius pronouncements isn't "oh wow, that's so amazing". No, the correct reaction is a blank stare of incomprehension. Because a creative genius doesn't operate above you, a creative genius operates on a level that is forever beyond you.

reaction of ordinary personnames per Dispositiondescription
hmmm, that sounds about rightinvestigator / researcher / teacher
heh, that would be niceidealist / dreamer / freethinker
oh wow, that's so amazing, I could never come up with itpioneer / innovator / inventorcreates something original and valuable
damn, that's so obvious nowexplorer / pathbreaker / trailblazerdoes something COMPLEX
blank stare of incomprehensionvisionary / creative genius / father of (knowledge domain)beyond anyone else's willingness to follow since anyone operating on this level will follow their own paths
fear and intimidation, backing away slowlyall-seing / game-changer / world-changer
cowering in the fetal position or kill the heathen!

So a real creative genius is someone who creates something new and valuable, creating that thing was a COMPLEX task, not just a long and arduous one despite its final appearance looking simple, and they did all this in a direction which the few other people who CAN follow simply WON'T because there's too many things to do and too few genuine creative geniuses to do them.

The Real Deal

How do I know I'm the real deal instead of a crazed nutter? Because I tend to elicit the 'damn, that's so obvious now' reaction from people who elicit that same reaction from people like you. Because the higher up you yourself are, the lower your own reaction to others will be. It's the reason why creative geniuses can recognize other creative geniuses. And the table of reactions above is calibrated for passive people.

How does anyone know I'm not a fake and a Narcissist lying through my teeth? Because I don't steal credit and because I want neither glory nor adulation. Rather, adulation will be met with withering verbal abuse the likes of which will make you long for the gentle caress of a cat o nine tails. I despise flattery, associating it with brown-nosing which is Self-Abasement which is done by EVIL people. If you try to flatter me, there's an even chance that I WILL TELL YOU TO DIE!!!

Compare and contrast this with Eliezer Yudkowsky's sordid and sleazy careful cultivation of a cult of nitwits praising him and his unabashed self-praise and eliciting of praise from his followers! That Narcissistic fuck once asked people in all seriousness "do you know anyone more natively intelligent than I am?" and then tried to dismiss the copious examples. The fact he humiliated himself so easily in public is a sign of his (and every other Narcissist's) profound mental retardation.

This Blog

Finally, if you think "oh wow that's so amazing" about my blog, that's not because you're a creative genius. It's because my blog is worthless. It's purely an exercise in DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself. That is, what I don't want to do when I'm lecturing morons. Or just very ignorant people. I much prefer one on one contact for people who have potential.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Zen Buddhism Is More Evil Than Satanism

Kosho Uchiyama writes that Auguste Rodin's The Thinker, in which the "back, waist, legs, arms, and even fingers" are curled up, is the opposite of zazen posture.

It's also the exact opposite of Zen. Because thinking and judgement are the opposite of Zen!

I loathe and despise Zen Buddhism. It stands for everything I am against! It stands against everything I stand FOR.

Lies instead of Truth. Obfuscation instead of Understanding. Monotony instead of Creativity. Stagnation instead of Progress. Dissolution of Self rather than mental Integrity. Detachment from others rather than Empathy. Dispassion rather than Passion. Shrinking thoughts, emotions, values and life experience rather than Growing Space.

The kind of clarity, "enlightenment" and self-insight that Zen is supposed to instill after DECADES, I can instill in months! By actually TEACHING. I call it 'the beginning'.

I would say that I loathe Zen Buddhists worse than Psychopaths except it doesn't get any more intense than "gleefully celebrate as they burn to death". I would TOTALLY APPROVE of Zen Buddhists all being hunted down across the world and exterminated, and every last book or instructional or booklet or document referencing Zen Buddhism incinerated and erased from human history.

For thinking and judgement to prosper, Zen must die!

Zen is extremely popular in California. You know what else are popular in California? PSYCHOPATHS! The political term for 'psychopaths' is "right-libertarians". First California harbors Psychopaths, now it harbors fucking Zen Buddhists. Who are WORSE than psychopaths.

Zen Buddhism is a DISEASE. It is the product of DISEASED MINDS who HATE LIFE. It is a literal fucking MENTAL DEATH CULT.

Another notable death cult in history was Nazism. The Nazis exterminated about 10 million people. How many tens of millions of minds have the Zen Buddhists exterminated throughout history?!

Why Incest Is Popular In Fiction

I just read a couple of whines from people who find incest to be equally as disgusting as pedophilia and bestiality and demanded to know why it was more accepted than pedophilia or bestiality. Since I'm just about the only person on Earth who can explain it, I will endeavour to do exactly this.

Yours vs Mine

First of all is the observation that people who like incestuous fiction frequently declare their own revulsion at the thought of having sex with any of their real life actual family members. As near as I can tell this is unique to incestuous stories and doesn't happen with bestiality or cannibalism fetishists.

People who read or write stories featuring pedophilia have an entirely different excuse to give when they bother to give an excuse. At least the ones who aren't insane and try to justify the real life activity. Rather than claiming that they would never do this with THEIR children, they draw the line at fiction vs non-fiction.

These distinctions are important because in your brain, there are entirely different concepts for the concrete "my car", the abstract "this kind of car", and the more abstract "a car". So while people are attracted to abstract-incest, they are revolted by concrete-incest.

The reason this is so is rather simple. There is a biological mechanism that turns you off from people you're overly familiar with. This USUALLY kicks in during adolescence when you become turned off from the people you grew up with. People who just so happen to share your genetics most of the time. Idiots then conclude that there must be an "incest taboo" and that fucking people with your genetics is Wrong.

They do this because being idiots they confuse genetics with grew-up-with. And then they generalize their revulsion from the concrete to the abstract. This is how Right-Wing Authoritarian idiots (wannabe Nazis) who make up 25% of the American population, have concluded such a ludicrous thing as the "incest taboo" exists, despite all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In their minds, it's normal for your family members to share your genetics. And it's normal for people you grew up with to trigger overfamiliarity revulsion. Therefore, it's normal for people who share your genetics to trigger revulsion in a sexual situation. It's the RWA idiot's version of "logic" and is as simple to them as 7+13 = 20.

No Repulsion

However, that's clearly not how it works for others. Who perhaps aren't such idiots that they confuse genetics with grew-up-with, although most likely they are. No, the reason why they're not bothered by incest in the abstract is because they never generalize their revulsion in the first place. At least not in that direction. Perhaps because their brain ascribes being turned off by people they grew up with to their being old and wrinkly, or having mean personalities, or even being Evil.

Why should a child be sexually attracted to an ugly parent? Why should an anarcho-communist child be attracted to a right-wing authoritarian parent they're constantly fighting with? It doesn't make any sense. Rather, it makes sense that they aren't attracted and so there is no need to reach for any kind of more strenuous explanation such as "abstract-incest is yucky".

This explains in full why most people aren't disgusted by incest in the abstract while being repulsed by the thought of themselves practicing incest. Because most people aren't Right-Wing Authoritarians to orient their entire lives around Social Norms. And most people just don't feel the need to create false generalizations, or simply aren't any good at generalization.

It doesn't end there.

Positive Attraction

Because you see there is an OPPOSITE force that makes people ATTRACTED to the idea of abstract-incest. That force is confusion of romantic love with sexual love, of intimacy with safety.

That last is the reason why modern humans have developed a sexual fetish for plushies that had never existed before. Note also the critical importance of there not being any widespread concept that over-familiarity is a turn-off in itself as it is in actuality. If such a concept were widespread then the incest fiction would die out, except maybe for Narcissists. The same way rape fantasies (and rape itself) have largely died out.

Because sexual attraction can be turned off at any level of the mind. Something you can see in highly moral people who are revolted and turned off by catastrophists (rapists, killers, doomsayers, warmongers). Or by right-wing authoritarians (who misuse the word "morality" to mean social norms) who are revolted by deviants and freaks.

But sexual attraction ORIGINATES in the deepest level of the mind. Specifically, the part-objects level. It's the reason why disconnected body parts like tits and asses and pussies and cocks and legs and arms and feet have the power to turn anyone on. Meanwhile, romantic attraction originates in ... the SECOND-deepest level of the mind, the pair-bond level. And the whole concept of 'family' originates in ... the THIRD deepest level of the mind, the subcomponent level.

There are 11 levels in the human mind and the incest fetish, or even just finding it a turn on, is confusion between level 1, 2 and 3. Out of 11. Seen that way, it's pretty fucking predictable that abstract-incest would acquire a positive value. And equally predictable that this positive value would survive conflict with the negative value of concrete-incest.

Confusion And Distinction

Especially since human brains are quite capable of drawing a distinction between rain water, river water, saltwater, shower water, toilet water, sewage water, distilled water, reverse-osmosis water, drinkable water, H2O and water water. Despite the fact that ALL of them LOOK identical and most of them even feel and taste identical..

If you're the kind of retarded idiot that can't draw a distinction between abstract-incest and concrete-incest then I dare you to drink toilet water. After all, it's no different from drinkable water, is it?

Finally, regarding cannibalism fiction. How can you regard yourself as an educated citizen of the world if you don't know what motivates black Africans? Although for black Africans, cannibalism is rarely sexual and more likely to be about the acquisition of magic powers.

Fuck, I bet this article will get me chaff from inbred yokels who don't even know what the word 'intersexed' means. You know the kind, the ones who titter nervously at those articles describing how tigers have barbed penises and ducks have twin penises and so on. Rather than lift an eyebrow in very mild interest then flip the page over. RWA fucks.