Sunday, December 29, 2013

Narcissists Organize Reality by Selfdom

So all the words I used previously for the Narcissists' driving value turned out to be Presence level bound. Glory, Big Man, attention-seeking, these are all specific to particular Presence levels so they are ALL ruled out.

It took a LOT of thinking and then looking it up in a thesaurus, but the only word that ACTUALLY describes what narcissists are driven by, their driving value, is:

Selfdom - the realm of the self, the self as a kingdom

the opposite of this would be depersonification and depersonalization. Insignificance and nothingness come very close to that. But much closer come *ANY* universalizable principles. Universalization itself comes closer to depersonification than insignificance ever could.

If core values are Good then Narcissists are the very EMBODIMENT of Evil. They are not Neutral Evil by accident, by standing between Psychopaths and RWAs. They don't happen to be Evil. They are its most perfect embodiment. Of the exact opposite of Selflessness, Altruism and Mirroring.


Holy shit.

Oh did I forget to mention that the Table of Drives for Narcissists includes 'politician' at the Passive level? Yeah, that old joke about politicians being pure Evil? Not a joke.

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