Saturday, December 07, 2013

Zen Buddhism Is More Evil Than Satanism

Kosho Uchiyama writes that Auguste Rodin's The Thinker, in which the "back, waist, legs, arms, and even fingers" are curled up, is the opposite of zazen posture.

It's also the exact opposite of Zen. Because thinking and judgement are the opposite of Zen!

I loathe and despise Zen Buddhism. It stands for everything I am against! It stands against everything I stand FOR.

Lies instead of Truth. Obfuscation instead of Understanding. Monotony instead of Creativity. Stagnation instead of Progress. Dissolution of Self rather than mental Integrity. Detachment from others rather than Empathy. Dispassion rather than Passion. Shrinking thoughts, emotions, values and life experience rather than Growing Space.

The kind of clarity, "enlightenment" and self-insight that Zen is supposed to instill after DECADES, I can instill in months! By actually TEACHING. I call it 'the beginning'.

I would say that I loathe Zen Buddhists worse than Psychopaths except it doesn't get any more intense than "gleefully celebrate as they burn to death". I would TOTALLY APPROVE of Zen Buddhists all being hunted down across the world and exterminated, and every last book or instructional or booklet or document referencing Zen Buddhism incinerated and erased from human history.

For thinking and judgement to prosper, Zen must die!

Zen is extremely popular in California. You know what else are popular in California? PSYCHOPATHS! The political term for 'psychopaths' is "right-libertarians". First California harbors Psychopaths, now it harbors fucking Zen Buddhists. Who are WORSE than psychopaths.

Zen Buddhism is a DISEASE. It is the product of DISEASED MINDS who HATE LIFE. It is a literal fucking MENTAL DEATH CULT.

Another notable death cult in history was Nazism. The Nazis exterminated about 10 million people. How many tens of millions of minds have the Zen Buddhists exterminated throughout history?!


Eugene said...

There are good reasons for obfuscation of words. These aren't propositions, they are attempts to twist the mind into seeing what language does.

Besides using obfuscation as tool to bring about certain understanding, Zen is also known for attempting to unify the ever-day and the sublime, effectively making life itself a spiritual practice.

The qualities you attribute to it, while may be applicable to some sects, people, etc... is a gross misunderstanding.

Do you really expect to understand something that is result of merging of two completely alien ancient cultures of China and India. I,e Buddhism and Taoism.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true. I jus got out of a relationship with one, and they have zero respect or love of life...totally brainwashed by their apathetic teachings...they claim they dont believe in good or evil (which is funny because if there is no evil then anything and everything is justified), yet they abhor intimacy whether emotional or sexual...women are considered parasites...the "masters" are just very good at NLP ..and they are ultimately all suicidal and I hate them all

Richard Kulisz said...

There's at least three sects of buddhism. The Tibetan strand is full of psychopaths who set themselves up as gods. The Gaian strand talks about being connected to the Earth and a primal life force, they would never forswear as animalistic an urge as fucking. And finally there's the strand you appear to have run afoul which is the Freak strand. I say freak because that's the name of their personality type which I use as a tag for my posts on them. It's not just your girlfriend's religion that was diseased, it's your girlfriend for ever liking that religion.

Unknown said...

I practice zen...and this article made me chuckle. I wish you the best, Mr. Kulisz. I'm sorry you misunderstand the dharma.