Monday, July 06, 2015

You Means I

What could identity = equality = I = ego = self possibly mean in the context of group identity? Well, it means that You = I. For most people, the word "you" means I. And it's actually possible to hear that meaning when they use it. And no, I'm not talking about narcissists, that would be too fucking obvious.

It's noticeable when these people ask "where do you rewind the video?" that the "you" is indefinite and really means "I". Whereas I would say " Where the FUCK do you find the fucking rewind?" and there the "you" is definite and means "you the person that is not me".

Moralists lack any concept of mind or empathy or self-esteem or self-awareness. It's impossible to have self-esteem without a model of your own mind, and impossible to have a model without even a concept of it. And consciousness is not possessing a model of your own mind but merely attention of attention (attending to the fact you attend to things) or meta-attention.

Moralists believe the "mind" is the same identical thing as the brain. They are philosophical eliminationists, believing consciousness and the mind will be proven to not exist. At this, they are infinitely better than narcissists who believe that you are not your brain but rather are your face. If your face gets scarred then you have changed whereas if you brain gets lobotomized then you are still you.

Psychopaths don't even believe in the concept of brains unless they crack your skull open and poke in there and see them. And Right wing authoritarians believe the story that "you" are a brain is a mere convention which they will nod along to. Because the undead prove that brains can be eaten without affecting the person they are. Undeath will one day prove that you aren't brains.

So back to Moralists, they believe that all members of the group are equal and equally valuable, modulo leadership, and that you are judged by your actions. Since your actions are contingent on external pressure and social circumstances, your social circumstances dictate in large part what is you. Your brain merely implements an illusion of you as being different from other yous in the group which are all equally you.

Gaians believe the "mind" is a suspiciously empty container for memes, culture and biological urges. They believe that a person is their emotions, memories and other mindstate. When someone's mood changes they become a different person, when they acquire more memories, they become a different person, when they lose memories they become a different person. And if two people have the same emotions and memories then they are the same person.

So long as the addition and subtraction of memories can get from any person to any person (and Gaians believe memories define people) then "you" is exactly identical to "I" to Gaians. The only proviso is of course that different "I"s are at different stages of their life cycle. Some are more advanced and some are more retarded. Some are still being "taught to think" by their good master um parents, and others have already reproduced.

And it bears repeating, Gaians don't have any concept of mind. By "mind" they mean "the combination of the superego and the id" with no ego in between. Gaians believe that social pressure is a real thing and complain about how much it conflicts with their id. Now, you may be retarded enough to call this a "concept of mind" but that would make you the kind of retard that believes LEGO blocks are "construction material".

As proof that Gaians have no ego, I point to their naked and craven begging they engage in when they ask for favors. They say "it never hurts to ask" because they have no idea whether others will be inclined to agree or not, and because they have no ego to suffer shame or embarrassment. They talk about "the puppy dog eyes" because of course they beg for favors as cravenly as a dog begs its master for treats.

Incidentally, Gaian "self-esteem" is simply happiness since of course there is no concept of mind TO esteem and there is no ego to do the esteeming. And while I'm at it, I highly recommend Gaians as sex slaves since they love nothing better than servitude and being fucked. Unfortunately, they also love eating, sitting on their ass playing games, and see nothing wrong with getting fat, so you'll have to keep your sex slave on a diet.

Moving on, Freaks believe that "mind" is subjective awareness, and believe that "you" are your subjective experiences. They also believe that concepts and percepts "must be experienced" and cannot be communicated in any way, least of all language. That is why "you have to be here" for them to explain something trivial that they could have easily said on the phone. It is also why they become graphics designers obsessed with icons, audiovisuals and paralinguistics.

Freaks also believe that if two people share the same subjective experiences (eg, see the same thing because they are at the same physical location) then they are of "one mind" and possess a "common sense". Thus, by sitting close together, "you" becomes "I". And it is the reason why if they sense that you are unlike them in some way (eg, possess one of those mythical different personality types) then they will get gone after sexing you rather than cuddling.

To recap, Freaks are subjectivists and phenomenologists. And from those two facts it follows they are relativists since everyone can become anyone else by simple physical transposition. It's also the reason why Freaks are into movement, transportation, teleportation and unstoppability (as opposed to say invincibility). Because the more they move, the more they can experience, and amassing lots of different subjective experiences are the only thing that matters.

It's also why they're into shapeshifting, because by experiencing different things you become a different person since "you" is your experiences. Movement is just a degraded form of shapeshifting to them. It's also why they "move through life" when they age. As opposed to the Gaians who "advance" through their life cycle. Incidentally, Gaians also say they are "not that advanced" rather than "I'm not that smart" since "you equals I" means you can't be smarter than them.

Freaks also misuse "in your mind" to mean in your subjective awareness. Because again, they have no concept of mind, even less a model of it. Freaks can "just sense" when someone is different or the same as they are. In this same way, and by absolutely no coincidence, they can "just sense" true love rather than doomed love. Doomed love as would happen if the other person were "secretly" a psychopath, a narcissist or a yuppie.

Yet Freaks are very clear that personality types are mythical since "we are all different" and can't possibly be typed. Models of mind cannot be constructed and even if they could, they wouldn't be useful anyways. It is far better to go with the ideology of phenomenology and to hide the nasty discrepancies to this retarded ideology which your subconscious keeps throwing up.

Discrepancies such as the existence of Nazis, the Cold War, World War 2, World War 1, the 30 Years War, the Hundred Years War, ... you know, pretty much all of history. But then, Freaks aren't fans of history. Nor are they fans of anthropology except of course that it is marginal and so should be embraced the same way that goth hip hop should be embraced, and walking in the night being a vampire. It is bizarre, it is strange, therefore it is Freak. even if Freaks never actually go into that field.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Character Rape

So, I'm reading this author I despise, for lots of different reasons. Not least that it's from him I learned that Gaians have exactly four responses to other people.
  1. befriending them
  2. fucking them
  3. trading with them
  4. murdering them.
It's even a life cycle. You start by making friends then you end it by murdering them.

But just because I'm ready to despise his stupid plot lines doesn't stop some of his stories from going beyond the pale. And that's where character rape comes in.

"I think volunteering to heal critically injured people is noble and all that but there are plenty of things you could do with your powers that would rake in the cash.”

Gaian character by Gaian author, dismissing saving lives of random strangers as "and all that" and explicitly "not necessary".

"I was too focused on being a hero.”

The Gaian author rapes the Moralist character into saying this, which sounds as credible as making a psychopath say "you're right and I was wrong, I'll give up killing in favor of friendship".

Also, the Gaian attitude towards heroing is that it's a lark and needs to be augmented with jokes and comedy and parody and other ridiculous crap to make it fun.

Or ... money. Money makes the world go round, cause ... circle. Worship the circle!

“I hadn’t even thought of that. I guess being a hero is more complicated than I thought,”

This is the character that canonically thinks through EVERYTHING. But Gaian money-making schemes are always more important than saving lives thus not thinking about them is a sin. Whereas canonically the character would be more likely to frown and say "people are dying while you clown around" since you know, they fucking are!

'He would have rather not remembered the time he’d turned a hot girl down for a date because he’d had to tinker in the lab, especially since he’d been so distracted that he hadn’t actually gotten any work done anyways.'

Gaian makes a sexless RWA asshole think this, because to a Gaian, sex is obviously more important than a career. That and memory is fungible, only happy memories deserve to be remembered.

So, who rapes characters the least? Well, it's certainly not those who believe in cutting corners or that the ends justify the means. Or that cartoons contain full-fledged characters.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Cannibalism of Eggs and Ham

The traditional English breakfast is sausage and eggs. The traditional American breakfast is bacon and eggs. The traditional X breakfast is ham and eggs. What do those things have in common?

Cannibalism. Pig is the only meat animal that's an omnivore and ... tastes like human. And eggs ... are fetuses. Often, cooked eggs are far too normal so the wannabe cannibal eats raw eggs like bodybuilders. It does a body good to eat fetuses.

Now, I'm not saying eggs and pig aren't tasty. I'm just saying that somebody with a fetish for them to the point of eating them raw or doing other bizarre things with them is clearly doing so for non-taste reasons. Such as, eggs and pig remind Narcissists that everything in life is at the expense of others.

So, why's cannibalism traditional? Because Right Wing Authoritarians are downright neighborly with Narcissists. And I use "neighborly" advisedly to mean "someone falling into the Uncanny Valley of likeness to myself thus needs to be shot".

So obviously, Right Wing Authoritarians will kill Narcissists for being cannibalistic savages that eat fetuses and human meat ... and then partake of it themselves. I mean, it just makes sense!

Well, it does to me but then I downright expect hypocrisy from people who are fucked in the head.