Friday, July 03, 2015

Character Rape

So, I'm reading this author I despise, for lots of different reasons. Not least that it's from him I learned that Gaians have exactly four responses to other people.
  1. befriending them
  2. fucking them
  3. trading with them
  4. murdering them.
It's even a life cycle. You start by making friends then you end it by murdering them.

But just because I'm ready to despise his stupid plot lines doesn't stop some of his stories from going beyond the pale. And that's where character rape comes in.

"I think volunteering to heal critically injured people is noble and all that but there are plenty of things you could do with your powers that would rake in the cash.”

Gaian character by Gaian author, dismissing saving lives of random strangers as "and all that" and explicitly "not necessary".

"I was too focused on being a hero.”

The Gaian author rapes the Moralist character into saying this, which sounds as credible as making a psychopath say "you're right and I was wrong, I'll give up killing in favor of friendship".

Also, the Gaian attitude towards heroing is that it's a lark and needs to be augmented with jokes and comedy and parody and other ridiculous crap to make it fun.

Or ... money. Money makes the world go round, cause ... circle. Worship the circle!

“I hadn’t even thought of that. I guess being a hero is more complicated than I thought,”

This is the character that canonically thinks through EVERYTHING. But Gaian money-making schemes are always more important than saving lives thus not thinking about them is a sin. Whereas canonically the character would be more likely to frown and say "people are dying while you clown around" since you know, they fucking are!

'He would have rather not remembered the time he’d turned a hot girl down for a date because he’d had to tinker in the lab, especially since he’d been so distracted that he hadn’t actually gotten any work done anyways.'

Gaian makes a sexless RWA asshole think this, because to a Gaian, sex is obviously more important than a career. That and memory is fungible, only happy memories deserve to be remembered.

So, who rapes characters the least? Well, it's certainly not those who believe in cutting corners or that the ends justify the means. Or that cartoons contain full-fledged characters.


alnej said...

I want to get your opinion on something. It's unrelated to the post.

Reddit seems to be crumbling down. Now, I rarely go to that site, except maybe once or twice a year to see if it has improved (it never has).

There's a lot of talk about a new 'social' news aggregator site. A lot of people have various 'ideas' how to build one. Most of them are moronic.

How would you build your ideal news aggregator site? I have some ideas but I want to know what you think.

Richard Kulisz said...

Without seeing them, I predict your ideas are complete bullshit because you don't address the real problems of a SOCIAL site. Which are, social problems. Hell, you even scare-quoted "social" as if it could be dismissed. You even completely dropped it when you substituted ideal. As if ideal societies were simply unimaginable, when in reality they are simply beyond your power. Beyond your powers of imagination, beyond your powers of conception, and beyond your powers to design or to engineer them.

What is the point of playing games with new software? Is reddit any better than Wiki Wiki Web, or 4chan or spacebattles or, or A3O or any of countless web forums? They are every single one of them infested with Gaians over the long run. And this infestation corrupts them no matter what they started out as, murdering debate and strangling Truth in its cradle all under the banner of "getting along". You believe software can fix this without a single regard for how human minds work or how human societies work? Without even referencing the word society? Then you are a fool and a moron.

You can't design an "ideal news aggregator" and never will be able to do so unless you commit to learning what it takes. And what it takes to understand human-human-human interactions is understanding human minds. And if you don't recognize this extremely basic truth then you're a worthless retard who deserves a bullet through its head. Humans are central to human-centered design and you can't possibly do The Right Thing without accounting for human-centered design.

Drop me an email sometime.

Richard Kulisz said...

Software is a powerful thing, is it not? Back in the day, you had to buy a $100K slave in order to be able to instruct them word for word in their tasks, and then as likely as not they wouldn't do what you told them.

Nowadays, you can buy a 100$ computer, speak your instructions to it, and it will faithfully execute them, making your will a reality, with the power of over 1000 diligent slaves. An increase of over 10 million fold in power at your fingertips.

Far weaker than software are words on paper. And weaker still are words in air. Karl Marx launched a global empire using only words on paper, because he knew the words to use. And still he failed in his aims. And you have far, far more power than he ever did, but achieve less.

But for all your power, you can't do using software what I can achieve using words in air. You can't change a single human destiny. And no Alnej, changing the font or the icons on a news site does not qualify as changing destiny anymore than a different recipe in a cookbook or a different engravure for its cover.

Don't you think that when you fail so badly while another succeeds with a million times less power than you, that it's time to rethink your ... well frankly, time to rethink everything, isn't it? All your thoughts, all your ideas, all your attitudes, all your plans, and all your actions.

If you can't alter the chosen course of one human being, what hope do you have for altering the course of a hundred million? At what point will you get tired of being like everyone else? Because nobody around you knows what the fuck they're doing. Therefore, by default, you are exactly like them.

Do you enjoy being lost to the whims of random forces around you? I loathe and despise it, but Gaians enjoy it, which is why I loathe and despise them in turn. Do you enjoy acting like and achieving the exact same result that they achieve, exactly nothing, even when you know for a certainty that you're capable of infinitely more?

Unfortunately, potential, capability, and the will to see them through are three entirely different things.

alnej said...

> Because nobody around you knows what the fuck they're doing.

I agree. That's why I came here.

Conventional social news aggregators have a huge bunch of problems. One is that they are vulnerable to attack from mercenaries/bury brigades/misinformation campaigns. But this is also a problem that real society suffers from as well.

How'd you go about fixing this?

Richard Kulisz said...

(points above) drop me an email. This is twice I said. I already tried to send you an email twice but you don't have an email address I can guess. My email address is easily guessable and the only reason I don't say it is because of spammers.

alnej said...


alnej said...
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