Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why People Blush In Pleasure

First of all, it's not everybody that blushes in pleasure. In fact, it's only a small minority not exceeding 20% of the general population. But why do they? Why would anyone? And who are they?

They are sun-worshipers, the personality defined by raising the minimum for everyone around them. And they blush in pleasure because pleasure is associated with personal good fortune. And because blushing happens due to embarrassment, and embarrassment is caused by violation of your personal values.

Since the sun-worshipers want to raise the minimum standard for everybody, any personal good fortune that falls upon them would far exceed the minimum standard and thus they're enjoying something which violates their values, thus causing embarrassment. This only kicks in if the good fortune is non-tradeable.

Thus, a sun-worshiper wouldn't feel embarrassed winning the lottery because they can always give it away to the poor. And they will do just that. But getting an excess of attention or an excess of sexual attraction would be embarrassing because there is no obvious way to hand it off to anyone else. They're stuck with enjoying it.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Life Is Just A Story

To a certain personality type, you don't have a life, you have a "narrative". Because to them, everything is ambivalence, irony, contradiction and theater. Political protests? Street theater! Despot starving the populace? Jester! Everything of any import must be treated non-seriously due to ambivalence. And meaningless and trivial things must be treated super-seriously.

Your life is important to you, yes? And that's why its importance can never be acknowledged. No, the "truth" is that your life is just a story and if bad things happen in it or it ceases to be entertaining, if you cease haing FUN, then you just stop reading the story, you just stop living your life and you suicide. Suiciding to stop crying? Makes perfect sense!

Oh you got raped? How tragic! How wonderful! Now you have such an exciting story to tell about it. Pity the poor fools who haven't lived life to the fullest! After all, what would life be without all the bad things happening? Boring! Oh you got mutilated by some random psycho? Amazing!

Your life doesn't matter because it's entertainment. And the worst part of this is that it isn't even Evil scumbags that hold this despicable view. No, it's the personality type of anarchists, cultural relativists, rebels, freedom-fighters. The gothic moon-worshipers, the con men, the marginals.

It's not that they enjoy your pain when hearing about it. It's just that they don't care. It's all theater, a play, a stage. If your pains really mattered to you, you'd suicide. And the dead care for nothing so you can just suicide to stop crying. Your life has no meaning anyways, given Existentialism. There is freedom in death and freedom is all that matters.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Good Is Made of Win, Evil Is Made of Fail

Canonically, and I don't view the reboot as canon since all the characters are so far out of character, James T Kirk is a polymath with two degrees. Everywhere he goes, he turns certain defeat into victory. Unstoppable war machine? No problem. Energy sucking space monster set to reproduce? No problem. Centuries old incorporeal vampire? No problem. Gods? Pshaw. Captain Kirk, mortal, is a Godkiller.

Meanwhile, the Goddess Illyria in Angel: the Series is a million year old eldritch abomination. And everywhere she goes she loses. Her army? Dust. Her chosen guide? Hates her guts. Her teammates? Scared of her and disrespectful. Her power? Waning. Herself? Utterly lost and without hope.

All other things being equal, Good protagonists (not merely "good" or competent since competence is one of the variables equalized) are made of win and Evil protagonists (no matter how much their Evil authors and Evil audience loves them) are made of fail.

The God-Emperor of Mankind (Good) manages to keep the Empire of Mankind together and surviving for 10,000 years despite being clinically medically dead and personally fighting against not one but FOUR Evil deities and traitors both within and without. He doesn't quite manage to win against overwhelming odds but he does PERSONALLY postpone defeat for ten thousand years.

Some people thought the Warhammer universe wasn't shitty enough, but really, how can you make it shittier? Well you start with "the God-Emperor dies". No longer just clinically dead but dead dead. Yeah, that's the first step to make Warhammer shittier, which goes to show just how important and critical he is.

Taylor Hebert (Neutral) manages to kill a god who was set on eating thousands of Earths. Her victory came at the cost of billions of deaths, rather than the trillions that were set to die, her world becoming depopulated, and her own sanity lost. The cure for her insanity is bang, a shot through her head. Not exactly what I would consider an overwhelming victory but still impressive.

The Red One aka Nemesis in The Last Angel (Evil), she manages to ... destroy a fleet when she has superior overwhelming weapons. She also manages to make a few allies despite herself. And her weapons really are overwhelming, hundreds of years beyond her opponents'. She's also an AI so has thousands of times their reaction time. And she's lying in ambush against unaware and unprepared opponents. She's only vulnerable at all because she's injured due to her own rage and stupidity.

In Pantheocide by Stuart Slade, the humans conquer Hell and Heaven using nukes when their opponents don't even have guns. Or cars or planes or spy satellites or accurate maps or intel or competent leadership. And still Heaven and Hell manage to inflict billions of casualties on humanity. Not what one would call an impressive victory. Rather, it was inevitable and is pathetic.

Good people are made of win and Evil people are made of FAIL. And that's precisely why psychopaths, being Evil, are so obsessed with winning at any cost. Because they suck at it. And it's precisely why narcissists are so obsessed with status, because they suck at acquiring it. And it's precisely why right-wing authoritarians are so obsessed with resources and worship "Building" and "Builders", because they suck at using, managing and creating resources.

Good people don't go for mere victory, that's too trivial and pathetic. Good people challenge themselves by going for win-win-win conditions. Good people don't care about status, because that's an inevitable side-effect of everything they do and just as automatic as breathing. And Good people don't care about building machines or LEGO blocks, because they care about doing The Right Thing. Why would you care to build a computer when you can build a mind? Why build a computer program when you can build a society? Only morons care.

Similarly for friends and followers and colleagues and coworkers. Who needs them? A Good person goes out alone against a harsh evil world because they are enough to overcome any difficulty. And if they choose to partner with someone it's not because they are obsessed with people as Neutrals are, but because it's convenient.

Now one may ask, "if Evil is made of fail then how come Evil runs the world?" A fact which is blatantly obvious to anyone who cares to actually look at the world. Well, it's simply that Evil has overwhelming and entrenched advantages.

Humanity began as an infanticidal, genocidal, murderous, psychopathic, incestuous species. The physical universe itself is largely Evil and almost entirely un-Good. And every moron can comprehend Evil while few people comprehend Good.

Those are all overwhelming advantages. And still, Goodness is winning and Evil is failing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What Is God?

God is a representation of all higher order phenomena found in the universe.

Higher order phenomena such as avalanches because 'when the avalanche has started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote'. Which is why at least one substantially correct definition of a god is "a person as unstoppable as an avalanche". Higher order phenomena such as life because life is emergent. Even molecules and superatoms whose properties can't be derived from the properties of atoms. Also anything multiply-realizable, and even human cultures and humanity itself, whose properties can't be derived from those of individual humans.

These are all higher order phenomena that are simultaneously built out of lower order phenomena, control those lower order phenomena, and are not dependent on them. Proof: the Earth has an oxygen rich atmosphere only because life exists on it. The biosophere is built out of chemical processes, but it controls those processes, and is not dependent on any particular ones given the variety of photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, and more.

People's Relationships to God

God is all those things. God is the One Word which teeny tiny minds use to point to all those things working in concert. Those things which affect the lives of those teeny tiny minds ... like an avalanche. Utterly unstoppable and beyond their comprehension. God deeply affects their lives and so these teeny tiny minds want to know "is God benevolent or malevolent" aka "am I screwed?" it's kind of an important question!

From the nature of God as 'the sum of all higher order phenomena' all of its properties are recovered. Not least being, the stupider the person, the more they worship God. The less you can understand something that deeply affects your life, the more you'll be superstitious and worshipful of it. This phenomenon can be seen in poker and slot machines when the players haven't abstracted away from individual hands of poker to higher order strategies.

Also explained is why right-wing authoritarians are so religious and faithful. Higher order phenomena provably exist but RWAs are reductionists and want to deny the existence of all higher order phenomena. Their moronitude and retardation is in direct and violent conflict with reality. Their brains are ill-equipped to handle reality which is why reality has power over them. The higher order phenomena exist regardless and the more RWAs deny their existence, the more those phenomena have power over RWAs, making the RWAs more abject, pathetic and worshipful of them.

Of course the RWAs' attitudes and beliefs aren't logical, but they are extremely predictable. From reductionism and a rabid bottom-up building attitude comes naked faith in the Almighty higher order processes that violently destroy the bottom up building.

Derivations of God's Properties

From God being the sum of higher order phenomena of the universe it becomes obvious why God is infinite. Infinity has been mathematically proved to be a matter of perspective. Infinity is just beyond the construction abilities of a system. If you added to a finite system in order to create a larger still finite system, the new things you can construct with the bigger system are infinite in the smaller system, even though they look pretty fucking finite from the bigger system. So God is infinite to teeny tiny minds because the universe is *forever* beyond the comprehension, understanding and imagination of their minds.

This is also why God is omniscient since knowledge is itself a higher order phenomenon. The sum of all knowledge is just a small part of all higher order phenomena aka God. It's also why God is omnipotent and of course why God is omnipresent. Higher order phenomena are found fucking everywhere, and it is a piss poor joke of a system that manages to exclude them. Even Peano arithmetic includes higher order phenomena.

And given that God is higher order phenomena and knowledge and knowledge of higher order phenomena, knowledge of the universe even, it becomes obvious why God is also known as "god of the gaps". But far from this being a bug as moronic atheist zealots like to proclaim, it is a FEATURE. It has always been a feature just as much as ignorance, blind obedience and zombieism have always been features of right-wing authoritarianism. This is why they never serve as counter-arguments or successfully erode support for God or RWA respectively, but only to reinforce them.

God is a higher order phenomenon of teeny tiny and/or diseased minds.

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Few Unpolitically Correct Insights

The first insight is into what makes for a Schwazzenegaresque work of art. Is it simply being one step removed from Hitleresque as I suspect it to be? Well, Arnie played a robot who goes around collectively punishing all of his enemies (which just happen to be all humanity) and following its programming like a Necron. How much more fascistic can you get than a necron? How much more neurotic and anal retentive can you get than being a machine that follows its programming? The evidence seems conclusive does it not?

Ahh, but maybe the fact Schwazzenegar became a member of the Hitlerite Republican Party has nothing to do with his audience's perception of his work! And what about Conan the Barbarian? Doesn't that sound sufficiently psychopathic? And psychopaths are the opposites of right-wing authoritarians, just as the Joker is Batman's opposite. BUT, observe this cutting analysis which shows how far Conan is from being a loose cannon, he is a momma's boy forever tied to her apron strings. He only acts like a psychopath becasue he comes from a psychopathic (ie, barbarian) society.

The second insight is the fact that 'noble' is an intrinsic thus anarchistic quality. Now, this may seem bizarre, but where's the fun mathematically proving it to be true? People don't listen and people don't give a shit about anything important or new or novel, at least as far as a creative genius defines novel, so let's skip all that tedious math and get to the fun part: following the implications of an "insane" axiom to their logical conclusion until someone's puny brittle mind shatters.

The first implication has to do with Putin being noble. We know that Putin is noble because he is Tarzan and Tarzan is a noble savage whose nobility is undisputed and unchallengeable fact. Putin and Tarzan are not right-wing authoritarians or fascists, they are manly Moralists who care for the little people and enforce standards. We know Putin is a moralist because he is honest and straightforward, unlike all the dishonest lickspittle Euro politicians, he told journalists that Africans shouldn't be celebrated because they are cannibals. And he said it because it's true.

Secondly, what makes them noble is the fact they themselves have to break the standards they were raised by and that surround them in order to act BETTER than everyone else. Tarzan is noble because he behaves better than an animal (ie, a noble savage is not a savage) and Putin is better because he doesn't behave like a Russian or a KGB man or a mafia boss. Russia's standards might be low but few Russians have the testicles to rise above them. Putin is the man with the balls to be better than his contemporaries and to lead them into a bright shining future. Even if he has to break a few skulls to do it. Napoleon did it, Alexander did it, and now Putin is doing it.

Thirdly, if nobility is an intrinsic thus anarchistic qualitty then why is it that right-wing authoritarians value it so much? Well, it's because right-wing authoritarians are all coprophiliacs eating the food their mummy preprocessed for them from her ass. They are traditionalists who assimilate all of the values and traditions of the precvious generations. And in order to climb the ladder, their ancestors had to break more than a few rules because reality simply doesn't work the way Necrons' ossified brains want to believe. So they, being born to privilege are intrinsically better than their non-coprophilic ancestors. That is why RWAs believe they have the intrinsic quality of nobility which their ancestors (who were ennobled and entitled) lacked. In fact, it's precisely the reason why you have to be born to the upper class and can't simply climb up to it to be really noble as far as the upper classes and RWAs are concerned.

The third insight has to do with what each gender wants. Now, a lot of people regurgitate the idiocy that women desire power. But if this were strictly and logically true then women would do the things that are necessary to acquire power. Things like going out on explorer starships called Enterprise um Spanish Galleons called the Santa Maria in order to explore strange new continents and seek new slaves. But women have never done any of those things, EVER, in all of human history, and they have stayed the fuck away from political power too. Why? Because women are highly risk averse.

Now, when people really want something then they're willing to take risks to get it. 1% chance of winning 100 million dollars? Are you kidding? I'm in! When the reward is HIGH enough then even a low chance of success seems amazing. But apparently, the reward of Power is NEVER high enough to get women to move their asses. Blatantly evident to anyone with a mind, women don't want power and have never wanted it. Yet equally, there is SOMETHING about power which they DO want, otherwise it wouldn't turn them on so damned much.

What do women want? They want to be indulged like the emotionally underdeveloped mental children that they are. That's why taking risks FOR power is inconsistent with their USE of power. Because being indulged means never taking the risks yourself. Other people indulge you, OTHER people have the POWER TO indulge you. And you yourself do nothing. So if women who lust for power don't actually want power at all, and certainly are willing to do virtually nothing for it, then is it the case that men want power?

NO. Men do NOT want power. Men want ... to be wanted. That's why they value beauty, because beauty guarantees that you're desired. That, or handsomeness, or power. Yeah, power guarantees that women want you. Aaand that explains why anarcho-communists like Clinton and anarchists like Thatcher (who could never be accused of being a woman) got into politics. Why? Because they were wanted there. Everyone wanted them.

Men are good for something in the world after all whereas ever since the uterus has been devaluad, women are pretty much worthless. And they know it and they are pissed. That's why they've been complaining ever since the fertility rate fell down from 12 children per woman.

Finally, and this insight isn't original, but the simple fact that radiation is the safest thing in the universe. We know that extra radiation isn't harmful to life and that radiation is necessary for living things to function. So obviously there's the dose of radiation necessary to thrive and there's the dose that will kill you. And for water, it's 2-8 liters a day to thrive and 20 liters will kill you. For air, a mere 15 bar will make nitrogen toxic and removing the nitrogen is cheating of course. For radiation? ONE MILLION TIMES the necessary dose starts getting lethal.

Fear of radiation is like fear of cannabis. Oh no, it'll kill you! It'll give you cancer! It'll make Mexicans rape our women! People hate radiation because it's GOOD, because it's BETTER than they are. Because people are SCUM. Because people LIKE evil. If people met an angel, they'd murder it. That's why they murder nuclear power plants, because they are angels. Angels that provide poor humans, and not just elite scum, with heat and power so they don't starve and freeze to death. Yeah, let's murder them all! Because we want evil, because we want starvation and death. People make me sick.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Mathematical pluralism
  • gregory chaitin's work
  •  goedel's incompleteness theorem, interpreted in a non-retarded way
  • the theorem in computability which says that for any string of kolmogorov complexity greater than K and any program which outputs that string it is mathematically impossible to prove there isn't a smaller program which outputs the string
  • routine multiple axiomatizations of the same theories
  • meta-mathematics and routine working with different theories (aka mathematical universes)
  • the result in mathematics where a finite theory seems to contain infinite elements as seen from inside of the theory, those elements being finite from outside of it - an interesting special case of Goedel which blatantly violates singularity
  • logical duality of T and F if you swap operations
  • morphisms in general

Mathematicians self-consciously play pretend that there is a single mathematical universe, but they ALL know it isn't true, without exception. Any that don't would be considered retarded. This has been so since the destruction of Russel's Principia Mathematica project by Goedel in the 1930s. The notion of mathematical unity or holism has been destroyed for all time and any mathematician who does not acknowledge it is a hackneyed bucktoothed hick.

Pluralism won conclusively, decisively and totally. Yet there still remains "debate" in mathematical circles because retards still do mathematics and insist on projecting their values on mathematical reality. Those values are not in fact holism but rather solipsism.

Physical pluralism
  • many worlds
  • opposed only by pilot wave theory
  • the fact "Copenhagen" is still bandied about as a word instead of an epithet and derided as utterly moronic should give you the idea that retards are winning
  • chaotic eternal inflation theory which is the only credible inflation theory (but again opposed by retards projecting their anti-chaos and "there's no such thing as a free lunch" values)
  • the fact the creation myth Big Bang Theory is not derided or used as an epithet despite its mathematical impossibility, statistical impossibility, and the acknowledged facts that 1. inflation must be true, 2. inflation erased any traces of a putative big bang, thus making it a myth or article of faith  <-- am="" and="" anti-reality="" are="" forces="" how="" i="" li="" of="" retarded="" showing="" singularity="" solipsism="" the="" you="">
  • cosmological horizons
  • cosmological domain walls, if they exist, and they probably do
  • event horizons
  • superstring theory's solution to event horizons
  • general relativity
  • the Mach principle
  • the Holographic principle
  • perturbative vs non-perturbative theories can be seen as dualistic vs monistic
  • superstring theory dualities, mathematical inequivalence yet physical equivalence. IOW, there is no possible way to tell what the fundamental objects of the theory even ARE. Is it a black hole or a fundamental particle? The answer is "who cares?" because you can provably never ever ever tell.
  • the fact superstring theory was only invented to clean up the shit that are point particles which is by every measure much, much worse
  • multiple realizability in general
  • the fact many worlds is pretty much accepted as standard among cosmologists, physicists who out of their own initiative care about the WHOLE universe rather than just their own selfish part of it

The fact subjective experience is just the internal states of a complex system perceiving its surroundings.

The fact mathematics + time = computability.

The fact mathematics is bigger than infinite and contains within it computability which contains within it theorems. And some of those theorems have state. And some of those theorems are sufficiently complex and maintain their own order against entropy through time and consume computation to do so, thus are alive. And some of those theorems have temporal relations to their surroundings, commonly called 'subjective experiences'. And some of those theorems possess living representation, aka intelligence. And some of those living intelligent theorems perceive the universe of mathematics they are in from inside that universe, and go to cocktail parties and publish philosophy papers and ask themselves "what is math?" and "what is physical reality?". When physical reality is just the subjective experience of complex mathematical theorems of their mathematical environment.

This is all just a chain of facts which starts with "what is subjective experience" and ends with ... there are people inside other branches of math and THEY think they exist and many of THEM are scumbag solipsists that think THEIR branch of math is super-special and thus OURS doesn't exist.

Singularity is solipsism.

And subjectivity or relativity is just an artifact of closed systems. As soon as you can define a boundary to a system, there are boundary effects and those are just two of them. Subjectivity is what crosses the boundary, and relativity is the fact that what lies beyond the boundary looks different depending on the closed system you start from.

In order to deny pluralism you would have to deny boundaries exist. In order to do that you would have to say you can never take any perspective with a boundary. And the only such perspective is the block universe. Pluralism you see is just ... multiple perspectives.

And as for determinism? Both many-worlds and pilot wave theory ARE deterministic. But many-worlds is not holistic. And as you saw, pluralism wins anyways so you win nothing by trying to hang on to a last vestige of holism. Also, I'm not even sure if there is any way to distinguish between pilot wave theory and many-worlds, and if there isn't then pluralism wins yet again.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Consumerism: the Very Least Possible

Consumerism is based on two principles:
  • doing the least possible (ideally, absolutely nothing)
  • mutual exchange of value (in goods or favors)

Doing the fucking job you've been hired for is NOT the very least possible. The least possible is goldbricking, therefore you need a mutual exchange of value (called a bribe or reward program) in order to motivate people. And properly demotivate anyone who isn't corrupt so that they become exactly like the ones who are corrupt thus validating their personality type including values and worldview.

Now, you might think that treating people with respect, dignity, or like human beings is the least possible. (Shyeah!) This would be because YOU aren't positively and actively motivated by doing the least possible and have trouble comprehending the concept that anybody would or could be.

No, the least possible is caring for your progeny, the people who are necessary for your personal survival (called your tribe as in tribalism) and the clients that entertain you their patron. Thus are hereditary caste systems created ... out of the VERY LEAST possible. Ever wonder why India has a hereditary caste system AND rampant bribery and corruption? Now you can wonder how the combined abomination arose out of history rather than asking how two abominations coincide.

Ever wonder about the people who engage in token protest to ease their guilt by begging the masters to improve living conditions and don't actually give a damn about the results of their protest? Wonder no longer, they are doing the VERY least possible to ease their guilt over all the potential new clients and/or personal friends starving and dying in front of their eyes while retaining their own economic privileges.

Ever wonder about the people who preach pacifism while atrocities are happening in far away lands? That's right, closing their eyes to your death is the VERY least possible they can do, and they are committed to doing it! Very hardcore they are about sitting down (or "having a sit down") and not lifting a single finger to do anything. Ever wonder why pacifism is so prevalent an ideology in the USA in the context of its narcissistic love of war and torture? Wonder no longer!

Ever wonder at some people's belief in luck as a guiding principle in life? That's right, constructing coherent theories of how reality works and how you should run your life takes actual effort. Declaring that there are no such theories is the very least possible! It's even less effort than solipsism because under solipsism your wishes create reality which means you have to determine what your wishes are. Total randomness = luck = shit happens is so much less effort.

Ever wonder at the people who excuse slavery and talk up what a good master they have? Well, quite aside the fact that switching masters is a hell of a lot of effort, eradicating slavery is unimaginable effort. Excusing your master is indeed the very least possible!

Ever wonder if Uncle Toms are related to Peeping Toms? Well, peeping toms are doing the very least possible in order to engage another person in sex. Raping other people takes effort and securing their consent for sex ALSO takes effort, but peeping on them ... is least effort. Ever wonder why Japan is so consumerist, caste-based, tribalistic, cliqueist ... and always have "pervert" peeping toms in japanimes? You have been enlightened.

Do you know what final consumer means in biology? It means those who feed on the bodies of the dead. Because that takes least effort. Another word for fungus and mushroom is rot, also known as corruption. Huh, it looks like we've made a full circle, and making full circles is indeed the least possible way to dissipate energy since you come back to the exact place you left from so don't need to adapt to it in any way but already know what to expect.

You hated consumerism and now you hate consumerism. BUT ... you know why, and perhaps, just perhaps, you want them dead now. And that would be awesome because it WOULDN'T be the least possible. Consider that killing all those who want to do the very least possible would AUTOMATICALLY raise standards. And if you're not okay with killing them, there's always enslaving them. They LOVE slavery, it makes them HAPPY to have someone else think for them, and happiness is the ... very least possible.

Monday, July 06, 2015

You Means I

What could identity = equality = I = ego = self possibly mean in the context of group identity? Well, it means that You = I. For most people, the word "you" means I. And it's actually possible to hear that meaning when they use it. And no, I'm not talking about narcissists, that would be too fucking obvious.

It's noticeable when these people ask "where do you rewind the video?" that the "you" is indefinite and really means "I". Whereas I would say " Where the FUCK do you find the fucking rewind?" and there the "you" is definite and means "you the person that is not me".

Moralists lack any concept of mind or empathy or self-esteem or self-awareness. It's impossible to have self-esteem without a model of your own mind, and impossible to have a model without even a concept of it. And consciousness is not possessing a model of your own mind but merely attention of attention (attending to the fact you attend to things) or meta-attention.

Moralists believe the "mind" is the same identical thing as the brain. They are philosophical eliminationists, believing consciousness and the mind will be proven to not exist. At this, they are infinitely better than narcissists who believe that you are not your brain but rather are your face. If your face gets scarred then you have changed whereas if you brain gets lobotomized then you are still you.

Psychopaths don't even believe in the concept of brains unless they crack your skull open and poke in there and see them. And Right wing authoritarians believe the story that "you" are a brain is a mere convention which they will nod along to. Because the undead prove that brains can be eaten without affecting the person they are. Undeath will one day prove that you aren't brains.

So back to Moralists, they believe that all members of the group are equal and equally valuable, modulo leadership, and that you are judged by your actions. Since your actions are contingent on external pressure and social circumstances, your social circumstances dictate in large part what is you. Your brain merely implements an illusion of you as being different from other yous in the group which are all equally you.

Gaians believe the "mind" is a suspiciously empty container for memes, culture and biological urges. They believe that a person is their emotions, memories and other mindstate. When someone's mood changes they become a different person, when they acquire more memories, they become a different person, when they lose memories they become a different person. And if two people have the same emotions and memories then they are the same person.

So long as the addition and subtraction of memories can get from any person to any person (and Gaians believe memories define people) then "you" is exactly identical to "I" to Gaians. The only proviso is of course that different "I"s are at different stages of their life cycle. Some are more advanced and some are more retarded. Some are still being "taught to think" by their good master um parents, and others have already reproduced.

And it bears repeating, Gaians don't have any concept of mind. By "mind" they mean "the combination of the superego and the id" with no ego in between. Gaians believe that social pressure is a real thing and complain about how much it conflicts with their id. Now, you may be retarded enough to call this a "concept of mind" but that would make you the kind of retard that believes LEGO blocks are "construction material".

As proof that Gaians have no ego, I point to their naked and craven begging they engage in when they ask for favors. They say "it never hurts to ask" because they have no idea whether others will be inclined to agree or not, and because they have no ego to suffer shame or embarrassment. They talk about "the puppy dog eyes" because of course they beg for favors as cravenly as a dog begs its master for treats.

Incidentally, Gaian "self-esteem" is simply happiness since of course there is no concept of mind TO esteem and there is no ego to do the esteeming. And while I'm at it, I highly recommend Gaians as sex slaves since they love nothing better than servitude and being fucked. Unfortunately, they also love eating, sitting on their ass playing games, and see nothing wrong with getting fat, so you'll have to keep your sex slave on a diet.

Moving on, Freaks believe that "mind" is subjective awareness, and believe that "you" are your subjective experiences. They also believe that concepts and percepts "must be experienced" and cannot be communicated in any way, least of all language. That is why "you have to be here" for them to explain something trivial that they could have easily said on the phone. It is also why they become graphics designers obsessed with icons, audiovisuals and paralinguistics.

Freaks also believe that if two people share the same subjective experiences (eg, see the same thing because they are at the same physical location) then they are of "one mind" and possess a "common sense". Thus, by sitting close together, "you" becomes "I". And it is the reason why if they sense that you are unlike them in some way (eg, possess one of those mythical different personality types) then they will get gone after sexing you rather than cuddling.

To recap, Freaks are subjectivists and phenomenologists. And from those two facts it follows they are relativists since everyone can become anyone else by simple physical transposition. It's also the reason why Freaks are into movement, transportation, teleportation and unstoppability (as opposed to say invincibility). Because the more they move, the more they can experience, and amassing lots of different subjective experiences are the only thing that matters.

It's also why they're into shapeshifting, because by experiencing different things you become a different person since "you" is your experiences. Movement is just a degraded form of shapeshifting to them. It's also why they "move through life" when they age. As opposed to the Gaians who "advance" through their life cycle. Incidentally, Gaians also say they are "not that advanced" rather than "I'm not that smart" since "you equals I" means you can't be smarter than them.

Freaks also misuse "in your mind" to mean in your subjective awareness. Because again, they have no concept of mind, even less a model of it. Freaks can "just sense" when someone is different or the same as they are. In this same way, and by absolutely no coincidence, they can "just sense" true love rather than doomed love. Doomed love as would happen if the other person were "secretly" a psychopath, a narcissist or a yuppie.

Yet Freaks are very clear that personality types are mythical since "we are all different" and can't possibly be typed. Models of mind cannot be constructed and even if they could, they wouldn't be useful anyways. It is far better to go with the ideology of phenomenology and to hide the nasty discrepancies to this retarded ideology which your subconscious keeps throwing up.

Discrepancies such as the existence of Nazis, the Cold War, World War 2, World War 1, the 30 Years War, the Hundred Years War, ... you know, pretty much all of history. But then, Freaks aren't fans of history. Nor are they fans of anthropology except of course that it is marginal and so should be embraced the same way that goth hip hop should be embraced, and walking in the night being a vampire. It is bizarre, it is strange, therefore it is Freak. even if Freaks never actually go into that field.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Character Rape

So, I'm reading this author I despise, for lots of different reasons. Not least that it's from him I learned that Gaians have exactly four responses to other people.
  1. befriending them
  2. fucking them
  3. trading with them
  4. murdering them.
It's even a life cycle. You start by making friends then you end it by murdering them.

But just because I'm ready to despise his stupid plot lines doesn't stop some of his stories from going beyond the pale. And that's where character rape comes in.

"I think volunteering to heal critically injured people is noble and all that but there are plenty of things you could do with your powers that would rake in the cash.”

Gaian character by Gaian author, dismissing saving lives of random strangers as "and all that" and explicitly "not necessary".

"I was too focused on being a hero.”

The Gaian author rapes the Moralist character into saying this, which sounds as credible as making a psychopath say "you're right and I was wrong, I'll give up killing in favor of friendship".

Also, the Gaian attitude towards heroing is that it's a lark and needs to be augmented with jokes and comedy and parody and other ridiculous crap to make it fun.

Or ... money. Money makes the world go round, cause ... circle. Worship the circle!

“I hadn’t even thought of that. I guess being a hero is more complicated than I thought,”

This is the character that canonically thinks through EVERYTHING. But Gaian money-making schemes are always more important than saving lives thus not thinking about them is a sin. Whereas canonically the character would be more likely to frown and say "people are dying while you clown around" since you know, they fucking are!

'He would have rather not remembered the time he’d turned a hot girl down for a date because he’d had to tinker in the lab, especially since he’d been so distracted that he hadn’t actually gotten any work done anyways.'

Gaian makes a sexless RWA asshole think this, because to a Gaian, sex is obviously more important than a career. That and memory is fungible, only happy memories deserve to be remembered.

So, who rapes characters the least? Well, it's certainly not those who believe in cutting corners or that the ends justify the means. Or that cartoons contain full-fledged characters.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Cannibalism of Eggs and Ham

The traditional English breakfast is sausage and eggs. The traditional American breakfast is bacon and eggs. The traditional X breakfast is ham and eggs. What do those things have in common?

Cannibalism. Pig is the only meat animal that's an omnivore and ... tastes like human. And eggs ... are fetuses. Often, cooked eggs are far too normal so the wannabe cannibal eats raw eggs like bodybuilders. It does a body good to eat fetuses.

Now, I'm not saying eggs and pig aren't tasty. I'm just saying that somebody with a fetish for them to the point of eating them raw or doing other bizarre things with them is clearly doing so for non-taste reasons. Such as, eggs and pig remind Narcissists that everything in life is at the expense of others.

So, why's cannibalism traditional? Because Right Wing Authoritarians are downright neighborly with Narcissists. And I use "neighborly" advisedly to mean "someone falling into the Uncanny Valley of likeness to myself thus needs to be shot".

So obviously, Right Wing Authoritarians will kill Narcissists for being cannibalistic savages that eat fetuses and human meat ... and then partake of it themselves. I mean, it just makes sense!

Well, it does to me but then I downright expect hypocrisy from people who are fucked in the head.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The More Sordid Secrets Of Gaians

Because Gaians don't have souls and have to eat others' in order to possess what you mistakenly confuse for a personality, they're the only personality type that hybridizes with other personality types.

This results in Gaian affiliations. What everyone else would call a type but Gaians don't believe in personality types.

Psychopath Gaian - believes that everyone should die, but also believes in personal survival above all else and won't go to any effort to make it happen.

Additionally, since everything must be done for a reason because nothing intrinsically matters, there must be a reason for the apocalypse. Or, the Gaian apocalypse anyways.

Trees! Trees are wonderful and un-human like. If only all humans could die so we would have wonderful forests everywhere!

And animals! Animals that never harm anybody except to eat them alive. (Counter-example: leopards). Trees and animals! Nature!!

Obviously trees and animals are more worthy of living than human beings. The Psychopath Gaian is also known as the Druid. Or the Holy Gaia type.

Right-Wing Authoritarian Gaian - believes that where and how you personally grew up is how you should live and others who grew up a different way should stay in their own home.

The RWA Gaian is the "true Bronxer" who talks about the gritty realism of the Bronx and how the yuppie scum are invading and bringing their fakeness with them, and how they don't belong.

The difference between an RWA affiliated Gaian and an outright RWA is the lack of any fatalism and brutality. The RWA-Gaian is a milquetoast of an RWA. They basically tut tut the yuppie.

Freak-Gaian - speaking of Yuppies ... the yuppie is concerned with minimalism ... so long as it doesn't get in the way of their Gaian obsession with wealth and personal survival at any cost.

Now, Freaks like to get tattoos and be goths and go out at night and talk about how they're damned and go out into the primitive wilderness to be eaten by bears they hug.

But as far as yuppies are concerned, all of those things would threaten their corporate or personal survival. So ... nope, nope, nope, no way, nope.

Moralist Gaian - this is the shy awkward Gaian busily working at his job and shyly hoping for a shy girl just like him to have shy sordid sex with in the privacy of his bedroom.

Shy Gaian cares about nothing above social norms and where he stands in relation to them. He cares about being bland, boring and perfectly average. That way the carnivore will overlook him in the midst of the herd.

It's funny how un-bland Moralists are with their group survival and group identity. I mean, they go off to the jungles to convert the heathens and die as missionaries. They sacrifice themselves for the group in spectacular ways.

But well ... Gaian. Personal survival at any cost, so nope, nope, nope, nope, no way, nope.

Watcher-Gaian - likes to comment on how everything is a life cycle. The reason the yuppies displaced the true Bronxers is because it's a life cycle of urban development.

An urban area becomes poor and crime ridden so rents become low. With low rents, artists move in. With artists moving in, yuppies move in. With yuppies moving in, gentrification happens. With gentrification, rents skyrocket. With increasing rents and gentrification, artists move out. Then the area dies, starting the cycle all over again.

The Watcher-Gaian knows his place in the great Life Cycle of Urban Development.

Narcissist Gaian - or The Businessman cares about making tons and tons of business contacts. Business contacts that he will go to rotary club for and charity functions with and cultivate interests to be more like them so that those contacts like him.

This is the ... Uncle Tom of Gaians. By no coincidence since Narcissists love to mind control and enslave others and Uncle Tom is a brainwashed slave. Also, Narcissists love to actively corrupt, and Businessmen swim in corruption.

Sexually Sordid Secrets

Now remember, Gaians hate public exposure above everything else. That's due to their maxim "bend the rules, don't break them" which can't possibly be done in the light of day. And which is why I keep talking about them.

But of course there are exceptions to hating public exposure. There always are exceptions with Gaians. And the exception is ... sexual servitude. Gaians are natural born slaves thus natural born sex slaves. That's a hint hint for anyone in the market.

The four primary motivations for Gaians to have sex are:
  • sex as part of a life cycle (includes breeding and incest for the sake of sexual education)
  • sex for the sake of mindless animalism (includes orgasm and bestiality, go look at Corruption of Champions as a fantastic example)
  • sex for the sake of servitude (sex slavery)
  • sex for the sake of survival (includes corporate whoring)

To Gaians, it doesn't matter if you get raped up the ass by your boss ... so long as you get adequate monetary compensation. And it doesn't matter if you're publicly exposed, so long as it's at the whims of your master or mistress who has the wealth to buy um protect you. Wealth, not power, is key to corruption.

Hell, while I'm at it, I'll mention that Narcissists don't give a damn about money. They only care about how it can intimidate others and make them famous and popular. If the world weren't populated by Gaians who could be bought by money, Narcissists would just go into politics. Oh wait, they do go into politics. Well, they'd go more into politics.

Narcissists want slaves, not money. Serfs and toadies will do in a pinch. Fawning and adulation are fourth best. In a world of Gaians that whore themselves for money, you can buy slaves easily enough.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Valentine's Day: A Mockery Of Romance

First, what is romance? It's sexual and love idealism. It's not settling for second best, let alone 5th best, but going out for first best. It's not settling at all, ever, but going to extremes. Romance is Don Juan going through hundreds of women to find his match and feeling contempt for every one of them because they weren't. It's not Casanova being a "lover of women" and genuinely loving whatever woman he faced at the moment.

Romance is not the "intimacy of eating dinner". Romance is walking through a minefield. Romance is not something you do "when you feel romantic". It's something you always do because it's something you ARE. Romance is not your wedding anniversary or even your wedding, romance is all-consuming. Romance is not bringing flowers and chocolate or even any gifts. Romance is BEING a gift and constantly working to please your lover. Romance is not "put in its place" or "put in perspective".

To any genuine romantic, the Gaian approach to romance is utterly repulsive. Because to Gaians, everything is just a means to an end, the end being their own survival. Even romance is just a tool to be used, just another indirection, channel or connection. To be corrupted for the sake of their survival. Idealism are anathema to Gaians so why not sexual idealism? But of course, in their own terms, Gaians see it differently. They see it as perpetuating sacred Life Cycles.

So you start by meeting someone, through a friend of a friend, derivatively of course. And then you "experience romance" by going out to dinner. Even though eating is narcissistic thus anti-idealism, but hey, mysticism here. Plus, eating is necessary for biological survival and what could be more Gaian than being biologically correct? Or biology? Or survival? So already "romance" is corrupted all to hell.

But the nauseating bit is how romance is "put in its place". You have this mini-cycle of romance where you bring flowers and chocolate then go out to dinner and end by fucking. Fucking is the important bit to Gaians, just as much as surviving and breeding, not romance. And then the cycle ends with you both lazing back in afterglow blissed out of your mind, mindless and unthinking. And there the cycle ends only to be repeated all over again on another day. And that is "romance" to Gaians.

Of course, there is a larger sacred life cycle to Gaians which romance is a mere sub-part of, a mini-cycle as I said. It's the whole "relationship" life cycle. You meet someone, you go out on dates, then you have a honeymoon phase, then that can get extended by breeding and having kids. Or it's not extended and at that point you break up and start all over again. Because breeding is the important bit, if you don't do it then there is no point to the relationship and no point to romance. This is reflected in childless vs with-kids divorce statistics.

So Valentine's Day? Your wedding anniversary? Your wedding? The chocolates? The flowers? The gifts? Those are just fulfilling expectations, they're just ticking off the checkbox in a checklist named Romance or Relationship in a Gaian's mind. The purpose of the checklist is to fuck and to breed and to lay back in mindless orgasmic stupor. The actual things thrown together into the checklist don't matter and they have no intrinsic value. They are just tools to get the fucking and breeding accomplished

And of course this is exactly what "evolutionary theory" supposedly says. Which comes as no surprise given that evolutionary theory is a Gaian invention and something they worship. It's also wrong, both in the sense that evolutionary theory doesn't say that and evolutionary theory is factually wrong. But hey, what relation do Gaians have with the truth? It's easy enough to say "none whatsoever" but a tad oversimplistic. So, let's examine that tidbit in detail.

We saw that romance and relationships are both just a life cycle to Gaians. So too the scientific method and the truth are just a life cycle, an orderly circular progression of theories being born, growing up, breeding, then dying. And anything that violates the life cycle, such as a theory which is invented out of whole cloth and has no progenitors, like superstring theory? That's anathema and to be hated, and general relativity must survive within the objectively inferior quantum loop gravity.

Truth, ideals, science, academia, everything is just a life cycle to Gaians. EVERYTHING, without exception. Not one single fucking exception. Even FEELING is just a life cycle. "A time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to grieve, a time to go on a murderous rampage". There is not one thing they hold sacred except their own fucking skin, fucking, birthing, and reproduction.

Even love is just a part of a life cycle to Gaians. "It's time to let go." Just a tool supposedly used by evolution to ensure fucking and breeding happens.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Types of Programmers

phenomenologically = "Let me talk to you about the experience called Flow."

epistemologically = has 50 books entitled "A Beginner's Guide For Dummies Unleashed In 30 Days". Actually even two of those abominations probably counts.

philologically = asshole knows 50 programming languages and makes sure you know it. The number of languages you know is like the length of your dick. How long is yours?

physiologically = knows the insides of the system inside and out, including all the exploits to break it. Just in case he ever gets fired. Doctors make the best murderers, don't you know?

anthropologically = knows the glorious history of not just computing standards but the standards organizations and other cultural artifacts of the computer industry.

ontologically = objects!! Of which Java has none.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Meaning of Ties

Ties ... why does anyone wrap a noose around their neck ready to be strangled? And why do idiot conformists follow this absurd code of behavior? How did this idiotic standard even come about?

Well, when you think about it, ties are just non-evil nooses. Or a knot, like the fucking Celtic knot of supposed mystical significance which idiots tattoo on their bodies.

BUT, Gaians love leashes. And collars. And chains, including slave chains, which they consider nice fashion statements. And ribbons (which explains the ridiculous magical girl animes), ropes, nets, webs, interwebs.

Ties of friendship, ties of family, ties of blood. Anything which connects people. Anything which constrains people. They fucking love that shit.

And so we have ties symbols of Gaian conformity. But not just that, ties are supposedly the only remnant of individuality in the man's business suit. And that remnant of individuality ... is a hangman's noose around your neck.

That's a nice symbolic meaning there: individuality is dangerous and likely to kill you. Something which Gaians fervently believe, else why would they be so self-effacing and invisible? Why would they worship invisibility as a superpower?

It's not to go anywhere you want nor to do anything you want, because invisibility is a crappy power for that. No, it's simply so you can huddle down, curl up into a fetal position, and have your enemies never find you as you close your eyes to the world.

Also, Japanese have these absurd pornos where men are wearing white or black bodysuits and the women pretend the men are invisible as they're being molested or raped. Male self-effacement is a big recurring theme in Jap pornos, as well as rape of women. And Japan is a Gaian society.

So back to ties ... they're a reminder to every craven Gaian (which is all of them, no matter how many muscles or medals they sport) to self-efface their own personality lest someone else do it for them.

I've always loathed ties, and I loathe Gaians. Give me a Freak wearing BDSM gear openly down the street any day of the fucking weak. At least a spiked dog collar is unlikely to strangle you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Criticism of AO3's User Interface

A few observations on UI design prompted by a comment I read on reddit.
Look at Archive Of Our Own for a good example. It has a much, much easier interface than, its tagging system is rich and has a lot of advantages, it has nice features like letting you group stories into collections, you can reply to reader comments with proper discussion threads, etc. 

On A3O you can't do social tagging as you could with delicious more than a decade ago. There is only dictatorial tagging with the author being the sole dictator. You also as a reader can't cut out seeing insignificant tags, whether it's because they're so general as to be meaningless or so unique as to be unguessable. So those useless tags clutter up your attention and screen space while browsing, slowing everything down. Even though detecting insignificant tags by software operation is trivial.

You also can't do logic operations with search operators, only nest searches in a narrow way. You don't even have access to the simple NOT operator. And finally, the whole paradigm of search is entropic because it annihilates the existing lattice structure that exists in browsing rather than filtering that structure and collapsing sparse branches.

The comment system offers no levels of privacy nor ways to aggregate comments OR readers in any useful discussion-oriented manner. Because A3O isn't about discussion nor debate nor criticism nor anything like that, its model is strictly pairbonding and attentional. That's why "gift stories" exist on A3O. Everything is about readers giving attention to the author and possibly authors giving attention to the readers and authors giving attention to each other. And that is IT. A3O is functioning at the level of a human infant.

And because every comment is public, it's impossible to hide anything. Which means that strangers can scrutinize your interactions and apply their values to them. And which values get applied in any large open community? Gaian values of doing nothing, surviving at any cost and giving no offense to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Anyone who critiques others heavily is labeled an antagonist, a "troll", and totally anathema to the rule of giving no offense to anyone, thus driven out of "the community" which is more important than any abstractions like "good storytelling" or improvement or truth or critique. Gaians run every open forum in existence, and most closed ones. It's so easy to ban people as "offensive" when everyone can see all of their stuff and you just have to wait for an asshole to report being offended.

Some features I'd like: * For readers: a feature to auto-recommend stories based on the currently viewed story or your pattern of likes, sort of like Amazon does.

Extremely difficult to implement, requires machine learning. Unlike cutting out insignificant tags which only requires an asshole to think about it. (I say asshole because there are virtually no systems designers anywhere and so you rely on assholes for all your software needs. Enjoy your frustration.)

And in any case, the "features" paradigm of design is Gaian. A feature is a property of something that has a specific purpose. X is for Y. It's an incredibly narrow way of thinking that invariably produces broken software and kludgy software that's impossible to understand. Look at C++, it's a Gaian "evolved" programming language which absolutely no one understands and everyone claims is able to do anything but in practice can do absolutely nothing. Every program written in C++ is intrinsically broken, precisely because of its many, many, many "features". Brokenness is an intrinsic property of Gaianness, or any biological or ecological or evolved system. The only property those systems have is survival by cravenly appealing to their audiences or neighbors.

Genuine design works on the meta-level by COHERING features and ERADICATING features that don't fit within higher principles. Or even merely eradicating features whose benefit is not above a certain minimum which represents the cost of the feature taking up the user's and all programmers' mental space (so they can learn to avoid it as they inevitably have to do with broken crap). Undesigned "evolved" systems that have features added and added and added with none ever taken away because some asshole depends on them, are intrinsically broken because 90% of them is unused by 90% of the population, and 50% of them is unused by 99% of the population. And it's always a different 1% that wants each tiny feature and will whine. And Gaians will say cravenly that there is a "demand" for each feature and it would take "effort" to remove them.

For authors: a way to upload chapters and have them published automatically at preset dates/times.
See, instead of having a "feature" that does this, such as a script or something, you could just have a versioned object system that symmetrically allows you to read and write both the past and the future. So instead of a "scheduled" story, you just have a story that's written in the future. But nobody does systems design, least of all "architects", everyone is enamored of their little "features" which are really kludges.

The advantages of writing in the future are obvious: no more deadlocks ever but rather a solid transaction-oriented system. The advantages of writing in the past are difficult for lesser minds to fathom but they are far far more extensive. They boil down to: equity. If designed correctly, writing to the past can be done without the possibility of unending time wars.

But of course, there is that problem "if designed correctly" and the lack of systems designers on the Earth. At least recognized job-holding ones with significant whip power. It doesn't help that few systems designers understand systems design or can teach it, so you mostly end up with assholes with pretensions of grandeur like the inventors of Unix and C. Both of them 50 year old dinosaurs that really should have every single contributor to them summarily put to death.

I am not prepared to forgive the existence of C or Unix or C++.

So in summary, AO3 enforces the values of brokenness and inequity while superficially appealing to values such as freedom but really anarchistic hatred of all social organization.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Explain A Rocket Launch To A Roman

Not modern Romans but Roman Romans, from SPQR days.

Why should you try to explain things to people of long bygone ages? Because then you know you're not being limited by the intellectual potential and mental capacity of your subject. You know that any failure is your fault alone and not simply because you're dealing with a Gaian or a Psychopath.

If you can't explain a rocket launch to a Roman in a way that they actually understand then you know you're a loser of an intellectual. So let's get on with it.

Do you see that metal spire over there? It's a star lifter. In just 30 heartbeats it will lift a star into the night sky. Feel its fury against Terra as it wrenches itself away from its grasp. See the scorching pillar of fire it spits out against anyone and anything that would dare to hold it.

And then hold your breath in awe for on this night there will be a new star in the night sky. A star that moves unlike any other star. It will shoot through the night sky like a shooting star but it will never ever fall. And this star will watch over people or talk to them or provide the magic for our divining rods.

I imagine the Roman's reaction would be less "holy shit" and more "by Cronus and Jupiter!!".

Well, it's done so you can't do it anymore because that wouldn't count. Explain instead the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To someone who has never and will never see any footage of it nor artifacts.

If you can't do that then you have no understanding at all of human minds. And if you don't even realize that you can't do that then you have no understanding that minds even exist. Like most of the human population, who misuse "mind" as badly as they misuse "empathy" and "self-esteem".

It's funny, nobody capable of understanding human minds would ever study linguistics. And nobody who would ever study linguistics would ever be capable of understanding human minds. And yet, it's impossible to understand human language without understanding human minds. Therefore, nobody who studies linguistics studies language. Just like nobody who studies paint manufacture studies painting.

Friday, June 12, 2015

What Is Stratified Thinking

When I was in elementary school in French class (ie, English class to you) we learned a bunch of rules for conjugation in first grade. Then we learned more complex rules in the second grade because the first
ones were wrong. Then we learned still more complex rules in third grade. I thought it was a remarkably stupid way to learn because you kept being taught lies.

Complication layered over complication, with each layer of rules being more specific and less general. That is stratification or archeological thinking. One layer over another. It's Gaian thinking. Synthesis, analysis, generalization, abstraction, and many other things, are completely alien to this way of thinking.

When breeding, Gaians are in love with multiplication. "Be fruitful and multiply". Because they love to "bring babies into the world". You know what else has multiplication? Ring theory in mathematics. And by no coincidence whatsoever, ring theory is about ... rings, which are ... circles. Which Gaians worship since they're perfect embodiments of rotational symmetry.

And everywhere else than breeding, they are in love with continuity and derivation. As in, derivatives.
Everything is "the previous situation plus a tiny derivative" in their minds.

If they worked in a gas station and then a nuclear power plant, they would try to apply the rules for the gas station to their new workplace first, until something broke and they realized they need new
rules. Or someone forced them to do it beforehand. The thought "those two things aren't similar" would never occur to them anymore than "people aren't trees".

In their minds, a nuclear power plant is merely a more specific case of a workplace which a gas station is a more general example of. And a human being is a more specific case of a living being which a tree is not merely a more general example of but a more PERFECT example of. Why? Because trees have rotational symmetry. Not because they're fractal or because their biomass outweighs humanity, but simply because ... you can rotate them on their axis and they'll still look identical.

Stratified thinking. Also claddistic thinking (Harry Potter, son of James Potter, exactly like James Potter except for a few derivations). Also ... casuistry. Which is still used in legal circles in common law jurisdictions. Oh yeah, I thought that would stop the snickering of anyone who knew medieval teaching methods. It's still used today!!

Monday, June 08, 2015

Gaians Are Monsters

Two immutable facts about Gaians are that first they refuse to acknowledge the existence of any personality types since they themselves are superior to every other "supposed" personality type. They do destruction just as or better than psychopaths, they schmooze just as or better than narcissists, and so on. Or so they like to delude themselves.

The second thing is that they decry as monsters a small minority of violent psychopaths, those whose victims are among the small set of the Gaians' friends, cronies, associates or they themselves. That is, not all violent psychopaths are monsters. And non-violent psychopaths are perfectly alright a-okay people and not even psychopaths at all! since there's no such thing as personality types.

How do we reconcile these two immutable facts of Gaian-ness? Or the third fact that Gaians predominate in mental health? Well, the last is easy to reconcile since as far as Gaians are concerned, psychopathy is an attitude problem and is curable. Even the Gaian Robert Hare who "invented" the Psychopathy Checklist of 20 items that semi-relate to Gaians and is incapable of distinguishing between sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths, even HE thinks psychopathy is just an attitude problem and curable. Contrary to every piece of accepted evidence in psychology.

(Incidentally, I know upwards of one thousand items that uniquely distinguish violent psychopaths alone. So 20 that "maybe" target sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths? Pathetic. Utterly fucking pathetic. As is the Gaians' need to administer an accepted "test" when any non-Gaian with a modicum of training can see psychopaths coming a mile away. Hint: psychopaths don't hide! Gaians do, and they project their own desire to hide AND their inability to accept other personality types exist on psychopaths.)

Ho-hum, that third fact was surprisingly easy to reconcile wasn't it? And the first two are even easier. There is no exception to Gaian refusal to accept that other personality types exist OR to their near total blindness to other personality types. The reason why Gaians call SOME people monsters is because ... it's a Gaian word FOR GAIANS. For Gaians that have gone crrrrrraaaaaazzzy because they got dumped or lost their lover or something equally pathetic.

Neither psychopaths nor right-wing authoritarians are monsters. Nothing the Nazis or Jeffrey Dahmer did was as monstrous as a crazy Gaian. Only Gaians are monsters. What is that you say, the Holocaust? I'll match and beat you with the Gaians' refusal to exterminate the mosquito out of the insane belief that mosquitoes have just as much right to live as human children. Mosquitoes eat, fuck and breed don't they? Who cares about some niggers anyways, it's not like they have money. If they really wanted to live, they'd buy a solution to malaria just like all right-thinking consumers do.

Calling a psychopath a monster is like calling an automobile a horseless carriage, or a train an iron horse. It's an attempt to shoehorn new things into your own preexisting point of view rather than going to the effort of learning and accepting them for what they actually are. Learning is thinking and thinking is effort. So yes kiddies, the ONLY people that EVER use the word "monster" to refer to ANYTHING AT ALL is Gaians. Someone uses it? They're a Gaian. Evil people never use the word 'monster' to describe themselves, rather 'bitch' 'asshole' and 'evil'. As in "I am evil", which they say proudly.

Incidentally, since Evil is a concept of every OTHER personality type than the Gaian one, it of course does not exist in any way, shape or form to Gaians. Only monsters do, only Light (pussies) and Dark (violent) exist. Evil? Simply doesn't exist. Because nobody would ever ever call themselves Evil despite the evidence of google. I mean, try to search 'I am Evil' and you get 0 results rather than 216 million, right? And try to search "I am Evil" (quoted) and you don't get 5 times as many results as for "I am emo", right? Right! Gaian reality is the only reality.

And while I'm at it, if Gaians ever learn to avoid using the word "monster", it won't matter because I already know a thousand more that uniquely detect them. So I'll be able to learn each new word they replace the old ones with in a thousandth of the time it takes them to come up with it. So they might as well just give up on hiding and go with their backup plan of playing dead, and try to hide the existence of their first plan (to hide). They will as a matter of course hide the fact that dishonesty is their preferred option now that it's off the table. Slippery conspiracist little fuckers, aren't they?

But there's something I wanted to talk about, to showcase exactly how monstrous Gaians are. A story from an ultra-Gaian author, or a particular scene from the story actually. So it starts with Gaian wonder dad and daughter and non-Gaian friend of daughter walking down the street of a city which practices slavery, cannibalism, and open murder in the streets. Everything you could imagine as Evil, not that there's ANYTHING wrong with slavery as far as Gaians are concerned since chains are just a fashion accessory.

So as they're walking down the street they see a slavegirl shivering naked in the snow as she's being led to a slaughterhouse after, as her owner declares, she's been properly gangbanged and fucked. Gaian wonder dad talks for a couple minutes about how the slave owner should maybe rethink what he's doing. Meanwhile, the non-Gaian decides enough is enough and shoots the slaveowner in the head. Yay, right? So at that point Gaian wonder dad grouses about the slaves' upkeep and daughter claims he's just pissed because he didn't get to duel the slaveowner. At which point, and this is the important part, the Gaian wonderdad says "yeah".

What is wrong with this picture? The Gaian wonderdad did absolutely nothing and gave the murdering cannibalistic slaveowner every possible chance to back off. Back off from announcing all the Evil he's planning to do, not from actually doing it since that never mattered to the Gaians. The Gaian daughter credits her Gaian wonderdad, because he's in charge and was talking and is Gaian just like her, rather than the much more distant friend who did something so vile as take direct action to solve a problem, let alone do something so un-Gaian as end someone's life (oh the horrors!).

Incidentally, the slave is grateful because she "just wants to live" and her parents who sold her into slavery will "suffer some embarrassment" from the fact she's still alive. Because embarrassment matters and is a significant punishment against cannibalistic murderers.

But all of those actions, vile, evil, morally bankrupt, and utterly corrupt as they are, are things I expect of Gaians. Even Gaians who are "nice" because they're well-fucked. What I didn't expect was such a glaring example of the Gaian attitude to the truth.

What is the Gaian conception of the truth? It's whatever the people around you expect to hear. That's it, that's the truth. And yes, the truth changes from situation to situation, from moment to moment, as the people around them change. Wrap your mind around this, the truth is what is expected by people around you. There is another approach towards the truth which is very, very much like this.

It is the so-called "scientific method", a mythical procedure that doesn't exist, has never been implemented by anyone in the history of humanity past school age and if it did exist certainly wouldn't work. The "scientific method" is just another type of expectation, one more committed and edgier than merely "what people around you expect". At the same time, it's an expectation without any standards at all, which nobody expects anyone to follow (except schoolkids) beyond a few token platitudes. And Gaians do so love their token platitudes and well doing nothing at all.

Well, anyone who believes in the so-called "scientific method", in something so unbelievably asinine, broken and corrupt, is an idiot or a Gaian. Redundant though those words may be. So ....

Gaians, vile, corrupt, disgusting monsters. That have infiltrated and grabbed a stranglehold on every possible aspect of society all the way down to ideology and vocabulary! Think about that for a minute. And why did they do it? Just to ensure their own survival, no other reason. Except maybe to fuck with everything.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Crazy Gaian Japan

Japan is super-Gaian. The way their politics is structured so that the center is hollow is a clear giveaway. You also know they're consumeristic but you probably don't know that Jap hospitals ransom newborns to their parents to pay hospital bills or that jap doctors derive a substantial part of their income from drug peddling. Japan is thus corrupt as fuck. It is also anti-human and monstrous.

Japs casually believe that homeless people are diseased rather than benighted or down on their luck people. I once read a comic where a young japanese girl was describing living in the park and being so hungry she was forced to eat grass, and as I felt pity for her, her Jap audience screwed up their faces and drew away from her exclaiming about how she must be diseased. That's Japs for you, Tokyo deserves a fucking nuke on top of it.

Japan vividly displays the Gaian obsession with avoiding diseases, by wearing masks (doing the least possible) rather than doing what any sane moralist would do to break an epidemic: quarantining the ill. Here you see the difference between PERSONAL Gaian concern with being sick vs SOCIETAL Moralist concern with epidemics running unchecked. Gaians don't care about society, so long as it has the arts and culture (ie, high-end consumer products) and fast food (ie, low end consumer products) they want to buy. So long as everyone can buy shit, what possible reason could they have to complain?!

In Nip country, girls get groped on the bus or train and everyone is supposed to go along with it and ignore it. Why? Because closing your eyes is the least possible you can do when facing great evil. Don't like seeing someone raped in front of you? Close your eyes to it, problem solved! Gaians are always after the quick fix, no matter how retarded and kludgy and fugly it is. So long as it doesn't cause THEM more problems down the road.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. And by no coincidence, this saying is displayed in the form of MONKEYS. Mindless fucking animals, which is what Gaians aspire to be! So long as you don't SPEAK about any problems, the problems will just disappear. So long as you don't HURT anyone's feelings, then the fact they're total fuckups can't possibly matter! So long as you don't complain about the bomb, it can't possibly explode in your fat stupid monkey face!

And under no circumstances should you ever curse and swear, or get hateful or angry. Becasue *how does it quick-fix anything* to acknowledge problems and hate the status quo?! No, the proper Gaian complains about swearing and puts their hands around the ears of children so they don't have to hear it. The proper Gaian attitude is to bemoan "haters" and pitifully whine "why does the world hate?" or even more pitifully "why does the world hate me?" all befuddled like.

But getting back to the subject of how massively fucked up Japan is, the land of mentally fucked up incestuous assholes. Gaians' loose standards and rampant corruption is what caused TEPCO the japanese electric utility to be a fucking joke in its nuclear practices. And more importantly, Gaians KNOW that they are corrupt lackadaisical fuckups (not that there's anything wrong with it!!), which is why they do not trust themselves (or anyone at all since everyone is exactly like them) with something as complicated and sophisticated as nuclear power. Japan's Gaianism CAUSED Fukushima to happen and now that it did it's CAUSING anti-nuclear fear and resentment.

Wait no, that's not the topic I wanted to get back to. The topic I wanted to get back to is sex! Specifically, how Gaians want to be fucked and think there's nothing higher or more inspiring or more worthy ro valuable in life than being fucked. Except for being bred by being fucked, in order to create more do-nothing gaians. Or as they like to say it, to "bring children into the world" (but not raise them). But since Gaians value being fucked so highly, there's obviously nothing wrong with being fucked by some random stranger on the train. So those whiny school bitches have nothing to complain about!

Getting molested by strangers or even being raped doesn't matter to Gaians since that's just being fucked. Do you know what DOES matter? What is the greatest sin to a Gaian? Well, other than undead and diseases and maybe sterility and definitely abortions. Other than those things, whose insanity is only revealed by their bizarre prioritization, the most grievous sin and one which deeply affects Japs is *not being enthusiastic for your boss*. Because to Gaians it doesn't matter WHAT your job is or WHAT you do. Porn star? Whore? Sewer cleaner? Whatever. Standards don't matter, only not being enthusiastic does!

Moving on to the issue of inhumanity and death, Japan is the only first world country to still have capital punishment. And what a cruel and unusual form of capital punishment it is! Anyone who has been sentenced to death is officially dead and no longer a human being, thus no longer entitled to any legal protections at all even if their case is under appeal and it will take them years to die! Talk about inhuman and monstrous.

And it occurs to me that Japan has been Gaian for a very very long time. Predating World War 2 in fact. Japan closed off its borders to progress, technology and industry because it wanted stagnation. And Commodore Perry shoved those things down its throat against Japs' will. Japan's Emperor is more of a lay back and take it, be cared for, survive at any cost asshole QUEEN than a proper emperer. Although Palpatine is a Gaian too so ... but Napoleon wasn't!

But I was thinking of World War 2, specifically the Japs' retarded reasons for doing what they did. If you bother reading the psychological analysis of the decision-makers as they entered World War 2, well they made it ultra clear that they had no hope of survival. In fact, they thought of it as a form of suicide since they were attacking a nation 10 times bigger and stronger than Japan and had no hope of survival whatsoever. And they euphemastically said (euphemism is Gaian) "let's suicide!".

But of course, since Gaians are fucking emo whiny clingers and since they value survival at any cost. LITERALLY any cost. Well, their rational decision of "let's suicide" took a rather ... craaaaazzy turn. Japan's attacking the USA wasn't a homicide, it was a murder-suicide. And it was the typical response of Gaians to intolerable situations, LET'S GO CRRRRAAAAAZY. Don't like my life and want to end it? Hmm, let's kill the ex-boyfriend who dumped me, and why not end the world while I'm at it?!

It's not even about going out in a blaze of glory like a fucking narcissist. It's about emo-ing and going crazy. About murdering the people who hated you so. The world hates you and makes you want to die? Make it die right back. Except it's not even about reciprocity because that would be far too sane for Gaians, and they're all hung up on forgiveness. No it's just about going crazy. Or to be specific, about going crrrrrrrraaaaaazzzzy.

Well, wanting something (death) that is also totally anathema to you and the diametrical opposite of everything you stand for (survival at any cost) ... that would make anyone go crazy. Not that this is any kind of excuse, rather it's a condemnation that Gaians are such total lame fuckups that they let themselves come to this pass. And also that they're so repulsively unambigious and simple-minded that something as simple as death can be anathema to them. And also that they are so fucking stupid that one part of their precious sacred Circle of Life is totally anathema to them ... and they don't see it coming.

So, we've dealt with all of the big issues in the big picture that is Japan. Death, sex, disease, consumerism, politics, nuclear, insanity and mortality. But it can't possibly be that Japan is Gaian in EVERY possible respect down to the tiniest little detail, can it? Let's look for counter-examples, shall we? Let's look at say, conformism to start with. Now you might claim that Japan seems extremely Moralist in its aspect of rampant obsessive conformity, but conformity is actually Gaian.

Moralists believe in individual customization and personalization, it's what distinguishes them from right wing authoritarian's regimentation and depersonalization. Moralists just believe in individual insignificance so the customization has to be insignificant, like wearing an earring that discreetly announces to everyone who cares that you're gay. But anyways.

So if not conformity then maybe Jap schools can be seen as extremely right-wing authoritarian and this would seem to contradict Japan being entirely Gaian down to the bedrock, except for three things:

* Gaians don't care about logic or contradictions, their minds are totally and utterly broken, they believe in mysticism
* Jap schools are actually more gaian than they are RWA. they merely keep children constantly 100% busy rather than physically, verbally and mentally abused as the RWAs prefer
* the Jap school system is a giant life cycle where kids are extremely busy in primary and secondary and lazy as fuck in university

everything staying in its randomly assigned nonsensical place is Gaian. Yes I did just claim that staying 100% busy is Gaian WHILE claiming that being lazy as fuck is Gaian. But I did all this after claiming that logic is anathema to Gaian. Furthermore, do you know what's the opposite of staying 100% busy then being a lazy fuck in turns? Well, how about steady progress, or unpredictable progress due to creative genius, or any progress at all rather than random motion. Those are anti-Gaian.

Another broken aspect of Jap culture is the way your entire life and employment opportunities are determined by your performance as a child. This is not quite nepotistic, although it is extremely corrupt since rich parents hire tutors and private schools for their kids, but it is equally obviously anti-meritocratic. Perfectly between nepotistic and meritocratic means ... perfectly Gaian. Japan has achieved the ultimate Gaian anti-ideal of perfect balance between Evil and Good.

Bicycles? Crippled so they can't go at top speed and are hard to pedal, because going at too high a speed is "unsafe". Gaian.

Same with Japs' obsession with violence when they're the least violent country in the world. (Violence takes too much effort, don't you know?) Their perception of the world being totally broken because their minds are broken, that's Gaian.

Restaurants? Obsession with eating. Gaian.

Anime? Cartoons are Gaian. Cartoons are for little children. Cartoons are for people whose brains are so broken they can't process real human faces and facial expressions. Cartoons are full of arbitrarily broken nonsensical crap. Totally Gaian.

Pokemon? Well first of all it's a fucking cartoon. And secondly, it's about fights where nobody ever dies so can't possibly matter. Thirdly, it's about animals and Gaians love to fuck animals or inject animal DNA into humans to "improve" humanity with more mindlessness. Fourthly, it's about indirect fights, you coach an animal and then *IT* fights FOR you. So it's ultra-Gaian in every respect.

I'm drawing a blank here. There is no aspect of Japan I can think of that isn't totally corrupted by or shackled to Gaianism. Or simply made up out of 100% pure Gaianism. Even automation. Robots versus breeding, you'd THINK that wouldn't be Gaian, right? WRONG. Automation means you set things up so that you never have to do anything. That's totally Gaian.

At this point, I'm half-expecting Japs' stupid faces to be intrinsically Gaian somehow. Maybe the way they're casually racist. Like rich foreigners coming to Japan is fine so long as they go home. Wait, that has nothing to do with their stupid faces.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Japan doesn't deserve to be nuked from history like India does because it's not a third-world hellhole but is on the forefront of technology. A 50 megaton bomb over central Tokyo should be enough of a lesson and punishment for the crime of inflicting Gaian culture, politics and ideology on its non-Gaian citizens.

Friday, June 05, 2015

What is Mysticism

It isn't just contradiction because logical contradictions aren't mystical at all. Mysticism is holding values from mutually incompatible personality types next to each other. And only Gaians do mysticism or value mysticism. So take for example the psychopath persnoality type and the Naz er right-wing err Batman personality type. Yeah, take The Joker and Batman. Well, a mystic will say crap about how you need both Batman and the Joker to make a proper functioning society. Yadda yadda, creation and destruction, bullshit claptrap.

Or they'll say how you need both Sun worshiping and Night-worshiping freaks. But NOT at different times of day, but TOGETHER. Yeah, you need them TOGETHER, because you need the Sun AND the Night AT tHE SAME TIME. That's mystical. Like a dark night sky with a blazing Sun in it, that's the kind of contradiction that makes up mysticism. Or like the anti-Narcissist personality type and the Narcissist personality type ... to-ge-ther. Fucking turns my stomach and makes me want to put a bullet through the filthy Gaian that promotes such Broken autistic crap.

I dream of the day when all mystics are exterminated and everything is demysticied. And Gaians operate under a penalty of death for the crime of mysticism. Let's see how long they last.

It's worth repeating that Gaians don't have souls. As pointed out here, they suck in the souls of everyone around them and kludge them together into blatantly unnatural-looking fuck ugly fake souls. Gaians call this "syncretism" and they love it.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Average, Lazy, Fat and Crazy

Most people when they think of Gaians think of treehugging druids or greenpeace or hippies or pacifists or Gandhi. And what the fuck could be wrong with that? Just average, fat, lazy self-satisfied smug assholes out to wreck progress and industrial technology wherever they can find it for the rest of humanity. But that's not what Gaians are when the brass tacks are down, not at all.

What are Gaians when things go bad for them? Think of Scion in Worm Serial Novel. Not a giant space whale placidly eating space plankton but a giant fucking worm eating thousands of inhabited planet Earths in one gulp. Caring only about eating, fucking and breeding. Think of Galactus eating planets to satiate his hunger. Think of Lolth the "evil" demonic queen of spiders and goddess of evil sadistic elves. THOSE are Gaians.

You'll find plenty of Gaians that defend Scion as a wonderfully "alien" intelligence with an oh so wonderful biology that lets it control every single part of its body. Including liquefying its brain because hey thinking and minds are optional, and NOT necessary for eating, fucking OR breeding. To them, Scion doesn't have an inferior animal intelligence and the maturity of a crying infant throwing a temper tantrum, no it is a superior "alien" intelligence.

BUT of course the Gaians will hasten to add, their awe of Scion ends at his BIOLOGY and they don't approve of his ACTIONS. Because if THEY were giant space worms, they wouldn't do anything so stupid as to anger or make enemies of the tiny little insects who are going to be their gourmet lunch, would they? Ahh problem with that is Scion lost his lover, and when Gaians like Kelly Clarkson lose their lovers then they go CRAAAAAZY.

Just watch the crazy fucking bitch breaking up her ex's wedding just because he dumped her. Pink of course does even worse in her own video, but the difference is she isn't a Gaian thus she's parodying being crazy whereas Kelly Clarkson is dead fucking serious. I mean fuck, I don't think anyone can sympathize with an axe murderer in clown makeup or will excuse her or bemoan her getting dragged out in a straightjacket and handcuffs. That's a parody, not the self-indulgent crap Gaians put out!

There's more evidence, like the fact Pink is self-aware ("how did I become so obnoxious?") and knows she'll never get any sympathy and knows she's acting badly. Whereas Kelly Clarkson is totally dead seriously "just expressing her feelings" aka "just expressing her insanity". Where Pink knows that going crazy is totally wrong and considers the idea so trite and obvious she proceeds to joke about it, I imagine Kelly Clarkson standing with an idiotic, confused and befuddled expression on her stupid face at the suggestion that she has no right to be crazy.

But HEY hehe, Kelly Clarkson's CRAZY. Hell, she says so herself! A total emotional breakdown! She can't be held responsible for her actions! Nobody can be held responsible for their actions while CRAZY, can they? Ahh, but Gaians are also the only ones who say "there's nothing wrong with being average, lazy, fat or crazy". Everyone is "entitled" to their little insane nutso psychotic moments, aren't they? As I already said, fuck no!

In fact, it's a notion for which Moralists would greet you with a flaming lit torch and a can of petrol for even uttering it ever since King David decided to exterminate all the schizophrenics, psychotics, and lunatics in the Bible. And well done it was! Well done! I only wish there were more such extermination programs. The murder and murder-suicide rates would plummet. Oops, apparently, nobody but other Gaians agrees that insanity is some kind of entitlement.

(In fact, going crazy aka going Gaian, is the Moralists' worst nightmare. A fate worse than death! It's the reason why Moralists hate alcohol and why the Roman Catholic Church is still vigorously against stupefying drugs. Drugs that induce stupor and especially drugs that can't be regulated to prevent stupefying effects from kicking in. So yes kiddies, the RC Church would give a pass to cannabis if only they'd ever experienced its precise effects, which they haven't of course.)

So apparently, Scion planet-eater, is exactly what Gaians believe is the epitome of correct action, correct behavior, and overall what it means to be a Gaian, in either fat & lazy or crazy circumstances. Keep that in mind the next time the stupidly grinning image of a hippy or treehugger comes to mind. Keep in mind the demonic queen of spiders who created an entire tortured race by corrupting elves just so as to save her own fucking skin.

You believe the Demon Queen of Spiders is Evil? Fuck no! She isn't regimenting Evil Elf society like a Nazi. She isn't conducting pogroms, extermination campaigns, medical experiments, or even secret police. Nor is she destroying for the sake of pleasure the way any psychopath does, like Dexter Morgan and Daredevil and Willow Rosenberg or Joss Whedon for that matter. Nor is she doing everything for her own advantage or to increase her power or to spread her own legend. She's got her hole in the Underdark and she likes it and is maintaining it, and that's it. The evil elves are simply her hoard of gold and she its dragon since as a goddess, living souls are her treasure.

Lolth like any insect queen wants to lay back, eat, fuck and breed. She wants to be taken care of and cleaned and fed like any humongous bloated termite queen. She wants to be fucked and bred. Except ... she's fugly. And her chosen way of survival, corrupting a race of elves into becoming sadistic torturers so that she was their one and only goddess, is so anathema, disgusting and repulsive to everyone else and so gods-damned loooonely, that that that ... she's liable to go fucking CRAAAAZY!

Can you imagine fucking Lolth? Can you imagine anyone doing it? Can you imagine HER letting ANYONE do it without checking 50 thousand times for hidden knives, clubs, swords, darts, poison, neurotoxin, venom, and hidden spells? Her survival matters more to her than a good fuck, or even a great fuck, or even an enormous series of long fucks with a really huge dick. BUT without being fucked, as a Gaian, she's condemned herself to a miserable existence. And she'll take out her feelings on everyone around her, because ... that's what Gaians DO.

Happy well-fucked Gaians do nothing but suck up resources and take up space. Unhappy Gaians destroy the world. It's why in Gaian writers' stories, powerful characters always nervously joke about breaking the world as they stockpile technologies and magical artifacts that would utterly annihilate it. Because they know, one day, eventually, at some point, the wheel will turn and turn again, and the great Circle of Life will be ended for them and they'll ... go crazy!

No, none of this makes any sense, and every last bit of it violates every shred of logic, good sense and common sense in existence. But so what? I'm talking about Gaians here, who live their entire lives by conforming to arbitrary rules like fucking autistics. And the rules SAY quite explicitly:

To everything, turn, turn, turn.
There is a season, turn, turn, turn.
And a time to every purpose under heaven.
A time to be born, a time (for you) to die.
A time to plant, a time to reap.
A time (for me to) kill, a time to heal.
A time to laugh, a time (for me) to weep (like a fucking baby).
Beware the Gaians' precious emo selves, it's right next door to them going craaaaazy.

Monday, June 01, 2015

The Corruption of the Halo

What is a Halo and why is it important? Well, it's a symbol of goodness, even sanctity, or it used to be. But first, what does it look like? In religious iconography, the halo was and still is consistently portrayed as a glowing disc. Specifically, a SOLAR disc. And that's the exact opposite of a coincidence since the people who WORE halos were hardcore moralists who were willing to die for their beliefs. Wearing a halo was a byword for 'martyr'.

The Sun worshipers have always been willing to die for their beliefs. Whether those beliefs are facing the lions in the arena as an example, or laying out on a sunny beach all day every day until you get skin cancer, or never bathing because being clean makes you too sexually seductive, or conquering the heathen neighbors so that their poor innocent children won't be subjected to their parents' filthy heathenness, they were willing to DIE for their beliefs. They were hardcore.

But think about what a halo looks like NOW. It's been hollowed out! It's no longer a disc at all, it's a filthy CIRCLE. And circles are the symbol of the filthy Circle of Life and Wheel of Fortune worshipers, the filthy consumeristic Gaians. Those who want to DO NOTHING. The Halo's been corrupted ... by Gaian corruption. They've appropriated the symbol of goodness in order to claim that they're good, when they've never done a single good thing in all of human history.

What good CAN you accomplish in your whole entire life when the fundamental precept of your personality is to DO NOTHING?! Or worst case scenario, do the very least possible in order to save your own fucking skin?! That's not goodness, that's not concern for goodness at all! That's the people who say "there's nothing wrong with being average, lazy, fat and crazy". Why fat? Because it's an average problem thus cannot possibly be bad since average is "good" to them.

And you know what else? If you take one of those circular "new halos" and break it at the front you get ... a pair of giant horns. Coincidence? Well, the so-called "circle of life" is broken by non-existence / death at both ends. It does make one wonder, not that I really care since there's a crapton of evidence the Gaians just LOVE corruption. And their thought processes are broken autistic crap.

There's another piece of evidence. The fact that Gaians have no souls. Souls can be proven to exist as they're just the eigenvectors of a personality matrix. And once you have those personality matrices, it's equally easy to prove that Gaians souls are NULL VECTORS. Gaians HAVE NO NATIVE PERSONALITY. They're mental NOTHINGS. That's why Gaians are so whiny about peer pressure. That's why they're fucking doormats! That's why they're so "shy".

Nazis and serial killers have souls, Gaians don't have them. So it's rather fucking galling to see them desecrate halos. I wonder how much money it cost them and which of their many conspiracies is responsible for this corruption. The hollowing out of solar discs and their transformation into filthy gold.

Because no retards, the colors of moralists are NOT white and gold, they're white and glowing golden, the color of the fucking Sun! Not only does gold look nothing like glowing golden, but it even looks like a dark evil corrupt form of glowing golden! When you know what halos used to look like, the modern so-called "halos" even look Evil.

And furthermore, for all the retard corrupt Gaians who claim that white is the color of life and/or death, it so fucking is NOT. It's the color of goodness and morality. It's the color of:

* we will help you survive and live your life because you are a good and worthy person
* we will purify ourselves of your corrupting existence by murdering you you filthy Gaian

How fucking simple is that. White is the color of STERILIZATION OF ROT. It's why it's in hospitals everywhere. It's why it's in bathrooms and toilets. It says "we will take this shit and sterilize it" literally, if subconsciously. It's why it's reassuring and comforting to so many. And it's why Gaians hate it, because it endangers their precious rotten dark life, and even endangers their precious green, the color of dirty American bribe money.

Green is the color of life and rot for Gaians. And white is the color of life and anti-rot for anti-Gaians.

Far from pacifists being everyone's friend, they are everyone's enemies. The reformist liberals that preach about moral laxism and believe in tokenism and democratism (going through the motions of democracy with none of the substance), the ones who go on protests and street marches to water them down and make them "non-violent" (ie, ineffective) just to alleviate their "white" guilt? The ones who say "white" lies? They have historically been at war with everyone, the fucking hidden conspiracists.

And it USED TO BE that everyone KNEW Gaians were their enemies. It used to be they were fucking put to the torch and their cries of "I just want to live" were met with shrugs of indifference. The rise of the enviro / green / gaian conspiracy machine has definitely been a negative development that destroyed maybe half of the progress possible in the second half of the 20th century. It certainly wasn't (and shouldn't ever) be the case that white and green, that goodness and life, ever get along.

And finally, it bears repeating: Gaians have no souls. They're interested in soul food and soul music for the same reason vampires are interested in blood. Because they don't have any yet need it to live, thus consume it from others.