Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What Is God?

God is a representation of all higher order phenomena found in the universe.

Higher order phenomena such as avalanches because 'when the avalanche has started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote'. Which is why at least one substantially correct definition of a god is "a person as unstoppable as an avalanche". Higher order phenomena such as life because life is emergent. Even molecules and superatoms whose properties can't be derived from the properties of atoms. Also anything multiply-realizable, and even human cultures and humanity itself, whose properties can't be derived from those of individual humans.

These are all higher order phenomena that are simultaneously built out of lower order phenomena, control those lower order phenomena, and are not dependent on them. Proof: the Earth has an oxygen rich atmosphere only because life exists on it. The biosophere is built out of chemical processes, but it controls those processes, and is not dependent on any particular ones given the variety of photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, and more.

People's Relationships to God

God is all those things. God is the One Word which teeny tiny minds use to point to all those things working in concert. Those things which affect the lives of those teeny tiny minds ... like an avalanche. Utterly unstoppable and beyond their comprehension. God deeply affects their lives and so these teeny tiny minds want to know "is God benevolent or malevolent" aka "am I screwed?" it's kind of an important question!

From the nature of God as 'the sum of all higher order phenomena' all of its properties are recovered. Not least being, the stupider the person, the more they worship God. The less you can understand something that deeply affects your life, the more you'll be superstitious and worshipful of it. This phenomenon can be seen in poker and slot machines when the players haven't abstracted away from individual hands of poker to higher order strategies.

Also explained is why right-wing authoritarians are so religious and faithful. Higher order phenomena provably exist but RWAs are reductionists and want to deny the existence of all higher order phenomena. Their moronitude and retardation is in direct and violent conflict with reality. Their brains are ill-equipped to handle reality which is why reality has power over them. The higher order phenomena exist regardless and the more RWAs deny their existence, the more those phenomena have power over RWAs, making the RWAs more abject, pathetic and worshipful of them.

Of course the RWAs' attitudes and beliefs aren't logical, but they are extremely predictable. From reductionism and a rabid bottom-up building attitude comes naked faith in the Almighty higher order processes that violently destroy the bottom up building.

Derivations of God's Properties

From God being the sum of higher order phenomena of the universe it becomes obvious why God is infinite. Infinity has been mathematically proved to be a matter of perspective. Infinity is just beyond the construction abilities of a system. If you added to a finite system in order to create a larger still finite system, the new things you can construct with the bigger system are infinite in the smaller system, even though they look pretty fucking finite from the bigger system. So God is infinite to teeny tiny minds because the universe is *forever* beyond the comprehension, understanding and imagination of their minds.

This is also why God is omniscient since knowledge is itself a higher order phenomenon. The sum of all knowledge is just a small part of all higher order phenomena aka God. It's also why God is omnipotent and of course why God is omnipresent. Higher order phenomena are found fucking everywhere, and it is a piss poor joke of a system that manages to exclude them. Even Peano arithmetic includes higher order phenomena.

And given that God is higher order phenomena and knowledge and knowledge of higher order phenomena, knowledge of the universe even, it becomes obvious why God is also known as "god of the gaps". But far from this being a bug as moronic atheist zealots like to proclaim, it is a FEATURE. It has always been a feature just as much as ignorance, blind obedience and zombieism have always been features of right-wing authoritarianism. This is why they never serve as counter-arguments or successfully erode support for God or RWA respectively, but only to reinforce them.

God is a higher order phenomenon of teeny tiny and/or diseased minds.


Anonymous said...

Last comment here.

Anonymous said...

I guess you could call me atheist, but I don't really care about labels.
I just think that God is an abstraction. It abstracts all the small "good" actions that produce a favorable outcome.
Example: When someone prays "thank you God for this meal", what they're saying is "thank you mr farmer for harvesting these potatoes, and thank you to the baker, and to the truck driver, the soil, the sun, the carpenter for making the table, the trees for the wood, and to whoever brought these from the supermarket, and whoever cooked, and on and on". So you can see that this is way too low-level. "Thank you God" is a useful abstraction. And "God" is close to "Good", would that be more than a coincidence?
So anyway that is how I reconcile the whole thing and get away with not believing in a supernatural entity, and somehow do justice to those who should actually take credit for the good things that happen.
By the way, I identify with being a "sun worshipper". I am thinking maybe I should try to find a place or work in the USA. It seems like there would be more appreciation for free-thinker and straight-talkers there. Is that the case? And if so, can anyone help?

Richard Kulisz said...

foot is close to food, is that a coincidence? Yes, yes it is you fucking idiot. This is just idiocy, dumbing things down for your tiny little idiot mind to try to grasp. You are totally wrong on everything. Also, you can fucking die, I absolutely loathe your Kansas cornfed farmboy type. It's not even worth talking to you as your 80 IQ can't handle real speech.

Anonymous said...

But I am not dead. I am very much alive. Why can't you see the redeemer of salvation?

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Anonymous said...

Also Richard Kulisz, I scored like 10 on my IQ test.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you're saying here. However, in the interest of constructive criticism, I take issue with your use of math.

"Infinity has been mathematically proved to be a matter of perspective. Infinity is just beyond the construction abilities of a system. If you added to a finite system in order to create a larger still finite system, the new things you can construct with the bigger system are infinite in the smaller system, even though they look pretty fucking finite from the bigger system."

You seem to be using a very hand-wavy definition of infinite as some sort of "unreachably big thing"; That is not what infinity is, at least in the formal mathematical sense. In math, there are really two things you talk about when you talk about infinity. The first is as an abuse-of-notation of sorts to define something bigger than everything else (read about the extended real numbers). It is not actually a quantity, however, and is just a way of expressing how things can get arbitrarily large in an set with an infinite size. This brings us to the more important/formal use of infinity: infinity as the size of, or cardinality, of a set. The simplest example of this is the natural numbers (1,2,3,4... yada yada). They keep going, forever. There is -not- a finite number of them, so they are infinite. It is not a matter of perspective. In math, there is no such thing as "so many it seems like infinity (even though its finite)".

Also, about "infinity is just beyond the construction abilities of a system". I'm not quite sure what context you meant that in, but in most of the ones I can think of it's bullshit. Mathematicians deal with infinity all the time, and have well defined ways of doing so. Heck the whole field of set theory was basically made to formally compare different scales of infinity. Or just think of mathematical induction (no relation to inductive reasoning). It allows you to prove properties of infinite things.

Basically, I'm fine with you talking about perspective, but don't bring mathematics into it if you don't know what you're talking about.

Richard Kulisz said...

Shut the fuck up you innumerate idiot.

Anonymous said...

Richard, I'm a violent American. Whatcha gonna do when I pull up to your house and start waving a UMP45 in your face?

Anonymous said...

Richard Kulisz: what is God?
Me: do you really want to know what God is? Tell, me do you really want to know what God is? Do you really want to know?

God is a gun to your head, Richard.