Thursday, November 19, 2015

Life Is Just A Story

To a certain personality type, you don't have a life, you have a "narrative". Because to them, everything is ambivalence, irony, contradiction and theater. Political protests? Street theater! Despot starving the populace? Jester! Everything of any import must be treated non-seriously due to ambivalence. And meaningless and trivial things must be treated super-seriously.

Your life is important to you, yes? And that's why its importance can never be acknowledged. No, the "truth" is that your life is just a story and if bad things happen in it or it ceases to be entertaining, if you cease haing FUN, then you just stop reading the story, you just stop living your life and you suicide. Suiciding to stop crying? Makes perfect sense!

Oh you got raped? How tragic! How wonderful! Now you have such an exciting story to tell about it. Pity the poor fools who haven't lived life to the fullest! After all, what would life be without all the bad things happening? Boring! Oh you got mutilated by some random psycho? Amazing!

Your life doesn't matter because it's entertainment. And the worst part of this is that it isn't even Evil scumbags that hold this despicable view. No, it's the personality type of anarchists, cultural relativists, rebels, freedom-fighters. The gothic moon-worshipers, the con men, the marginals.

It's not that they enjoy your pain when hearing about it. It's just that they don't care. It's all theater, a play, a stage. If your pains really mattered to you, you'd suicide. And the dead care for nothing so you can just suicide to stop crying. Your life has no meaning anyways, given Existentialism. There is freedom in death and freedom is all that matters.


dddvvv said...

What do you think of bitcoins?

Richard Kulisz said...

It's a scam. Stanislav at loper-os posted the links to the articles with the proof of it. The fact that a thorough analysis of bitcoin transactions from the first showed massive movements of bitcoins being moved in patterns that reveal money-laundering. All from ONE account ... the founder of bitcoin.

Cryptography is an obsession of psychopaths and so is money. Cryptography destroys information, making it unusable by anyone, or "preserving" information in an extremely brittle way. And money being a fluid resource. The combination of both of those things is irresistible to psychopaths.

But I don't understand how non-psychopaths can find it appealing except for a puerile anti-American government schtick.

If you want to study money, look up the Real goods doctrine vs the Quantity Value Theory. Then realize that all of it is politics. That it's really about who creates money and who gets the benefits of creating money. In Real Goods, the answer is people who create those goods. In Quantity theory it's rich people.

THAT is the real problem with money, and it proves that bitcoin's answer to the question "the psychopath who creates and successfully advertises the money system" is an unappealing one. Only idiots can agree with the proposition "yes, psychopaths need their share of the American Dream of striking it rich while doing nothing just like the plutocrats do".

I think you're smart enough to figure out my email address so email me.

Anonymous said...

I've never been raped. Other people get all the really good stories.


Anonymous said...

In a better world, I wouldn't exist. Yet I exist.

Anonymous said...

Have some Milstein - Chaccone
And Gould - Aria da capo

Anonymous said...

Maybe people are so interested in Bitcoin because if you bought $100 of Bitcoin 7 years ago you'd have $72 million now:

Nina said...

I think you just described meta-modernism with this:

Everything of any import must be treated non-seriously due to ambivalence. And meaningless and trivial things must be treated super-seriously.

To be fair, the emotion conveyed by trivializing your life while you treat the serious with irony and distance is still genuine. If it has a real emotional impact, is it still meaningless?