Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why People Blush In Pleasure

First of all, it's not everybody that blushes in pleasure. In fact, it's only a small minority not exceeding 20% of the general population. But why do they? Why would anyone? And who are they?

They are sun-worshipers, the personality defined by raising the minimum for everyone around them. And they blush in pleasure because pleasure is associated with personal good fortune. And because blushing happens due to embarrassment, and embarrassment is caused by violation of your personal values.

Since the sun-worshipers want to raise the minimum standard for everybody, any personal good fortune that falls upon them would far exceed the minimum standard and thus they're enjoying something which violates their values, thus causing embarrassment. This only kicks in if the good fortune is non-tradeable.

Thus, a sun-worshiper wouldn't feel embarrassed winning the lottery because they can always give it away to the poor. And they will do just that. But getting an excess of attention or an excess of sexual attraction would be embarrassing because there is no obvious way to hand it off to anyone else. They're stuck with enjoying it.


Animekitty said...

I do not hate you.
I hope the best for you.
You are truely wanted by those who love you.
I full life is something to be grateful for.
Thank you so much for what you have given me.

Anonymous said...

I was recently introduced to the concept of eliminative materialism. Can you sell me on personality types making people blush instead of biology?

Richard Kulisz said...

No because you're too stupid to understand it. It's one thing for you to be a Moralist aka Sun-worshiper. It's quite another for you to be an anti-intellectual Moralist that sits back like an infant and expects his betters to spoon-feed facts and ideas into his head.

Most Moralist theories of future reality, and even most Moralist theories of past reality for that matter, are false. You swallowed eliminationism because it's Moralist thus fit all of your preconceptions and prejudices? Here, take this pat on the head and the kick on your behind.

Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

I know your kind little Moralist. Out of the seven markers of personality type you left in your one single line of text, three I had already positively identified as Moralist. It took me 15 minutes of thinking to identify the others as Moralist too. The last is Gaian.

Oh, and your question is as retarded as asking "I believe that operating systems will prove to not exist in future. Can you sell me on operating systems software painting my monitor screen instead of electricity?"

Go ahead and format your hard drive and see how it goes. Or even better, go visit a victim of repeated electroshock therapy. Imbecile.

Here's a clue Moralist, dealing with imbeciles makes me unhappy. And the common state of man is imbecility.

Anonymous said...

What were the markers? Oh and BTW I didn't "swallow" eliminativism. I would probably side with the mind being proven to exist.

Richard Kulisz said...

(scoff) no uncoded messages are to be transmitted on an open channel.

You swallowed your CA's kool-aid alright. Even now you say you PROBABLY believe the mind is real. That's like saying the day sky is PROBABLY blue. Or space is PROBABLY black. Or the Sun is PROBABLY bright.

I'm not here for your entertainment so stop being an unwelcome parasite and go away.

Anonymous said...

Why won't you just indulge me and explain your analysis of my sentence?

Richard Kulisz said...

Because indulgence is a Gaian value and corrupt. Moron. Imbecile. It's not even YOUR value.

I can't raise the standards of your pitiful intellect, thus I can't do anything that could ever matter in your life. So why bother?

And I am most definitely not accountable to you. And you've refused to be accountable to me. So you'd better avoid even hinting I account myself to you, you would-be hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

If I'm 7/8 moralist and the last part Gaian then is that at least better than Animekitty?

Richard Kulisz said...

Only Gaians hybridize with other personality types. And it's totally revolting and disgusting that they do, like watching a dog fuck a goat. Which Gaians do, fuck goats and fuck dogs, by the way.

You are 100% Moralist. And he's 15% Moralist due to being raised by two Moralist parents in a heavily Moralist community. He has since then learned to reject the standards he was raised by and now glories in corruption, filth and mud like a pig.

It isn't by speaking like other personality types that you become another personality type. If it were, there would be two distinct personality types each defined as "every personalty type". Not counting mine since atavistic revulsion prevents me from speaking like a Gaian.

I have no problem speaking like a psychopath, narcissist or Nazi for narrow reasons. But Gaians outright disturb me. It's why I study them so much. In fact, I recently ran into two works of fiction that display in painful detail exactly how disturbing Gaians' minds are,

the first was not written by a Gaian. A Gaian would never ever ever portray their own personality type so accurately and humiliatingly, so emasculated and weak. Exposing the Gaian mind is a fundamental violation of Gaian core values. It's why I do it.

The second WAS written by a Gaian. The author explicitly praises averageness (which he calls "realism" since the only reality to Gaians is what's average) and apathetic doing nothing and readiness for death (the eternal sleep). He is a Gaian's Gaian, totally oblivious to how disturbed and revolted non-Gaians are to his portrayal. Like a typical Gaian, he thinks "personality type" refers to what part of their life cycle a Gaian is at.

Having said that how you speak doesn't really matter to what you are. What you are is about 40% Moralist and 60% random nothingness. And that's being charitable. Me, I'm 110% my personality type and another 10-15% your personality type, and more other things. I know enough about other personality types to BE them. And I don't mean as personas that I put forth temporarily, but rather consistently and constantly.

Your personality doesn't fill out your mortal shell. Mine overfills it several times over. If you were ... say, 75% yourself, then you would be worth talking to.

Animekitty said...

You are yourself.
You are very strong.

I realized this and it is how I knew you could be trusted to help me get over my self doubts. I am not afraid of people who hurt me. I am afraid I might hurt them when I know it is not the right thing to do. You helped me not to reject what I believe in.

I made a video for you.
I may have made some mistakes but,
I do appreciate what I learn from you.

I can see why you were angry the first time I commented.
If you cannot think then you tell those who can that they are stupid.
That means there is nothing they can learn from you.
It is not a matter of intelligence.

Richard Kulisz said...

Typical Gaian displays typical Gaian patterns of non-thought, called 'dereism' or 'thinking using word associations. No coherence, no consistence, no principle, no point, and no sense. Just pointless nonsense.

Also displays typical Gaian pathetic squeamishness and awkwardness and of course clinginess. Oh how I hates it.

Animekitty said...

When I get my new antidepressant medications soon I will feel allot better. It was the case I never talked to a real psychologist before. I am a really messed up person. I hope I do not become worse than I am. I need to grow some balls. Its hard to do that when you do not want to just break down and cry out everything that has ever happened. That you do not want to yell out damnation at the whole world. That everything you say is ridiculed until you just shit on everyone. You think what I say means nothing. Nothing to you. I mean nothing to you. Why can't I see it. This shit has always happened. Why do you think I am incoherent. It is because of people like you. I am sick of it. I am sick of you. You knew this would happen. Don't you agree that shit like that is immoral. Is that not why you want to nuke Japan. Because they would not help that little girl. Because life is not fair. That is what you need to do for yourself. To make life fair for who you are.

Richard Kulisz said...

lmao. I read the first sentence of that dreck and stopped reading. Antidepressants are for shit for brains with holes in their heads. They're for mental incompetents who can't deal with their own depression in any constructive way. They're for people so fucking stupid they can't pick up after themselves and need a maid service in hazmat suits and flamethrowers. Good riddance. Go take a shot of cocaine or heroin, they're just as good.

I read the rest and lmao, what a bunch of incoherent retarded garbage. I hate gaians and I hate emo whiners.

A said...

Another Anon than the one you've been conversing with.

I'd like to see you review or analyze "Childhood's end" miniseries adaptation (for TV), based on Arthur C. Clarke's novel by the same name.
I haven't read the book and I don't know how it compares, but the miniseries has been the most Gaian (your use of the word) piece of fiction I have ever seen.

Some spoilers/highlights of the miniseries, avoid them if you wish:

Humanity (humans as displayed in the show) in the show is displayed as absolutely pathetic, willing to abandon worthwhile pursuits, in favor of lazing off and living a simple life of eating and fucking.
When denied their regular "cycle of life", humanity would rather die or suicide. Even those that might have valued knowledge and truth quickly stopped and died or played pandering (trying to appear as a pleaser to the aliens) and futile social games to try and gain information, rather than acquire it directly.
None of the characters that tried to represent that good, strong part of humanity were even a bit good.
Even the aliens seemed completely Gaian with their utter acceptance of being used as tools and wanting nothing more than to please some hivemind "God", their absolute belief in their inability to improve themselves further, and belief in natural evolution being essential and optimal.
Oh, and since when is the most evolved state of humanity one where nobody thinks for themselves and they all become ("evolve" into) one dumb hivemind "God"?

What does it even say of an author that portrays humans and human nature in this most pathetic fashion? I can only hope Arthur C. Clarke's original wasn't nearly this bad.

The only saving grace of the miniseries is that it had just enough budget, so it at least looks visually fine.

Richard Kulisz said...

You know anon2, I have two observations about this which impact your comment.

Using this blog as a medium of communication doesn't work since google just "upgraded" blogspot until I can no longer access it with either of my web browsers. It was just a matter of time and it now happened. I can no longer post a single new comment until I use an entirely different computer to log in or pass on my password to someone else. Those will happen Real Soon Now. I'm not bitter at all for being coerced into doing this pointless task by cretinous idiotic imbeciles that all deserve to die.

Secondly, if you believe my insights are valuable enough to acquire you should know that what I put on my blog is what I consider trash and leavings. This blog is where I put heated air and privately is where I put gold. Gold is 15 million times denser than air, that sounds about right to me as an analogy. Also, I am researching ways to pack knowledge to the density of a neutron star, but why would I put this on a blog frequented not only by gaians but narcissists and psychopaths? And yes, they have come here. It might interest you to know that personality typing a single mini-series provides me only with momentary and fleeting amusement, as it will you when you see how much more I'm doing.

I know what personality type you are, I would have noticed the personality switch even had you not warned me you were a different person, though the warning was appreciated. It is a brilliant ability to be able to see two forum posts on the same account and notice that yes, those are two different people. It is a brilliant thing to see the difference between a narcissist and a person that sounds like a narcissist because they've lost their own mind. It is a brilliant thing to help them find their own mind, and to teach them how to do so until all you have to do is warn them they lost it. It is a brilliant thing to know how to speak someone's language so you can enlighten them most efficiently.

Richard Kulisz said...

That is a minuscule fragment of what I offer you if you bother to put the 2 min into guessing my email address. Which isn't particularly hidden as I am quite transparent. I wish this were a viable way to communicate, but it is not, I hate google so. And in any case, it is both illogical and unjust to expect me to care about total strangers when I know for a fact virtually no one is interested in what I have to offer. Even after I have shown them beyond any possible doubt that I can teach them all this, they just don't care. Even the people who think themselves strong enough to exchange a few emails with me generally leave because they're weak and apathetic. Exactly like the Gaians in Childhood's End. They wanted only to wheedle a few tidbits, and never ever planned to swallow an ocean of knowledge. As soon as they saw there was an ocean there, as soon as I demanded they prove their ability to contribute a single droplet to it through active thinking, they said bye-bye.

You are surrounded by people who either believe Childhood's End is ideal, or who believe that it's as good as it gets. And that fact is not vivid to you. Their evident bias towards complacency and stagnation is not visibly written on every line of their faces and in every nuance of their voices and loaded in every question that they ask. (To crib Galloway.) People don't want to see reality and they resent me for trying to force their eyes open as it is painful to them. That is why I generally only succeed with people who are already tortured and genuinely wish to see what is torturing them. And even then, most people are complacent about feeling tortured. They prefer feeling tortured to feeling responsible for ending their own torture. They do not desire to manage or control their lives but prefer to be children. The gap between a child and a manager is in fact so vast that they can barely comprehend what I am asking of them before rejecting it.

Gaians have successfully corrupted all humanity.

Richard Kulisz said...

More insights about Gaians for you.

Voyeurism is Gaians' way to control everything. Sneak a peek into the future to know what to expect and if they like it then introduce it into the present. It's all about peeking and introduction. It's all about the continuity of expectation when you can't maintain the continuity of reality itself.

To Gaians, every action can backfire because nothing can be known due to the fundamental uncertainty of the universe (Heisenberg uncertainty principle version 2 of 3). So the absolute best action in every circumstance is to do nothing at all. They believe no one can ever blame them for this since of course they are acting according to their genes and memes.

And to Gaians, children never ever ever grow up, because that's an entirely different personality type. Rather, children retain maintain and cling to their childhood relationships and family relationships forever, forever staying "their little boy" or "their little girl". Forever.

Forever staying the "baby of the family" or whatever. Because it's ingrained in them like impressions in soft pine.

You spoke of indirection and social games? I read an ultra-gaian fic where the "hero" disposed of a psychopath (whom the Gaian had explicitly called a "monster" aka "incapable of coexistence") thus:

1. he created a minion
2. he gave the minion orders
3. the orders were for the minion to mind control the psychopath
4. so that the psychopath killed himself
5. if he ever came back from a primitive world where he'd been gated to by the gaian

ordering a minion to kill the psychopath would have been too much responsibility and way way too direct. Just obeying orders only works as an excuse for them if they are administrators and not executors. Just like at Auschwitz as was chronicled in Banality of Evil. It is okay to them if they obey orders to give orders to march Jews into the gas chambers so they kill themselves.

Gaians are so emasculated, they do not have the balls to pull out a gun and shoot someone in the head in order to end their misery. That doesn't mean they can't kill. They will and they do.

Do you know what else is kill-worthy to a Gaian? Other than being incapable of peaceful coexistence that is. It's being prominent and not hiding. If you stand up then you deserve being smashed down. So if a Gaian COULD save your life after you're smashed for standing up? Well, you deserve it anyways and doing nothing is always for the best.

Of course, Gaians like elves, never ever ever kill under any circumstances. Nor do they ever ever think that anyone deserves death for any reason and under any circumstance.

Richard Kulisz said...

# Oh, and since when is the most evolved state of humanity one where nobody thinks for themselves and they all become ("evolve" into) one dumb hivemind "God"?

This is partly Moralist as Gaians generally want individual gods to worship for favors. Gods like Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter (HP's refusal to grant favors is why he is crucified) and Culture Minds and Giaas and Scion in Worm Serial Novel. Scion doesn't think and is just a collection of power shards with physical continuity (in the same body).

It is Moralists that worship the unity of collectives as gods, as seen in Transcendent Humanity, the Protoss Archons in Starcraft, and the capes under Khepri's direction in Worm Serial Novel. "We are as One" is a Moralist god speaking. And the clue that Protoss Archons are gods really should be "Power overwhelming".

The closest Gaian equivalent to what you describe is the collective of AI administrators that run all aspects of Pendorian society in the Journal Entries. But they are not gods and aren't worshiped, they are more like djinn. Strictly submissive servants that corrupt your wishes.

Anonymous said...

Did you completely swear off blogspot? Anyway I recently read an interesting comment on twitter about how racism is actually the #1 obstacle toward Americans accepting socialism (it was over some Sanders vs. Hillary thing, some evidence was a link on how social security was nearly rejected by whites because it extended to blacks). Also a comment about racism corrupting politics more than money, which immediately struck me as wrong.

As for the racism thing, what do you think about that? I mean, maybe Crazyland would give up hating blacks before giving up the love of wealth/power.

Twitter thread and SS link:

You're probably tired of answering questions in this thread but I love your ideas on Crazyland.

Richard Kulisz said...

I already said that blogspot no longer works for me and that I wouldn't bother. Since then I met 2 worthwhile people in a single day on IRC compared to 2 in a decade from blogspot, I don't give a fuck about blogging anymore.

I don't have a twitter account and I never wanted one. There's something reprehensible about a company that calls its users twits. I know what kind of people would do that and what kinds of users it would attract and they can go fuck themselves.

WP would crash my browser so why bother. Also, I don't read newspapers since none of it is news to me and their "analysis" and commentary are retarded vomit by parrots. Again, they can go fuck themselves.

The comment about racism is oversimplifying. Yes, the race issue is a deal-killer but it wouldn't matter if it weren't there because there would be ethnicity as *another* deal-killer. And if THAT weren't there then there would be the diversity of biomes and the heat.

Hot countries are more fucked up than cold ones, and hot provinces are more fucked up than cold ones. And hot is a symbol of Evil whereas cold is a symbol of Good originating since long before anyone made the observation about hot vs cold countries.

I really doubt that's a coincidence. Maybe cold countries simply allow more psychopaths and narcissists to die. And maybe hot countries allow more narcissists to take slaves and more psychopaths to be racist.

The Irish were once considered black. And the Japanese are now widely considered white. Why is that? Because black and white isn't about skin color, it's about Good vs Evil. White is Good and Black is Evil. And niggers simply have dark evil psychopathic souls, statistically speaking.

Show me any iconic "community leader" in the "black community" and I'll show you ten psychopaths or nazis of equal or greater renown. Like Malcolm X, the nazi. You want racism to die in the USA? You'll have a long time waiting because there is NOTHING you can d o about it.

Racism will die in the USA when brown-skinned people cease being niggers, when they cease being Black. And not one day sooner.

And even then ... it still won't matter.

Finally, as for your ignorant reference to power. Power is the ability to make other people happy. Also known as altruism. What you have in mind is a far more complex yet primitive thing, the ability to force other people to make you happy. Also known as atavism.

Machiavelli and Nietzche had nothing to say about power except how to blatantly misuse it in order to enslave people. Which is what narcissists really want: slaves. And Gaians are perfectly willing to whore themselves AS slaves so long as the money's good. THAT is the REAL reason for Narcissist's love of money and power. It gets them slaves.

You thought narcissists wanted something as inoffensive as wealth and power because you were stupid and bought into their lies. Narcissists want INFLUENCE and especially slavery. And in modern society, admitting that you want slaves is the kind of thing that will reduce your influence. Thus is something narcissists will always try to lie about.

Power is what comes out of a wall socket to give you Light, much like the Morningstar does. Influence is what you get by slipping a woman some rohipnol into her drink. One of those is Evil and it's NOT the one that sounds strong, truthful, manly, honest and said to his higher up "I don't like your orders so I'll kill you"

No, the Evil one is the one that wears Satan horns and says "Imma da Devil. hahahahah. it's a joke! laugh!".

Yeah, you might want to think about the difference between Lucifer, the Snake (Gaian), and Satan (narcissist). YOU might hate them all equally, but ... you're pretty narrow-minded. ONE of them has an irreplaceable role in the pattern, and the other two should be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

Very paradise lost. Would you believe me if I said I was thinking of atavism? On wealth I assume you still think salaries ought to cap below 1 million?

I'd love to join any IRC you frequent because quite frankly you are the most intelligent and truthful person I have ever met.

Richard Kulisz said...

That will need a cutout because I don't use my real name on IRC for . So join undernet and create a blank room there then tell me what it is and at what time and timezone you'll be there.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

What's up Richard? My offer to meet you in person still stands.

Anonymous said...

"Secondly, if you believe my insights are valuable enough to acquire you should know that what I put on my blog is what I consider trash and leavings. This blog is where I put heated air and privately is where I put gold. "

Me too!

Anonymous said...

I am here
Oh hi
How did I think of such amazing words to read?
How did they suddenly appear in my head?
The answer's simple

Khalas said...

How's the world and the human species (plural) looking to you lately?

Anonymous said...

Lucifer = God 1
Snake = God 2
Satan = God 3

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Africa Richard Kulisz! ������

Anonymous said...

I'll kill you.

Anonymous said...

The last comment was a misquote. Ignore it. Take care Richard Kulisz.

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Anonymous said...

I am a Gaian, and Gaians don't believe in personality types! Did I just contradict myself? Let me know!

Anonymous said...

They say this is a wonderful world to live in
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Shed blood
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Killing someone
I want a victim
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War, death and plague (x2)

God is dead

Death is death
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Those I kill, I'll make my slaves
You do not understand anything
You're not expected too
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I'm beyond your experience
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Legion of the night, nightbreed
Show no mercy

Show no mercy (x3)

War is good
Aids is good
Mass murder is good
Gang violence is good
Crack cocaine is good
Anything that contributes to depopulating the Earth is good

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up Richard Kulisz.

Anonymous said...

If I say "I'll kill Richard Kulisz" does that make me a Gaian? Does anyone know some more about Gaians? Because Richard Kulisz deserves death.

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up!

Fuck you!

You care about shit that doesn't matter!


Anonymous said...


Bradley Aussage said...

My nigga, we're already over half way through the year . . .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say about nuclear, communism, politics, energy, etc. Your blog is where I got introduced to those ideas, they were new to me. Thank you for your blog.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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