Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zero Tolerance Policies for Violence

We all know "zero tolerance for violence" policies in schools don't work. Or do we? Those policies are conceived and implemented by Gaians, who are pacifists. They believe that everyone is like they themselves since there aren't any personality types. Therefore no-violence policies must work axiomatically.

They also serve several useful purposes! Not only are they enforcing pacifism but they are also enforcing conformity and conformity to arbitrary bullshit rules that must be obeyed. To Gaians, these are pluses. There are no possible downsides to any of this. Even the unavoidable corruption that comes from necessarily avoiding the bullshit rules to "grease the wheels" is just rot and rot is life!

Gaians love mushroom management (keep them in the dark and feed them shit) precisely because mushrooms are so tasty wonderful. After all, everything alive is wonderful. Including houseflies, mosquitoes and piranhas. Nothing capable of fucking and breeding (ie, sexual reproduction) could possibly be bad for a Gaian.

What everyone considers intolerable idiotic vomit-worthy SHIT of zero tolerance policies is to Gaians ... ecologically-sensitive fertilizer. Shit = fertilizer. And fertilizer is wonderful!

So ... zero tolerance policies = pacifism + shit. And what could be wrong with either pacifism OR shit? Especially in the USA where pacifism is worshiped and sacred and held up as some kind of an "ideal" even though it's really an anti-ideal.

Finally, it's important to consider that Gaians have no souls. Even psychopaths have souls, dark Evil demonic souls. Gaians obsess about soul food and soul music for the same reason vampires obsess about blood, they need it but don't have any.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The French do Politics ... in Song

English speaking culture has its moments as far as politics in song goes. There's Bob Dylan's one song which is kind of an outlier where he plainly says, 'you right-wing authoritarian and narcissist warmonging scum, I want to watch you die and I'll see your dead bodies'. Then you've got Leonard Cohen who isn't that impressive but hopeful. Then of course there's Cat Stevens enjoining and inviting everyone to peace. Then there's 4 Non Blondes' What's Going On, questioning the world. And of course John Lenon's Imagine which is just "picture this".

The problem is that this pales in comparison to French songs. Bob Dylan's "I'll watch" is the high note of his political work whereas Patrick Bruel's "I will DO" is pretty much par for the course where he's concerned. See the difference? I'll watch passively while your life runs out, vs I will fucking DO something. Even if it's just screaming himself hoarse about the horrors of the world, it's not enjoining, it's not inviting, it's not asking, it's not begging, it is DOING. And that's a low mark for Bruel.

Another really big difference is that in France, it's okay to be viciously against corrupt priestly do nothings. Also known as Gaian "environmentally-aware" pacifists in the USA. In North America ... it isn't. In the USA, because of Vietnam and the pathetic free love backwash from France's May 1968, do-nothing pacifist Gaians are considered sacred. You can't scorn them, mock them or diss them. In France ... well they had a whole revolution where "the last king was strangled with the guts of the last priest". They don't fucking like priests over there, especially not corrupt priests who care only about the status quo.

Even when the Gaians in question aren't filthy corrupt priests but just your scummy parents expecting you to walk in their footsteps to maintain the do-nothing status quo of tokenistic self-concerned "peace". In France, that's enough to say a giant fuck you accompanied by thousands of audience members in a giant sing along. In the USA, they're sacred. In France, FUCK. YOU.

They told me: don't ask yourself too many questions
You know little guy, it's life that answers you
What's the use of wanting to know everything?
Look up and see what you can see

They told me: You have to listen to your father
Mine didn't say anything when he split
My mom told me: You're too little to understand
And I grew up with a place to take up

Who's got the right, who's got the right,
who's got the right to do this
To a child who really believes
what grown ups tell him

We spend our life saying thank you
Thank you to whom, to what?
To make rain fall and the sun shine
For children to whom we lie

They told me that men are all the same
There's many gods, but only a single Sun
Yes but, the Sun shines or burns
You die of thirst or else you drink bubbly

To you too I'm sure they told you plenty
Some nice stories, yeah right ... just bullshit!
So now here we find ourselves on the road
with our fears, our anxieties and our doubts 
Who's got the right? Who's got the right?
Who's got the right to do this to children,
who really believe, what grown ups tell them.

French politics is a whole notch above American politics because it's active instead of being Passive. But it's up ANOTHER notch due to who exactly does the politics. In France ... everyone. In the USA, most of the "anti-warmonger and anti-pacifist" crowd have gotten completely alienated from politics due to the warmongers' dominance and the pacifists' seal of approval to the status quo.

Those last two may seem like strange allies if you're an idiot until even idiots realize that "you can have your war so long as you don't involve me" is what "pacifists" are all about. Pacifism is all about disgusting craven assholes ensuring their own survival and NOTHING else. It makes me want to murder them. (Pacifists should learn to shut the fuck up about their disgusting pacifism if they care about their own skin.)

In the USA, the do-nothing pacifist scum are held up as some kind of angels or something compared to the warmonging scum. As if they were any fucking different. Letting injustice happen is exactly the same as approving of injustice and committing injustice, the outcome is exactly identical. Letting a murder happen with only token protest is exactly identical to murdering someone, you still end up with a dead body at the end. So long as warmonging scum continue to exist, do nothing Gaians will be guilty of all of their crimes. And in the USA, THAT is what gets held up as an example of enlightenment and principles. Disgusting.

So that's half the reason French politics is so superior. It's violently anti-pacifist. And India? India should be fucking nuked with nuclear bombs. That hotbed of disgusting fucking pacifism should be razed down to the last man, woman and child. A nice nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India would do the whole region an enormous amount of good. Pacifists can only be tolerated in regions where they shut the fuck up and sit in their corner, not where they dominate and choke minds to death with their stifling mysticism and obsessions with circles, cycles, wheels, turn ons, and karma.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Right Wing Authoritarians' Obsession with Holes

Right wing authoritarians like Brian Wang over on NBF are obsessed with going out into space. They don't want to contact extraterrestrials. The mere fact that aliens don't exist hasn't stopped a single autistic moron from believing in aliens so that's not the reason for RWAs' disinterest in "aliens". Rather, RWAs are just not interested in organic life since it breaks down far too easily and can't be crafted. Nor do RWAs want to go to other planets or to explore "the final frontier". Nor do they want to go to the stars. No, they want to go out into space because space is empty and is The Void.

When Siths die they get cast into The Void. Louise de la Valiere the nazi bitch in Familiar of Zero is a Void Mage. And Warhammer makes everything better by putting it in Space. Elves ... in space! Orcs ... in space! Skeletal zombie robot empires ... in space! And of course, Warhammer makes Nazism look good, so calling it right-wing authoritarian is an insult to mere fascists, stasis and nazis. Warhammer represents the wet dreams of right-wing authoritarians.

Right-wing authoritarians love cubes, such as displayed by the Borg before Star Trek became a "franchise" and the enemy became someone OTHER than right-wing authoritarians. Why cubes? Becasue cubes stacked on top of each other have no holes. And this issue of holes vs no holes is sacred to right-wing authoritarians. Consider that prisons are made up of little cubes. As is Minecraft. As are cubicles. All neatly arranged little cubes caging people within them. And prisons have "the hole" where someone is reduced into nothing through sensory deprivation.

Consider that shitting is called "voiding your bowels" and RWAs are also called anal-retentive. That is, they are obsessed with making sure their bowels are full and don't have a hole in them. You can see the critical issue of hole vs no hole. It's also a critical issue in their sexual relations because right-wing authoritarians are masochistic. You see, it's psychopaths that are obsessed with their own cocks, as well as obelisks and cylinders and on and on. Gang bangs exist in order to add more cocks to a porn scene because obviously one isn't enough. To RWAs, one cock is too many.

Right wing authoritarians worship the sacred hole. The hole which brings forth infants (not children, the distinction is extremely important) which can then be beaten, abused, controlled and otherwise crafted into replicas of themselves to continue their Legacy. But the important thing here is that it's WOMEN that have the sacred hole, and men only have the dirty hole through which shit comes from. Also, dirtying the sacred hole by putting psychopathic cocks in them let alone injecting dirty water in them is disgusting.

Which also explains right-wing authoritarians' obsession with anal sex when women derive far more pleasure from their pussies. The sacred hole is too sacred to touch, and in any case, being masochists they're providing women the OPPORTUNITY to feel pain. Not that they enjoy it since only psychopaths are sadists, but they do know the woman will since all women are right-wing authoritarians just like they themselves so all women are masochistic.

Again we see the central tenet of right-wing authoritarian minds: who has the hole! Since women have holes they're to be worshiped and men are not worthy of being with them. So how do you solve this problem? Well, it depends on whether you're high libido or low libido. If you're low libido then you're going to want your (owned but sacred) woman to be a madona, chaste and pure and untouched. And of course providing infants through the miracle of virgin birth.

If you're high libido then things are going to look very different. Right wing authoritarians aren't into polyamory, that's anathema to them. Same for lesbianism (unnatural) or gang bangs (which really need to be distinguished from orgies and threesomes and swinging). Perhaps surprisingly, they're not into polygamy. Why would they want multiple women when men (having only a dirty hole) are obviously unworthy of owning a SINGLE woman. RWAs instead are into polyANDRY.

One woman, multiple men, that's how it should go. And how does this arrangement play out in modern society? Well, you've got whores with multiple clients. And given the fact that every person is either high libido or low libido and women are persons then it follows that ALL women are either madonas (low libido) or whores (high libido), or SHOULD be, since every good person is a right-wing authoritarian. Can you spell madona whore complex? I knew you could.

The alternative to whores is dommes, who are kinds of whores anyways. They're the kinds of right-thinking whores that have no problem crushing their clients' filthy rods and kicking them in their filthy spheres. Which they have the total right (and obligation!) to do since they have the holes whereas men merely have filthy rods and spheres. And RWAs hate spheres almost as much as they hate rods since spheres are the obsession of the RWAs (non-insane) self-righteous sanctimonious brethren. Holy sacred balls batman!

I'm always annoyed at juvenile scum writing stories where every male character winces because a woman kicks a man in the balls. Seriously, WTF? I don't give a shit and I'd kick someone who tried to kill me in the balls over and over until they died of fucking shock. But really, to right-wing authoritarians it's something that gives them sexual pleasure so all those stupid little "winces of male sympathy" grate on my nerves for how diametrically opposite to the truth they are. Also, "sympathy" is the province of scum. I hate sympathy and I hate scum confusing it with empathy or believing it superior.

There's a rumour that went around about Hitler, the leader of the brownshirts, that he was into scat. Now, idiots argue over whether or not the rumour is true, yet somehow they completely miss the fact the rumour's very existence meant most people considered it *believable* for a Nazi to be playing with shit. The same would not have been true if someone claimed Hitler was into bestiality, cumplay or watersports, those would have been aberrant to Hitler's right-wing authoritarian personality. But scat? That's entirely believable, especially after learning of how often the SS made Jews play with shit. And the fact that it's believable is far far more important than whether or not it's true.

But anyways, it's not true that most or even very many right-wing authoritarians want to play with feces, or are even willing to play with feces. Feces are biohazardous waste and far too closely associated with human beings' mortality. Although RWAs love human mortality ... go figure. What *IS* true is that they're ALL, every single last one of them, obsessed with holes. Who's got the hole? You will also note that when spheres stack on top of each other, they only fill 74% of space, leaving 26% holes. Another reason why the dirty sphere lovers are hated, those wrong-thinking bastards don't care about filling holes at all!

Another reason why cubes are so wonderful? When you pack cubes together and they make a hole ... it's a cube-shaped hole! Isn't that wonderful? Try to make that happen with filthy spheres!

In math and physics, rods are known as "one dimensional topological defects" and cubes are known as "three dimensional topological defects". I'll let you figure out what's a two dimensional topological defect and who could worship those.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Why Atheists Are Stupid

Mankind has always created the gods in His own image, and so it came to pass that when mankind sought to become unified, it created God. The God that domesticated wheat and invented language and created the ability to see, all things which Mankind is responsible for. God is Mankind's representation of Itself to Itself. And that is why worshiping God is dumb as fuck.

The God of the Old Testament commanded people to worship the representation of Mankind. Meaning, people were worshiping themselves. How fucking narcissistic is that!! But do you know what's worse than worshiping God? Fearing God, being "God-fearing". Because it means you're a pathetic mewling infant scared of people and scared of your own species.

Even respecting God is too much to ask. What exactly is there to respect? Humanity is, in theory, a wondrous phenomenal species. And in practice is a total pile of crap that hasn't succeeded in eradicating war, disease, poverty, and death. In fact, you can find half a billion filthy pantheists on Earth who'll tell you these things SHOULDN'T be eradicated.

Of course, much of the blame for that is laid at the feet of anti-human cesspits like India and China, let alone Africa. Places that never believed in Humanity aka God. But even omitting all of these Hells, to which you'll be exiled if you can't get along with your fellow first worlders so be good, let's face it: God is a schizophrenic autistic shithead. Not deserving of respect!

But beyond the stupidity of respecting God, beyond the idiocy of worshiping God, beyond the utter dysfunctional patheticness  of fearing God, there lies the utter retardation of refusing to acknowledge its existence. Or even worse, being sanctimonious about refusing to acknowledge your own species' existence.

This is why atheists are the lowest of the low. Not only are they too stupid to figure out what God is, but they use their stupidity as an excuse to deny God's existence! Hey how about that, I'm sure there are plenty of people too stupid to comprehend what the Sun is. But do THEY deny the Sun exists? NO! Do they claim "Helios doesn't exist, only the Sun does"? NO!

One can only conclude that atheists AREN'T denying their own species' existence. How can that be when by definition they deny God's? Well, it's because they aren't human. What the fuck are they then, Cthulhu?! Yeah, atheists are solipsistic Cthulhus creatures denying that Mankind exists. Shapeshifting is the only possible explanation for why human-appearing creatures deny humanity exists.

Seriously though, atheism is the opium of sanctimonious primitives, and I am proudly ecclesiastical! Oh man, I think the only people who'll ever agree with me are Jesuits. I always did like them, very hardcore those fuckers. Not Karl Marx though, he's so stupid he wrote hundreds and hundreds of pages on a topic too obvious for words. Three volumes on communism? You might as well write three volumes on why we need the color blue. It's in the fucking sky! Like God.

For anyone questioning whether I'm serious, I like my parody to be 100% truthful and logical. It makes it funnier that way.