Saturday, May 16, 2015

The French do Politics ... in Song

English speaking culture has its moments as far as politics in song goes. There's Bob Dylan's one song which is kind of an outlier where he plainly says, 'you right-wing authoritarian and narcissist warmonging scum, I want to watch you die and I'll see your dead bodies'. Then you've got Leonard Cohen who isn't that impressive but hopeful. Then of course there's Cat Stevens enjoining and inviting everyone to peace. Then there's 4 Non Blondes' What's Going On, questioning the world. And of course John Lenon's Imagine which is just "picture this".

The problem is that this pales in comparison to French songs. Bob Dylan's "I'll watch" is the high note of his political work whereas Patrick Bruel's "I will DO" is pretty much par for the course where he's concerned. See the difference? I'll watch passively while your life runs out, vs I will fucking DO something. Even if it's just screaming himself hoarse about the horrors of the world, it's not enjoining, it's not inviting, it's not asking, it's not begging, it is DOING. And that's a low mark for Bruel.

Another really big difference is that in France, it's okay to be viciously against corrupt priestly do nothings. Also known as Gaian "environmentally-aware" pacifists in the USA. In North America ... it isn't. In the USA, because of Vietnam and the pathetic free love backwash from France's May 1968, do-nothing pacifist Gaians are considered sacred. You can't scorn them, mock them or diss them. In France ... well they had a whole revolution where "the last king was strangled with the guts of the last priest". They don't fucking like priests over there, especially not corrupt priests who care only about the status quo.

Even when the Gaians in question aren't filthy corrupt priests but just your scummy parents expecting you to walk in their footsteps to maintain the do-nothing status quo of tokenistic self-concerned "peace". In France, that's enough to say a giant fuck you accompanied by thousands of audience members in a giant sing along. In the USA, they're sacred. In France, FUCK. YOU.

They told me: don't ask yourself too many questions
You know little guy, it's life that answers you
What's the use of wanting to know everything?
Look up and see what you can see

They told me: You have to listen to your father
Mine didn't say anything when he split
My mom told me: You're too little to understand
And I grew up with a place to take up

Who's got the right, who's got the right,
who's got the right to do this
To a child who really believes
what grown ups tell him

We spend our life saying thank you
Thank you to whom, to what?
To make rain fall and the sun shine
For children to whom we lie

They told me that men are all the same
There's many gods, but only a single Sun
Yes but, the Sun shines or burns
You die of thirst or else you drink bubbly

To you too I'm sure they told you plenty
Some nice stories, yeah right ... just bullshit!
So now here we find ourselves on the road
with our fears, our anxieties and our doubts 
Who's got the right? Who's got the right?
Who's got the right to do this to children,
who really believe, what grown ups tell them.

French politics is a whole notch above American politics because it's active instead of being Passive. But it's up ANOTHER notch due to who exactly does the politics. In France ... everyone. In the USA, most of the "anti-warmonger and anti-pacifist" crowd have gotten completely alienated from politics due to the warmongers' dominance and the pacifists' seal of approval to the status quo.

Those last two may seem like strange allies if you're an idiot until even idiots realize that "you can have your war so long as you don't involve me" is what "pacifists" are all about. Pacifism is all about disgusting craven assholes ensuring their own survival and NOTHING else. It makes me want to murder them. (Pacifists should learn to shut the fuck up about their disgusting pacifism if they care about their own skin.)

In the USA, the do-nothing pacifist scum are held up as some kind of angels or something compared to the warmonging scum. As if they were any fucking different. Letting injustice happen is exactly the same as approving of injustice and committing injustice, the outcome is exactly identical. Letting a murder happen with only token protest is exactly identical to murdering someone, you still end up with a dead body at the end. So long as warmonging scum continue to exist, do nothing Gaians will be guilty of all of their crimes. And in the USA, THAT is what gets held up as an example of enlightenment and principles. Disgusting.

So that's half the reason French politics is so superior. It's violently anti-pacifist. And India? India should be fucking nuked with nuclear bombs. That hotbed of disgusting fucking pacifism should be razed down to the last man, woman and child. A nice nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India would do the whole region an enormous amount of good. Pacifists can only be tolerated in regions where they shut the fuck up and sit in their corner, not where they dominate and choke minds to death with their stifling mysticism and obsessions with circles, cycles, wheels, turn ons, and karma.


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