Sunday, May 03, 2015

Why Atheists Are Stupid

Mankind has always created the gods in His own image, and so it came to pass that when mankind sought to become unified, it created God. The God that domesticated wheat and invented language and created the ability to see, all things which Mankind is responsible for. God is Mankind's representation of Itself to Itself. And that is why worshiping God is dumb as fuck.

The God of the Old Testament commanded people to worship the representation of Mankind. Meaning, people were worshiping themselves. How fucking narcissistic is that!! But do you know what's worse than worshiping God? Fearing God, being "God-fearing". Because it means you're a pathetic mewling infant scared of people and scared of your own species.

Even respecting God is too much to ask. What exactly is there to respect? Humanity is, in theory, a wondrous phenomenal species. And in practice is a total pile of crap that hasn't succeeded in eradicating war, disease, poverty, and death. In fact, you can find half a billion filthy pantheists on Earth who'll tell you these things SHOULDN'T be eradicated.

Of course, much of the blame for that is laid at the feet of anti-human cesspits like India and China, let alone Africa. Places that never believed in Humanity aka God. But even omitting all of these Hells, to which you'll be exiled if you can't get along with your fellow first worlders so be good, let's face it: God is a schizophrenic autistic shithead. Not deserving of respect!

But beyond the stupidity of respecting God, beyond the idiocy of worshiping God, beyond the utter dysfunctional patheticness  of fearing God, there lies the utter retardation of refusing to acknowledge its existence. Or even worse, being sanctimonious about refusing to acknowledge your own species' existence.

This is why atheists are the lowest of the low. Not only are they too stupid to figure out what God is, but they use their stupidity as an excuse to deny God's existence! Hey how about that, I'm sure there are plenty of people too stupid to comprehend what the Sun is. But do THEY deny the Sun exists? NO! Do they claim "Helios doesn't exist, only the Sun does"? NO!

One can only conclude that atheists AREN'T denying their own species' existence. How can that be when by definition they deny God's? Well, it's because they aren't human. What the fuck are they then, Cthulhu?! Yeah, atheists are solipsistic Cthulhus creatures denying that Mankind exists. Shapeshifting is the only possible explanation for why human-appearing creatures deny humanity exists.

Seriously though, atheism is the opium of sanctimonious primitives, and I am proudly ecclesiastical! Oh man, I think the only people who'll ever agree with me are Jesuits. I always did like them, very hardcore those fuckers. Not Karl Marx though, he's so stupid he wrote hundreds and hundreds of pages on a topic too obvious for words. Three volumes on communism? You might as well write three volumes on why we need the color blue. It's in the fucking sky! Like God.

For anyone questioning whether I'm serious, I like my parody to be 100% truthful and logical. It makes it funnier that way.


liker said...

Featuring Richard Kulisz' next article:

"Words Will Never Hurt Me (But they Should!)"

Sticks and stones will literally break your bones,

But so too words SHOULD hurt you!

Because if you are retarded and simple, words can't and WON'T hurt you,you are too retarded to understand.

But words can change reality, language is powerful, do you know what people call living things without language? ANIMALS!

That's right.

Just kidding.

But not really.

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Animekitty said...

I hope i am not stupid
but i might be

fair criticism for my ignorance
i don't know if i know what i think i do

Richard Kulisz said...

Oh, you're much worse than stupid Animekitten, you're a Gaian. It means you're naturally corrupt, and a natural born conspirator and natural born slave. And because you're a slave you believe everyone else should be a slave too. And you have no soul. Souls exist, you just don't have one. You're also a mystic that never makes and never will make any sense because your mind is austistic and you find it near impossible to think and consider thinking optional anyways.

Animekitty said...

Most of my life i was a spineless worm. My ability to tolerate pain is very low and it very much disturbs me to hurt anyone. but if i were to decide to die for anything my emotional state would very much be because of my attachment to it. i was never attached to anything. to know why just watch the movie all dog go to heaven. i saw it when i was 6. he lost everything to save her but then he was in hell before his decision to do so. what would i do to save someone and not go to hell. should i loses my life. which was more painful hell or the sacrifice. yah i think that is kind of schizo for a kid of 6 to think such things. it made me think allot when i was 12 that i first realized what an impossible decision would be. now i reject impossible decisions. if i die it does not matter hell does not exist. and dying for abstract concepts is more corrupt i think as arbitrary. (if i don't sacrifice myself i'll go to hell)

Animekitty said...

(if i don't sacrifice myself i'll go to hell)

and it wasn't even for anyone it was more like:

(if i don't stop masterbating i'll go to hell)

Richard Kulisz said...

Funny you should mention schizo since schizophrenia (not schizo but you mean schizophrenia since you're an idiot who doesn't know the meaning of the words he uses), so as I was saying *schizophrenia* is your personality type. I called you an autistic incapable of thought, and so schizophrenia is right up your alley. Whether or not you're schizophrenic doesn't matter, what matters is that if you WERE schizophrenic, it would have ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT on your mind or on your life or on your functioning. Because they're already FUBAR - fucked up beyond all recognition. And they always will be, and not because of how you were raised but the fact you were born without a soul.

You blame your troubles on being spineless or on being a worm. Funny you should mention being a worm because again it's right up your alley. Worm, Wyrm, Dragon, it makes no difference, they're all disgusting scum, no matter how big they are. Dogs are repulsive for entirely other reasons. But at least dogs have souls, but then that's why dogs go to heaven and worms do not.

Funny you mentioned 6 year olds because that's just the age where CHILDREN WITH SOULS start being able to conceive of death. So the age is just about right. And asking them what they would die for at that age is just about right. So that movie is not the cause of your being fucked up nor is it the cause of you being traumatized at that age. What caused you to be traumatized is the fact you have no soul. Other people have souls so that when they die they can live on. When you die you will not live on but be annihilated utterly.

Richard Kulisz said...

And that is the reason why you will never ever die for anything whatsoever, EVER. That is the reason why you cling to life and survival above *ALL* other things. Behind your life there's just nothing, a big giant soulless nothing. OTHER people aren't traumatized by the thought of sacrificing their life, because it's *NOT* the greatest thing they value nor the market by which they judge the value of things. Their soul is. YOU however do, because you have no soul.

It's the reason why the only effort in your life, the only effort you will ever expend in your entire life, was chucking away the high standards that others tried to impose on you. And now having thrown them off like an unwanted yoke, you have nothing to do and no conceivable reason why you would ever expend effort to do anything whatsoever. The only sacrifice you ever made in your life was discarding the notion of sacrifice as too much effort.

You are nothing but a pure ball of soulless empty space dedicated to taking up and wasting space breathing, eating and shitting. If you ever sacrificed THAT then you would be absolutely zero nothing. Until you die, you will spin in place pretending that motion is the same thing as movement, to speak nothing of forwards movement.

Do you get the message yet, retard? You are soulless. You have no soul. What others have, you do not and never will. THAT is the cause of your "traumas". The fact that you were raised in a community run by people with souls who absolutely demanded that you have a soul. And you didn't. You were born without one. There is absolutely no good or evil you will not stoop to in order to survive. In fact, the whole notion of good and evil is completely alien to you. You misuse the words just as much as any cartoon villain.

One day everyone will know what soulless abominations you are, you and all your gaian ilk. Not a single one of you will be believed on any subject, not one single word of yours will ever be heard. Not one single friend you will have outside of your wannabe corrupt conspiracist clique. You will have NO FRIENDS outside of other soulless abominations. And every single last one of you will be enslaved by whoever wills it because nobody will lift a single finger to save you, not even yourselves.

Get off my blog. It is not for your kind. I do not write dozens of articles about how much I loathe and despise you and all of your corrupt ilk for your enjoyment. And don't you dare speak to me about corruption, you filthy corrupt hypocritical lying scum.