Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zero Tolerance Policies for Violence

We all know "zero tolerance for violence" policies in schools don't work. Or do we? Those policies are conceived and implemented by Gaians, who are pacifists. They believe that everyone is like they themselves since there aren't any personality types. Therefore no-violence policies must work axiomatically.

They also serve several useful purposes! Not only are they enforcing pacifism but they are also enforcing conformity and conformity to arbitrary bullshit rules that must be obeyed. To Gaians, these are pluses. There are no possible downsides to any of this. Even the unavoidable corruption that comes from necessarily avoiding the bullshit rules to "grease the wheels" is just rot and rot is life!

Gaians love mushroom management (keep them in the dark and feed them shit) precisely because mushrooms are so tasty wonderful. After all, everything alive is wonderful. Including houseflies, mosquitoes and piranhas. Nothing capable of fucking and breeding (ie, sexual reproduction) could possibly be bad for a Gaian.

What everyone considers intolerable idiotic vomit-worthy SHIT of zero tolerance policies is to Gaians ... ecologically-sensitive fertilizer. Shit = fertilizer. And fertilizer is wonderful!

So ... zero tolerance policies = pacifism + shit. And what could be wrong with either pacifism OR shit? Especially in the USA where pacifism is worshiped and sacred and held up as some kind of an "ideal" even though it's really an anti-ideal.

Finally, it's important to consider that Gaians have no souls. Even psychopaths have souls, dark Evil demonic souls. Gaians obsess about soul food and soul music for the same reason vampires obsess about blood, they need it but don't have any.

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