Monday, June 01, 2015

The Corruption of the Halo

What is a Halo and why is it important? Well, it's a symbol of goodness, even sanctity, or it used to be. But first, what does it look like? In religious iconography, the halo was and still is consistently portrayed as a glowing disc. Specifically, a SOLAR disc. And that's the exact opposite of a coincidence since the people who WORE halos were hardcore moralists who were willing to die for their beliefs. Wearing a halo was a byword for 'martyr'.

The Sun worshipers have always been willing to die for their beliefs. Whether those beliefs are facing the lions in the arena as an example, or laying out on a sunny beach all day every day until you get skin cancer, or never bathing because being clean makes you too sexually seductive, or conquering the heathen neighbors so that their poor innocent children won't be subjected to their parents' filthy heathenness, they were willing to DIE for their beliefs. They were hardcore.

But think about what a halo looks like NOW. It's been hollowed out! It's no longer a disc at all, it's a filthy CIRCLE. And circles are the symbol of the filthy Circle of Life and Wheel of Fortune worshipers, the filthy consumeristic Gaians. Those who want to DO NOTHING. The Halo's been corrupted ... by Gaian corruption. They've appropriated the symbol of goodness in order to claim that they're good, when they've never done a single good thing in all of human history.

What good CAN you accomplish in your whole entire life when the fundamental precept of your personality is to DO NOTHING?! Or worst case scenario, do the very least possible in order to save your own fucking skin?! That's not goodness, that's not concern for goodness at all! That's the people who say "there's nothing wrong with being average, lazy, fat and crazy". Why fat? Because it's an average problem thus cannot possibly be bad since average is "good" to them.

And you know what else? If you take one of those circular "new halos" and break it at the front you get ... a pair of giant horns. Coincidence? Well, the so-called "circle of life" is broken by non-existence / death at both ends. It does make one wonder, not that I really care since there's a crapton of evidence the Gaians just LOVE corruption. And their thought processes are broken autistic crap.

There's another piece of evidence. The fact that Gaians have no souls. Souls can be proven to exist as they're just the eigenvectors of a personality matrix. And once you have those personality matrices, it's equally easy to prove that Gaians souls are NULL VECTORS. Gaians HAVE NO NATIVE PERSONALITY. They're mental NOTHINGS. That's why Gaians are so whiny about peer pressure. That's why they're fucking doormats! That's why they're so "shy".

Nazis and serial killers have souls, Gaians don't have them. So it's rather fucking galling to see them desecrate halos. I wonder how much money it cost them and which of their many conspiracies is responsible for this corruption. The hollowing out of solar discs and their transformation into filthy gold.

Because no retards, the colors of moralists are NOT white and gold, they're white and glowing golden, the color of the fucking Sun! Not only does gold look nothing like glowing golden, but it even looks like a dark evil corrupt form of glowing golden! When you know what halos used to look like, the modern so-called "halos" even look Evil.

And furthermore, for all the retard corrupt Gaians who claim that white is the color of life and/or death, it so fucking is NOT. It's the color of goodness and morality. It's the color of:

* we will help you survive and live your life because you are a good and worthy person
* we will purify ourselves of your corrupting existence by murdering you you filthy Gaian

How fucking simple is that. White is the color of STERILIZATION OF ROT. It's why it's in hospitals everywhere. It's why it's in bathrooms and toilets. It says "we will take this shit and sterilize it" literally, if subconsciously. It's why it's reassuring and comforting to so many. And it's why Gaians hate it, because it endangers their precious rotten dark life, and even endangers their precious green, the color of dirty American bribe money.

Green is the color of life and rot for Gaians. And white is the color of life and anti-rot for anti-Gaians.

Far from pacifists being everyone's friend, they are everyone's enemies. The reformist liberals that preach about moral laxism and believe in tokenism and democratism (going through the motions of democracy with none of the substance), the ones who go on protests and street marches to water them down and make them "non-violent" (ie, ineffective) just to alleviate their "white" guilt? The ones who say "white" lies? They have historically been at war with everyone, the fucking hidden conspiracists.

And it USED TO BE that everyone KNEW Gaians were their enemies. It used to be they were fucking put to the torch and their cries of "I just want to live" were met with shrugs of indifference. The rise of the enviro / green / gaian conspiracy machine has definitely been a negative development that destroyed maybe half of the progress possible in the second half of the 20th century. It certainly wasn't (and shouldn't ever) be the case that white and green, that goodness and life, ever get along.

And finally, it bears repeating: Gaians have no souls. They're interested in soul food and soul music for the same reason vampires are interested in blood. Because they don't have any yet need it to live, thus consume it from others.


420bluntsmokerxXx said...

What about anime/comics where the protagonist is an altruistic demon and comes with an anti-white motif (see the Seven Deadly Sins manga/anime I'd assume you hate that.

alnej said...

It would be useful if you could define who exactly is a Gaian and who isn't.

Richard Kulisz said...

I have provided two separate definitions in the very post you complain is lacking in them.

1. Gaians are those whose personalities have null eigenvectors for their personality matrix

2. Gaians have core values of sleeping, dreaming, eating, fucking and breeding.

It is not my practice to cater to idiots.

Richard Kulisz said...

# What about anime/comics where the protagonist is an altruistic demon and comes with an anti-white motif (see the Seven Deadly Sins manga/anime I'd assume you hate that.

Not for the reasons you suppose. Altruism is as far removed from Moralists as it's possible to get. However, it's also ALMOST as far removed from psychopaths aka demons as it's possible to get.

Moralists don't believe in altruism, they believe in class solidarity. An entirely different concept. And still different from charity, which is neither solidarity NOR altruism and vile to both.

And that particular image you linked me to is obviously a Freak. In between altruists and psychopaths. The black + purple is a giveaway but even more so the coils, spirals, whorls, curls. Still more so because none of them are fractal or self-similar.

Iconography is an interesting subject, deserving a whole 25 minutes of discussion. 20 minutes to show why it works and to prove its theoretical basis, and 5 minutes staring at the tables of icons per personality type.

alnej said...

Richard, surely you realize that (1) is nonsense and that (2) directly contradicts what you said in the post (that 'Gaians' want to do NOTHING - it seems to me that fucking is doing something!) Don't tell me that you're not even capable of understanding something this basic. I'd be very disappointed.

alnej said...

On the other hand, your recent update does give a lot of much-needed explanation for what you think Gaians are, so thanks for that.

Richard Kulisz said...

Run along, this blog is not for you. I won't be justifying myself to someone too stupid to grasp that in the entirety of this blog, all 400 posts, there is not one single attempt at logical justification or formal proof. If you're too stupid to grasp the concepts so plainly laid out here, and you still have the arrogance to cast aspersions on me? Make the world a better place by putting a bullet hole through your head.

Richard Kulisz said...

Incidentally you retard, in death you can be more than you are right now, and infinitely more than a Gaian will ever be.

Anonymous said...

Are those actors who completely seem to become their character, to the point where you can't guess at their off screen personalities (maybe because they don't have one?) Gaian? I'm thinking of Johnny Depp, Steve Carrell, and Milana Vayntrub. This is Ashour btw

Richard Kulisz said...

Gaians don't immerse themselves in their characters because commitment is anathema to them. Also, given that masks of any type are gutless symbols and orthogonal to personality type, and I've read an argument that The Method is just a mask for lesser actors, I hesitate to nail down that behavior to a personality type. But if I did, it would be total Freaks and to a lesser extent gutless Narcissists. To really know, you'd need to have a list of all possible acting types.

Anonymous said...

What have you done about your idea that 30% of people ought to die? Have you killed anyone? Why not? Does that make you a GAIAN? You TALK about killing people, you haven't DONE anything about it.