Friday, June 19, 2015

The Meaning of Ties

Ties ... why does anyone wrap a noose around their neck ready to be strangled? And why do idiot conformists follow this absurd code of behavior? How did this idiotic standard even come about?

Well, when you think about it, ties are just non-evil nooses. Or a knot, like the fucking Celtic knot of supposed mystical significance which idiots tattoo on their bodies.

BUT, Gaians love leashes. And collars. And chains, including slave chains, which they consider nice fashion statements. And ribbons (which explains the ridiculous magical girl animes), ropes, nets, webs, interwebs.

Ties of friendship, ties of family, ties of blood. Anything which connects people. Anything which constrains people. They fucking love that shit.

And so we have ties symbols of Gaian conformity. But not just that, ties are supposedly the only remnant of individuality in the man's business suit. And that remnant of individuality ... is a hangman's noose around your neck.

That's a nice symbolic meaning there: individuality is dangerous and likely to kill you. Something which Gaians fervently believe, else why would they be so self-effacing and invisible? Why would they worship invisibility as a superpower?

It's not to go anywhere you want nor to do anything you want, because invisibility is a crappy power for that. No, it's simply so you can huddle down, curl up into a fetal position, and have your enemies never find you as you close your eyes to the world.

Also, Japanese have these absurd pornos where men are wearing white or black bodysuits and the women pretend the men are invisible as they're being molested or raped. Male self-effacement is a big recurring theme in Jap pornos, as well as rape of women. And Japan is a Gaian society.

So back to ties ... they're a reminder to every craven Gaian (which is all of them, no matter how many muscles or medals they sport) to self-efface their own personality lest someone else do it for them.

I've always loathed ties, and I loathe Gaians. Give me a Freak wearing BDSM gear openly down the street any day of the fucking weak. At least a spiked dog collar is unlikely to strangle you.

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