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Crazy Gaian Japan

Japan is super-Gaian. The way their politics is structured so that the center is hollow is a clear giveaway. You also know they're consumeristic but you probably don't know that Jap hospitals ransom newborns to their parents to pay hospital bills or that jap doctors derive a substantial part of their income from drug peddling. Japan is thus corrupt as fuck. It is also anti-human and monstrous.

Japs casually believe that homeless people are diseased rather than benighted or down on their luck people. I once read a comic where a young japanese girl was describing living in the park and being so hungry she was forced to eat grass, and as I felt pity for her, her Jap audience screwed up their faces and drew away from her exclaiming about how she must be diseased. That's Japs for you, Tokyo deserves a fucking nuke on top of it.

Japan vividly displays the Gaian obsession with avoiding diseases, by wearing masks (doing the least possible) rather than doing what any sane moralist would do to break an epidemic: quarantining the ill. Here you see the difference between PERSONAL Gaian concern with being sick vs SOCIETAL Moralist concern with epidemics running unchecked. Gaians don't care about society, so long as it has the arts and culture (ie, high-end consumer products) and fast food (ie, low end consumer products) they want to buy. So long as everyone can buy shit, what possible reason could they have to complain?!

In Nip country, girls get groped on the bus or train and everyone is supposed to go along with it and ignore it. Why? Because closing your eyes is the least possible you can do when facing great evil. Don't like seeing someone raped in front of you? Close your eyes to it, problem solved! Gaians are always after the quick fix, no matter how retarded and kludgy and fugly it is. So long as it doesn't cause THEM more problems down the road.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. And by no coincidence, this saying is displayed in the form of MONKEYS. Mindless fucking animals, which is what Gaians aspire to be! So long as you don't SPEAK about any problems, the problems will just disappear. So long as you don't HURT anyone's feelings, then the fact they're total fuckups can't possibly matter! So long as you don't complain about the bomb, it can't possibly explode in your fat stupid monkey face!

And under no circumstances should you ever curse and swear, or get hateful or angry. Becasue *how does it quick-fix anything* to acknowledge problems and hate the status quo?! No, the proper Gaian complains about swearing and puts their hands around the ears of children so they don't have to hear it. The proper Gaian attitude is to bemoan "haters" and pitifully whine "why does the world hate?" or even more pitifully "why does the world hate me?" all befuddled like.

But getting back to the subject of how massively fucked up Japan is, the land of mentally fucked up incestuous assholes. Gaians' loose standards and rampant corruption is what caused TEPCO the japanese electric utility to be a fucking joke in its nuclear practices. And more importantly, Gaians KNOW that they are corrupt lackadaisical fuckups (not that there's anything wrong with it!!), which is why they do not trust themselves (or anyone at all since everyone is exactly like them) with something as complicated and sophisticated as nuclear power. Japan's Gaianism CAUSED Fukushima to happen and now that it did it's CAUSING anti-nuclear fear and resentment.

Wait no, that's not the topic I wanted to get back to. The topic I wanted to get back to is sex! Specifically, how Gaians want to be fucked and think there's nothing higher or more inspiring or more worthy ro valuable in life than being fucked. Except for being bred by being fucked, in order to create more do-nothing gaians. Or as they like to say it, to "bring children into the world" (but not raise them). But since Gaians value being fucked so highly, there's obviously nothing wrong with being fucked by some random stranger on the train. So those whiny school bitches have nothing to complain about!

Getting molested by strangers or even being raped doesn't matter to Gaians since that's just being fucked. Do you know what DOES matter? What is the greatest sin to a Gaian? Well, other than undead and diseases and maybe sterility and definitely abortions. Other than those things, whose insanity is only revealed by their bizarre prioritization, the most grievous sin and one which deeply affects Japs is *not being enthusiastic for your boss*. Because to Gaians it doesn't matter WHAT your job is or WHAT you do. Porn star? Whore? Sewer cleaner? Whatever. Standards don't matter, only not being enthusiastic does!

Moving on to the issue of inhumanity and death, Japan is the only first world country to still have capital punishment. And what a cruel and unusual form of capital punishment it is! Anyone who has been sentenced to death is officially dead and no longer a human being, thus no longer entitled to any legal protections at all even if their case is under appeal and it will take them years to die! Talk about inhuman and monstrous.

And it occurs to me that Japan has been Gaian for a very very long time. Predating World War 2 in fact. Japan closed off its borders to progress, technology and industry because it wanted stagnation. And Commodore Perry shoved those things down its throat against Japs' will. Japan's Emperor is more of a lay back and take it, be cared for, survive at any cost asshole QUEEN than a proper emperer. Although Palpatine is a Gaian too so ... but Napoleon wasn't!

But I was thinking of World War 2, specifically the Japs' retarded reasons for doing what they did. If you bother reading the psychological analysis of the decision-makers as they entered World War 2, well they made it ultra clear that they had no hope of survival. In fact, they thought of it as a form of suicide since they were attacking a nation 10 times bigger and stronger than Japan and had no hope of survival whatsoever. And they euphemastically said (euphemism is Gaian) "let's suicide!".

But of course, since Gaians are fucking emo whiny clingers and since they value survival at any cost. LITERALLY any cost. Well, their rational decision of "let's suicide" took a rather ... craaaaazzy turn. Japan's attacking the USA wasn't a homicide, it was a murder-suicide. And it was the typical response of Gaians to intolerable situations, LET'S GO CRRRRAAAAAZY. Don't like my life and want to end it? Hmm, let's kill the ex-boyfriend who dumped me, and why not end the world while I'm at it?!

It's not even about going out in a blaze of glory like a fucking narcissist. It's about emo-ing and going crazy. About murdering the people who hated you so. The world hates you and makes you want to die? Make it die right back. Except it's not even about reciprocity because that would be far too sane for Gaians, and they're all hung up on forgiveness. No it's just about going crazy. Or to be specific, about going crrrrrrrraaaaaazzzzy.

Well, wanting something (death) that is also totally anathema to you and the diametrical opposite of everything you stand for (survival at any cost) ... that would make anyone go crazy. Not that this is any kind of excuse, rather it's a condemnation that Gaians are such total lame fuckups that they let themselves come to this pass. And also that they're so repulsively unambigious and simple-minded that something as simple as death can be anathema to them. And also that they are so fucking stupid that one part of their precious sacred Circle of Life is totally anathema to them ... and they don't see it coming.

So, we've dealt with all of the big issues in the big picture that is Japan. Death, sex, disease, consumerism, politics, nuclear, insanity and mortality. But it can't possibly be that Japan is Gaian in EVERY possible respect down to the tiniest little detail, can it? Let's look for counter-examples, shall we? Let's look at say, conformism to start with. Now you might claim that Japan seems extremely Moralist in its aspect of rampant obsessive conformity, but conformity is actually Gaian.

Moralists believe in individual customization and personalization, it's what distinguishes them from right wing authoritarian's regimentation and depersonalization. Moralists just believe in individual insignificance so the customization has to be insignificant, like wearing an earring that discreetly announces to everyone who cares that you're gay. But anyways.

So if not conformity then maybe Jap schools can be seen as extremely right-wing authoritarian and this would seem to contradict Japan being entirely Gaian down to the bedrock, except for three things:

* Gaians don't care about logic or contradictions, their minds are totally and utterly broken, they believe in mysticism
* Jap schools are actually more gaian than they are RWA. they merely keep children constantly 100% busy rather than physically, verbally and mentally abused as the RWAs prefer
* the Jap school system is a giant life cycle where kids are extremely busy in primary and secondary and lazy as fuck in university

everything staying in its randomly assigned nonsensical place is Gaian. Yes I did just claim that staying 100% busy is Gaian WHILE claiming that being lazy as fuck is Gaian. But I did all this after claiming that logic is anathema to Gaian. Furthermore, do you know what's the opposite of staying 100% busy then being a lazy fuck in turns? Well, how about steady progress, or unpredictable progress due to creative genius, or any progress at all rather than random motion. Those are anti-Gaian.

Another broken aspect of Jap culture is the way your entire life and employment opportunities are determined by your performance as a child. This is not quite nepotistic, although it is extremely corrupt since rich parents hire tutors and private schools for their kids, but it is equally obviously anti-meritocratic. Perfectly between nepotistic and meritocratic means ... perfectly Gaian. Japan has achieved the ultimate Gaian anti-ideal of perfect balance between Evil and Good.

Bicycles? Crippled so they can't go at top speed and are hard to pedal, because going at too high a speed is "unsafe". Gaian.

Same with Japs' obsession with violence when they're the least violent country in the world. (Violence takes too much effort, don't you know?) Their perception of the world being totally broken because their minds are broken, that's Gaian.

Restaurants? Obsession with eating. Gaian.

Anime? Cartoons are Gaian. Cartoons are for little children. Cartoons are for people whose brains are so broken they can't process real human faces and facial expressions. Cartoons are full of arbitrarily broken nonsensical crap. Totally Gaian.

Pokemon? Well first of all it's a fucking cartoon. And secondly, it's about fights where nobody ever dies so can't possibly matter. Thirdly, it's about animals and Gaians love to fuck animals or inject animal DNA into humans to "improve" humanity with more mindlessness. Fourthly, it's about indirect fights, you coach an animal and then *IT* fights FOR you. So it's ultra-Gaian in every respect.

I'm drawing a blank here. There is no aspect of Japan I can think of that isn't totally corrupted by or shackled to Gaianism. Or simply made up out of 100% pure Gaianism. Even automation. Robots versus breeding, you'd THINK that wouldn't be Gaian, right? WRONG. Automation means you set things up so that you never have to do anything. That's totally Gaian.

At this point, I'm half-expecting Japs' stupid faces to be intrinsically Gaian somehow. Maybe the way they're casually racist. Like rich foreigners coming to Japan is fine so long as they go home. Wait, that has nothing to do with their stupid faces.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Japan doesn't deserve to be nuked from history like India does because it's not a third-world hellhole but is on the forefront of technology. A 50 megaton bomb over central Tokyo should be enough of a lesson and punishment for the crime of inflicting Gaian culture, politics and ideology on its non-Gaian citizens.

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Older Japanese people are violent. Is child abuse amusing? It's not Gaian.