Monday, June 08, 2015

Gaians Are Monsters

Two immutable facts about Gaians are that first they refuse to acknowledge the existence of any personality types since they themselves are superior to every other "supposed" personality type. They do destruction just as or better than psychopaths, they schmooze just as or better than narcissists, and so on. Or so they like to delude themselves.

The second thing is that they decry as monsters a small minority of violent psychopaths, those whose victims are among the small set of the Gaians' friends, cronies, associates or they themselves. That is, not all violent psychopaths are monsters. And non-violent psychopaths are perfectly alright a-okay people and not even psychopaths at all! since there's no such thing as personality types.

How do we reconcile these two immutable facts of Gaian-ness? Or the third fact that Gaians predominate in mental health? Well, the last is easy to reconcile since as far as Gaians are concerned, psychopathy is an attitude problem and is curable. Even the Gaian Robert Hare who "invented" the Psychopathy Checklist of 20 items that semi-relate to Gaians and is incapable of distinguishing between sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths, even HE thinks psychopathy is just an attitude problem and curable. Contrary to every piece of accepted evidence in psychology.

(Incidentally, I know upwards of one thousand items that uniquely distinguish violent psychopaths alone. So 20 that "maybe" target sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths? Pathetic. Utterly fucking pathetic. As is the Gaians' need to administer an accepted "test" when any non-Gaian with a modicum of training can see psychopaths coming a mile away. Hint: psychopaths don't hide! Gaians do, and they project their own desire to hide AND their inability to accept other personality types exist on psychopaths.)

Ho-hum, that third fact was surprisingly easy to reconcile wasn't it? And the first two are even easier. There is no exception to Gaian refusal to accept that other personality types exist OR to their near total blindness to other personality types. The reason why Gaians call SOME people monsters is because ... it's a Gaian word FOR GAIANS. For Gaians that have gone crrrrrraaaaaazzzy because they got dumped or lost their lover or something equally pathetic.

Neither psychopaths nor right-wing authoritarians are monsters. Nothing the Nazis or Jeffrey Dahmer did was as monstrous as a crazy Gaian. Only Gaians are monsters. What is that you say, the Holocaust? I'll match and beat you with the Gaians' refusal to exterminate the mosquito out of the insane belief that mosquitoes have just as much right to live as human children. Mosquitoes eat, fuck and breed don't they? Who cares about some niggers anyways, it's not like they have money. If they really wanted to live, they'd buy a solution to malaria just like all right-thinking consumers do.

Calling a psychopath a monster is like calling an automobile a horseless carriage, or a train an iron horse. It's an attempt to shoehorn new things into your own preexisting point of view rather than going to the effort of learning and accepting them for what they actually are. Learning is thinking and thinking is effort. So yes kiddies, the ONLY people that EVER use the word "monster" to refer to ANYTHING AT ALL is Gaians. Someone uses it? They're a Gaian. Evil people never use the word 'monster' to describe themselves, rather 'bitch' 'asshole' and 'evil'. As in "I am evil", which they say proudly.

Incidentally, since Evil is a concept of every OTHER personality type than the Gaian one, it of course does not exist in any way, shape or form to Gaians. Only monsters do, only Light (pussies) and Dark (violent) exist. Evil? Simply doesn't exist. Because nobody would ever ever call themselves Evil despite the evidence of google. I mean, try to search 'I am Evil' and you get 0 results rather than 216 million, right? And try to search "I am Evil" (quoted) and you don't get 5 times as many results as for "I am emo", right? Right! Gaian reality is the only reality.

And while I'm at it, if Gaians ever learn to avoid using the word "monster", it won't matter because I already know a thousand more that uniquely detect them. So I'll be able to learn each new word they replace the old ones with in a thousandth of the time it takes them to come up with it. So they might as well just give up on hiding and go with their backup plan of playing dead, and try to hide the existence of their first plan (to hide). They will as a matter of course hide the fact that dishonesty is their preferred option now that it's off the table. Slippery conspiracist little fuckers, aren't they?

But there's something I wanted to talk about, to showcase exactly how monstrous Gaians are. A story from an ultra-Gaian author, or a particular scene from the story actually. So it starts with Gaian wonder dad and daughter and non-Gaian friend of daughter walking down the street of a city which practices slavery, cannibalism, and open murder in the streets. Everything you could imagine as Evil, not that there's ANYTHING wrong with slavery as far as Gaians are concerned since chains are just a fashion accessory.

So as they're walking down the street they see a slavegirl shivering naked in the snow as she's being led to a slaughterhouse after, as her owner declares, she's been properly gangbanged and fucked. Gaian wonder dad talks for a couple minutes about how the slave owner should maybe rethink what he's doing. Meanwhile, the non-Gaian decides enough is enough and shoots the slaveowner in the head. Yay, right? So at that point Gaian wonder dad grouses about the slaves' upkeep and daughter claims he's just pissed because he didn't get to duel the slaveowner. At which point, and this is the important part, the Gaian wonderdad says "yeah".

What is wrong with this picture? The Gaian wonderdad did absolutely nothing and gave the murdering cannibalistic slaveowner every possible chance to back off. Back off from announcing all the Evil he's planning to do, not from actually doing it since that never mattered to the Gaians. The Gaian daughter credits her Gaian wonderdad, because he's in charge and was talking and is Gaian just like her, rather than the much more distant friend who did something so vile as take direct action to solve a problem, let alone do something so un-Gaian as end someone's life (oh the horrors!).

Incidentally, the slave is grateful because she "just wants to live" and her parents who sold her into slavery will "suffer some embarrassment" from the fact she's still alive. Because embarrassment matters and is a significant punishment against cannibalistic murderers.

But all of those actions, vile, evil, morally bankrupt, and utterly corrupt as they are, are things I expect of Gaians. Even Gaians who are "nice" because they're well-fucked. What I didn't expect was such a glaring example of the Gaian attitude to the truth.

What is the Gaian conception of the truth? It's whatever the people around you expect to hear. That's it, that's the truth. And yes, the truth changes from situation to situation, from moment to moment, as the people around them change. Wrap your mind around this, the truth is what is expected by people around you. There is another approach towards the truth which is very, very much like this.

It is the so-called "scientific method", a mythical procedure that doesn't exist, has never been implemented by anyone in the history of humanity past school age and if it did exist certainly wouldn't work. The "scientific method" is just another type of expectation, one more committed and edgier than merely "what people around you expect". At the same time, it's an expectation without any standards at all, which nobody expects anyone to follow (except schoolkids) beyond a few token platitudes. And Gaians do so love their token platitudes and well doing nothing at all.

Well, anyone who believes in the so-called "scientific method", in something so unbelievably asinine, broken and corrupt, is an idiot or a Gaian. Redundant though those words may be. So ....

Gaians, vile, corrupt, disgusting monsters. That have infiltrated and grabbed a stranglehold on every possible aspect of society all the way down to ideology and vocabulary! Think about that for a minute. And why did they do it? Just to ensure their own survival, no other reason. Except maybe to fuck with everything.


Animekitty said...

You do a very good job of deconstructing what i said on my blog into the terms you use allow me to see what you think of me without specifically mentioning it was me who promoted this new series of posts. you call me autistic, gaian, scum, monster and expect me to hide or lie. maybe if my thinking was completely messed up i would not see how you are doing so to elicit a reaction, to cause a mental schism where by which you could completely vent your anger towards me for what you think I am. You want to destroy me. The reason is because you see me as a person who projects onto you everything you know they hate about themselves. The conflation of lack of empathy and not knowing the difference between them and you. And even Evil people have empathy so you give them more respect. Being that I am average, but not fat, I can't convince you of anything interpreted in your model of me that hasn't already been preselected. You'll just add what I say to your model of "a gaian". So being that you will or will not (I can't tell, I'm average) the only distinction I can make is that instead of being depressed with life like me you got angry at it. My isolation from people who could teach me how to think made me autistic, it's not like the innate traits of autism were genetic with me. Do you know how stupid my parents were, you don't and everything I wanted to do I could not so I thought I was stupid.(maybe it is genetic) Showing you what I did I at least learned that I am unable to communicate with people like you if I do not reevaluate myself. What am saying might make you angry again but I don't care. What I am giving up isn't worth anything if what you think of me is just going to become myself delusional again. I don't follow peer pressure and that is't the reason I was depressed for being a failler.

Richard Kulisz said...

You overvalue yourself Gaian scum. The truth is there are tons of Gaian monster scum out there and you basically mean nothing to me. You are totally forgettable. I spent about 5 minutes thinking about and responding to you before completely forgetting you. I am beyond caring what any Gaian could possibly think about me or do to me. Even a Gaian god, and you are no god. You aren't even useful to me as an experimental subject as there is nothing you could possibly add to my models of Gaians or anyone else. So your comment is nothing but pure emo wankery. "why does the worlds hates me".