Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dramatic Tension: Theory 101

Dramatic tension ... such an odd and oddly specific turn of phrase.
It's not dramatic STRESS, it is very specifically TENSION. Dramatic
TENSION is critical, not dramatic STRESS.

And why would that be significant? Because stress is tension OR
compression OR shear, but dramatic tension makes very very explicit
that it's ONLY tension that matters, very very specifically. Which
immediately raises the question: tension in WHAT? What is it that is
being pulled? From where, TO where?

In the minds of ALL authors, ALL writers, ALL literary reviewers, ALL
critics, and ALL readers ... something is being pulled from somewhere
to somewhere else. There is no question about that. They just have no
fucking idea what it could possibly be. Well, this will be answered

There are three abstract elements to the interaction between a reader
and their book, a gamer and their game, a viewer and their movie, a
spectator and their ballet:

* datastream - the stream of their experiences in sight and sound and motion
* control metastream - the stream of their thoughts, expectations,
decisions, page-flipping, mouse-clicking, game-loading,
* goal - not chosen by the writer, but chosen by the reader, viewer or
gamer, out of the things they care for

The existence of a uniquely reader-determined goal is most obvious in
games. Some people like linear games and other people like open
sandboxes. This is explained by GNS - Gameism, Narrativism,
Simulationism theory. Which is itself explained by personality type
theory and is the reason it really should be SGN theory, not GNS. But
I don't have the other isms to prove that SGN is only a tiny subpart
of personality manifesting in an aspect of reality.

What is dramatic tension? It's the pull experienced *by the reader*
towards their goal. More obvious concepts are the pace of a film and
the grip of a novel. Well, tension is similar to pacing but different
because pacing is external and objective whereas tension is
interrelational. Tension both originates and terminates inside the

If the tension is too low, this will manifest in either of the two
streams becoming highly entropic. Either the datastream will become
monotonous and boring, or the control metastream will become full of
"why am I reading this?". Once EITEHR of those streams passes a
critical threshold in entropy, it will simply collapse
catastrophically: the reader will stop reading, the gamer will cease

If the tension is too HIGH, this will manifest in either of the two
streams becoming highly entropic. Either the datastream becomes
incomprehensible and uninterpretable, effectively just noise, or the
control metastream will become full of "wait, hold on, what did that
mean? I need to reread this". And yes, once either of those streams
passes a critical threshold in entropy, it will simply collapse

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feminism Is Evil

Feminism ... what is it? Who cares. Take a look through the 200+ other
ISMs in the English language, everything from cynicism and romanticism
to gaianism to truism to gameism to verificationism to constructionism
to anthropocentrism to isomorphism to industrialism.

How many of them reference the human body and a specific subsection of
the human population while specifically excluding another specific
subsection of the human population? Very few. Feminism belongs to the
same category as reactionism, ageism, misandrism, monarchism, racism,
nazism and rape apologism.

Both majoritarianism (aka Bolshevism) and minoritarianism (aka
Menshevism) reference one subsection of the population ruling over
another. As does cooperativism, cronyism and clientelism. You'll never
guess who believes in cronyism and clientelism. It's the same people
who believe in Gaianism and Greenism, the fucking feudalist freaks!

But none of these ideologies, as Evil as they are compared to
Agriculturalism, Communism, Criticism, Goodism, Nudism, and
Utopianism, bothers to reference *an arbitrary biological condition
you were born into* the same way that Racism and Sexism and Tribalism
do. By simple linguistic analysis, Feminism is Evil.

Feminism is the "nice face" of sexist feminazism and misandrism, the
same way that deconstructionism is the nice face of solipsism, or
totemism is the nice face of shamanism, or fetishism is the nice face
of cannibalism, or creationism is the nice face of fundamentalism, or
fanaticism is the nice face of eliminationism or ecologism is the nice
face of ecofascism, or machiavellianism is the nice face of

See how it goes? For every dark side there is a light side, for every
light there is a dark. Because for every person gutsy enough to engage
in violence, there is a gutless freak who shirks from it and honestly
sincerely believes it is some kind of a virtue. Despite the
counter-example of fetishism - gutless freaks who pay to have children
butchered for their body parts to be used as magical ingredients
rather than doing the job themselves the way honest cannibals do.

So if feminism is the light side, then it's obviously misandrism and
feminazism that is its dark side. And so clearly feminism is the "nice
face" of Evil intended to sucker in the crowd of dumbass followers of
Egalitarianism. Which means feminism is Evil period. And now the
psychological analysis backs up the linguistic analysis, how

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Why Does Fight or Fuck Exist?

I once saw a retarded psychology professor giving a video lecture
about emotions to undergraduates. He asked his class what the opposite
of love was. Most said it was hatred, which is very inaccurate since
contempt would be better, but this moron berated them as if they'd
done a great wrong. Then he proceeded to tell them as if imparting a
great insight that love and hatred are both "arousal" and the opposite
of "arousal" was calm or neutrality or indifference.

(This moron didn't even grasp that indifference is negative, not
neutral, ah but such is life in the field called psychology.)

Setting aside the fact that it can be PROVED contempt is opposite of
love, due to the fact if you feel both of them towards the same person
simultaneously they will cancel out leaving you feeling absolutely
nothing towards that person. Or the further fact that hatred comes
reasonably close to being another opposite.

Yes, setting aside the EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE, let's examine this
retarded moron's (and all psychologists are retards, whether they're
clinicians or researchers or professors since they do not acknowledge
their own minds' limitations, the fact they are idiots at best,
despite working WITH minds) idiotic claims that negative emotions and
positive emotions are similar because magnitude is more important than

Arousal ... there's another type of arousal than this retard talked
about, it is sexual arousal. Now, in comedies it's often the case that
two people who are angry and hate each other get sexually aroused and
suddenly start lusting after each other and tearing each other's
clothes off. But this cliche humour is not cliche because it is true
of real life. It is true because it is ABSURD. It is funny because it

But, and some people will object, why does one sometimes become
sexually aroused during a fight with a loved one? Doesn't this prove
that love and anger are closely related and that "arousal" is
"arousal"? No, because if it were true then a fight with a complete
stranger would lead to people fucking in the streets. However, that
doesn't fucking happen, does it?! In fact, the notion is fucking

So ... here we have a phenomenon which has 3 important
characteristics. 1. it's very mysterious and no one can quite explain
it. 2. ordinary people reject as absurd the simple-minded explanation.
3. psychologists believe themselves deep thinkers for embracing the
retarded explanation that is total nonsense contradicted by the
evidence. And in fact, psychologists believe themselves BETTER than
ordinary people because they bite the bullet of logically
self-contradictory "explanations". Idiots.

What *IS* the explanation? It's really beautiful and elegant once you
know it, and obviously very deceptive since people don't talk about
it. The explanation is that when you feel anger or hatred at a loved
one and your love for them is *almost completely canceled* you will
still desire to feel close to them ... and sex is the only POSITIVE
intimate act left to you. Anger or hatred (and especially the PARTIAL
anger left over during the makeup phase of a fight with a loved one)
forces your love and desire / need for intimacy into unconventional
channels. Much the same way dropping a big boulder into a reservoir
will cause the dam to overflow.

Ahh, but such wisdom is not for the "deep thinkers" of psychology.
FACTS AND EVIDENCE are not for the "deep thinkers" of psychology. Sick
disgusting fucks.

Other wisdom I've found about relationships that turned out to be
literally and absolutely true

* relationships are built on trust and trustworthiness <- formally provable
* love is an emotion - the emotion that is the merger of affection and
fondness intensified to the next level
* so-called moments of connection (ie, attunement) really do bond
people together
* lovesickness literally is when someone else's happiness is essential
to your own

Because love is an emotion it feels like something. Love is ALSO not
at all an emotion. It has in total three different meanings. It is
annoying that way. Also, sex-as-love isn't a separate meaning at all
but dovetails right in the primary meaning of love.

Also, so-called "romantic gestures" are sickeningly close to
narcissists' notions of love and empathy. Hint: narcissists can only
love themselves and have no empathy. These two categories are not
identical but they are close enough for romantic gestures to be
repulsive to most mentally healthy people.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Internet's Fascist New World Order

They call themselves "moderators" but you'd have to be an idiot to
believe they have any resemblance to moderators in religious or
political debate groups. Of course, being being retarded idiots, most
people actually take the name "moderator" seriously. Most people
disgustingly RESPECT moderators.

In real life, moderators don't go around with guns and a license to
kill spraying bullets at anyone they don't like the way cops and Nazis
do. In real life, moderators' actions aren't invisible to the
participants the way Stasi's are. In real life, moderators can't
execute "power plays" to kick out other moderators and "usurp power".

In real life, moderators don't go around with magic gags that can
erase everything you've ever said. In real life, moderators don't go
around complaining about how the (few) people who hate them are
whiners, enemies of the state, and the disgruntled few who are
astroturfing anyways.

Real life moderators of discussion groups have ZERO connection with
internet "moderators" of internet forums. You might as well be trying
to compare a warm breeze in the middle of winter to the very fires of

It just proves how condemnable, contemptible, and downright Evil the
bulk of humanity is that when faced with the raw vileness of
"moderators" that they shrug their shoulders and say ... "well,
unmoderated forums are crap anyways" as if fascism and
right-libertarianism were the only political ideologies and the only
forms of social control around.

Internet participants EXPECT Evil. It's just a question of whether
it's right-libertarian slavery and omnipresent death or fascist
servitude and homicide everywhere. 6 eggs on one hand or half a dozen
ovoids on the other. And why do they expect Evil? Because programmers
are overwhelmingly Evil and/or worthless retarded morons.

Ward Cunningham created his "noble experiment in totalitarian
communism" which failed utterly once it scaled up about two to three
orders of magnitude (I'm being generous). And what did he resort to
when it failed? FASCISM! Because of course there's no middle ground,
and *certainly* there's no alternative. Utmost marxism and fascism
(and psychopathy) are the ONLY alternatives on offer.

Because of course, the Internet is NEW and it's not like the THREE
MILLENIA of human political history have anything to teach anyone at
all!! No, rather than start with democracy or shoot beyond it for
anarcho-communism, we need to go BACK to fascism or FEUDALISM or
murderous infanticidal tribalism!

And of course, the fact that these worthless retarded cretins are
resurrecting dead and buried ideologies from political history doesn't
imply that political history is RELEVANT to the Internet! No, we'll
bake our cake, sell it, and then we'll use it as collateral to get a
bank loan! Where have I heard that one before?

Fuck, I despise people who can't do logic. They should all burn in
Hell! If you're going to do politics fucking do it right. And if
you're not then you'd better stand out of the way of people who CAN do
politics, and bend over to get the ass-rape you deserve!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Against: Food Miles and Vertical Farming

Greens being idiots believe that the cost of goods and services are
ultimately based on energy. They are totally wrong. Everything's cost
is based on labour. Energy ceased to be a factor sometime in the 1970s
or 1980s. In other words, they are living in a bygone age.

Back in the dinosaur era from which they hail, the value of the
economy was precisely proportional to the energy consumption of the
economy. Industrial planners MEASURED the economy's output by its
energy input! But ever since then, the two measures have radically

Green foodists and local-vores are dinosaurs and maladaptive. They
believe in some "food miles" crap when trucking has not and never will
be an issue. They're the same breed of people as the futurologists who
believe in molecular disassemblers and recovery of "resources" from
garbage dumps (something which will never happen as recovery from
seawater is easier). It's people who don't understand entropy and what
the term 'ore' means.

To sum up, nowadays the economy has fuck all to do with energy. It's a
non-issue which doesn't and never will matter anymore.

What's worse is these local-vores go the extra mile of advocating the
destruction of cities, which of course they totally deny. But let's
face it, they want to stick uninhabited buildings in the middle of the
city. When "city" is defined as a congregation of PEOPLE.

Well, you know what? The sublimation or evaporation of cities (aka,
their destruction) is never going to happen. Never fucking going to
fucking happen. Put it to a song and sing it. NEVER. GOING. TO.
HAPPEN. Even when humans are extinct and AIs rule the world, they'll
do so in CITIES.

I hate pretend-rural fucks. Hey, here's a clue: 90% of rural people
want to live in cities if given a choice. And here we have gutless
city boys who want to destroy cities and remake them into the country,
rather than just fucking moving there!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

AI and robots

Assuming the pseudo-AI replaces 1000 operators in each of 4 shifts
then that's 4000 humans * 20 years * 20k a year = 160 million. That's
what it's WORTH so if it costs less than that then the difference is

There will be interesting times in China and India in the near future,
with AI and robots. But especially with India that fashioned itself
the call center of the world. Because its population is largely
uneducated and used to a corrupt ineffective government.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Violence vs Gutlessness

<blockquote>it seems to me that the policies put in place with the
intent to curb violence are often misguided</blockquote>

<p>Why are you surprised? Why are you sad that this is happening? This
is predictable.</p>

<p>These gutless retards are saying that violence itself is the
problem. That if everyone just held hands and sang kumbaya then
everything would be fine. They're delusional lunatics without any
grasp of the real world.</p>

<p>But let me ask you this, if some genocidal cannibal was raping your
wife, do you believe he would DESERVE violence on him? Or that he
should be "stopped"?</p>

<p>In the gutless mindset, the guy raping your wife isn't any worse
than her getting a papercut. Both of them are bad and they are as bad
as it gets. It certainly isn't the case that some injury is WORSE than
another injury.</p>

<p>And since Gutless people don't recognize the existence of Evil
(things that are more than slightly bad), they also don't recognize
the existence of Evil people. Therefore, they don't believe it's GOOD
when Evil people receive violence.</p>

<p>Gutsy people think Evil people getting pounded is exactly how it
should be and exactly what they deserve and exactly what they've been
asking for. Gutless people meanwhile think that Evil doesn't exist and
that the answer to Evil is to ignore it. That the PERCEPTION of Evil
is the problem.</p>

<p>Violence isn't the problem, it is the solution to many, many
problems. The problem of violence perpetrated by Evil people. Or the
existence of Evil people period.</p>

<p>So why are you so surprised when after blind retards eliminate the
solution to a great many of life's problems, they cause more problems?
It's as if there were a CONNECTION there. It's like it's MAGIC. It's
as if calling the blind retards "misguided" is like calling the ocean
a little wet or a salt mine a little salty.</p>