Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Cannibalism of Eggs and Ham

The traditional English breakfast is sausage and eggs. The traditional American breakfast is bacon and eggs. The traditional X breakfast is ham and eggs. What do those things have in common?

Cannibalism. Pig is the only meat animal that's an omnivore and ... tastes like human. And eggs ... are fetuses. Often, cooked eggs are far too normal so the wannabe cannibal eats raw eggs like bodybuilders. It does a body good to eat fetuses.

Now, I'm not saying eggs and pig aren't tasty. I'm just saying that somebody with a fetish for them to the point of eating them raw or doing other bizarre things with them is clearly doing so for non-taste reasons. Such as, eggs and pig remind Narcissists that everything in life is at the expense of others.

So, why's cannibalism traditional? Because Right Wing Authoritarians are downright neighborly with Narcissists. And I use "neighborly" advisedly to mean "someone falling into the Uncanny Valley of likeness to myself thus needs to be shot".

So obviously, Right Wing Authoritarians will kill Narcissists for being cannibalistic savages that eat fetuses and human meat ... and then partake of it themselves. I mean, it just makes sense!

Well, it does to me but then I downright expect hypocrisy from people who are fucked in the head.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The More Sordid Secrets Of Gaians

Because Gaians don't have souls and have to eat others' in order to possess what you mistakenly confuse for a personality, they're the only personality type that hybridizes with other personality types.

This results in Gaian affiliations. What everyone else would call a type but Gaians don't believe in personality types.

Psychopath Gaian - believes that everyone should die, but also believes in personal survival above all else and won't go to any effort to make it happen.

Additionally, since everything must be done for a reason because nothing intrinsically matters, there must be a reason for the apocalypse. Or, the Gaian apocalypse anyways.

Trees! Trees are wonderful and un-human like. If only all humans could die so we would have wonderful forests everywhere!

And animals! Animals that never harm anybody except to eat them alive. (Counter-example: leopards). Trees and animals! Nature!!

Obviously trees and animals are more worthy of living than human beings. The Psychopath Gaian is also known as the Druid. Or the Holy Gaia type.

Right-Wing Authoritarian Gaian - believes that where and how you personally grew up is how you should live and others who grew up a different way should stay in their own home.

The RWA Gaian is the "true Bronxer" who talks about the gritty realism of the Bronx and how the yuppie scum are invading and bringing their fakeness with them, and how they don't belong.

The difference between an RWA affiliated Gaian and an outright RWA is the lack of any fatalism and brutality. The RWA-Gaian is a milquetoast of an RWA. They basically tut tut the yuppie.

Freak-Gaian - speaking of Yuppies ... the yuppie is concerned with minimalism ... so long as it doesn't get in the way of their Gaian obsession with wealth and personal survival at any cost.

Now, Freaks like to get tattoos and be goths and go out at night and talk about how they're damned and go out into the primitive wilderness to be eaten by bears they hug.

But as far as yuppies are concerned, all of those things would threaten their corporate or personal survival. So ... nope, nope, nope, no way, nope.

Moralist Gaian - this is the shy awkward Gaian busily working at his job and shyly hoping for a shy girl just like him to have shy sordid sex with in the privacy of his bedroom.

Shy Gaian cares about nothing above social norms and where he stands in relation to them. He cares about being bland, boring and perfectly average. That way the carnivore will overlook him in the midst of the herd.

It's funny how un-bland Moralists are with their group survival and group identity. I mean, they go off to the jungles to convert the heathens and die as missionaries. They sacrifice themselves for the group in spectacular ways.

But well ... Gaian. Personal survival at any cost, so nope, nope, nope, nope, no way, nope.

Watcher-Gaian - likes to comment on how everything is a life cycle. The reason the yuppies displaced the true Bronxers is because it's a life cycle of urban development.

An urban area becomes poor and crime ridden so rents become low. With low rents, artists move in. With artists moving in, rents skyrocket. With increasing rents and gentrification, artists move out. Then the area dies, starting the cycle all over again.

The Watcher-Gaian knows his place in the great Life Cycle of Urban Development.

Narcissist Gaian - or The Businessman cares about making tons and tons of business contacts. Business contacts that he will go to rotary club for and charity functions with and cultivate interests to be more like them so that those contacts like him.

This is the ... Uncle Tom of Gaians. By no coincidence since Narcissists love to mind control and enslave others and Uncle Tom is a brainwashed slave. Also, Narcissists love to actively corrupt, and Businessmen swim in corruption.

Sexually Sordid Secrets

Now remember, Gaians hate public exposure above everything else. That's due to their maxim "bend the rules, don't break them" which can't possibly be done in the light of day. And which is why I keep talking about them.

But of course there are exceptions to hating public exposure. There always are exceptions with Gaians. And the exception is ... sexual servitude. Gaians are natural born slaves thus natural born sex slaves. That's a hint hint for anyone in the market.

The four primary motivations for Gaians to have sex are:
  • sex as part of a life cycle (includes breeding and incest for the sake of sexual education)
  • sex for the sake of mindless animalism (includes orgasm and bestiality, go look at Corruption of Champions as a fantastic example)
  • sex for the sake of servitude (sex slavery)
  • sex for the sake of survival (includes corporate whoring)

To Gaians, it doesn't matter if you get raped up the ass by your boss ... so long as you get adequate monetary compensation. And it doesn't matter if you're publicly exposed, so long as it's at the whims of your master or mistress who has the wealth to buy um protect you. Wealth, not power, is key to corruption.

Hell, while I'm at it, I'll mention that Narcissists don't give a damn about money. They only care about how it can intimidate others and make them famous and popular. If the world weren't populated by Gaians who could be bought by money, Narcissists would just go into politics. Oh wait, they do go into politics. Well, they'd go more into politics.

Narcissists want slaves, not money. Serfs and toadies will do in a pinch. Fawning and adulation are fourth best. In a world of Gaians that whore themselves for money, you can buy slaves easily enough.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Valentine's Day: A Mockery Of Romance

First, what is romance? It's sexual and love idealism. It's not settling for second best, let alone 5th best, but going out for first best. It's not settling at all, ever, but going to extremes. Romance is Don Juan going through hundreds of women to find his match and feeling contempt for every one of them because they weren't. It's not Casanova being a "lover of women" and genuinely loving whatever woman he faced at the moment.

Romance is not the "intimacy of eating dinner". Romance is walking through a minefield. Romance is not something you do "when you feel romantic". It's something you always do because it's something you ARE. Romance is not your wedding anniversary or even your wedding, romance is all-consuming. Romance is not bringing flowers and chocolate or even any gifts. Romance is BEING a gift and constantly working to please your lover. Romance is not "put in its place" or "put in perspective".

To any genuine romantic, the Gaian approach to romance is utterly repulsive. Because to Gaians, everything is just a means to an end, the end being their own survival. Even romance is just a tool to be used, just another indirection, channel or connection. To be corrupted for the sake of their survival. Idealism are anathema to Gaians so why not sexual idealism? But of course, in their own terms, Gaians see it differently. They see it as perpetuating sacred Life Cycles.

So you start by meeting someone, through a friend of a friend, derivatively of course. And then you "experience romance" by going out to dinner. Even though eating is narcissistic thus anti-idealism, but hey, mysticism here. Plus, eating is necessary for biological survival and what could be more Gaian than being biologically correct? Or biology? Or survival? So already "romance" is corrupted all to hell.

But the nauseating bit is how romance is "put in its place". You have this mini-cycle of romance where you bring flowers and chocolate then go out to dinner and end by fucking. Fucking is the important bit to Gaians, just as much as surviving and breeding, not romance. And then the cycle ends with you both lazing back in afterglow blissed out of your mind, mindless and unthinking. And there the cycle ends only to be repeated all over again on another day. And that is "romance" to Gaians.

Of course, there is a larger sacred life cycle to Gaians which romance is a mere sub-part of, a mini-cycle as I said. It's the whole "relationship" life cycle. You meet someone, you go out on dates, then you have a honeymoon phase, then that can get extended by breeding and having kids. Or it's not extended and at that point you break up and start all over again. Because breeding is the important bit, if you don't do it then there is no point to the relationship and no point to romance. This is reflected in childless vs with-kids divorce statistics.

So Valentine's Day? Your wedding anniversary? Your wedding? The chocolates? The flowers? The gifts? Those are just fulfilling expectations, they're just ticking off the checkbox in a checklist named Romance or Relationship in a Gaian's mind. The purpose of the checklist is to fuck and to breed and to lay back in mindless orgasmic stupor. The actual things thrown together into the checklist don't matter and they have no intrinsic value. They are just tools to get the fucking and breeding accomplished

And of course this is exactly what "evolutionary theory" supposedly says. Which comes as no surprise given that evolutionary theory is a Gaian invention and something they worship. It's also wrong, both in the sense that evolutionary theory doesn't say that and evolutionary theory is factually wrong. But hey, what relation do Gaians have with the truth? It's easy enough to say "none whatsoever" but a tad oversimplistic. So, let's examine that tidbit in detail.

We saw that romance and relationships are both just a life cycle to Gaians. So too the scientific method and the truth are just a life cycle, an orderly circular progression of theories being born, growing up, breeding, then dying. And anything that violates the life cycle, such as a theory which is invented out of whole cloth and has no progenitors, like superstring theory? That's anathema and to be hated, and general relativity must survive within the objectively inferior quantum loop gravity.

Truth, ideals, science, academia, everything is just a life cycle to Gaians. EVERYTHING, without exception. Not one single fucking exception. Even FEELING is just a life cycle. "A time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to grieve, a time to go on a murderous rampage". There is not one thing they hold sacred except their own fucking skin, fucking, birthing, and reproduction.

Even love is just a part of a life cycle to Gaians. "It's time to let go." Just a tool supposedly used by evolution to ensure fucking and breeding happens.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Types of Programmers

phenomenologically = "Let me talk to you about the experience called Flow."

epistemologically = has 50 books entitled "A Beginner's Guide For Dummies Unleashed In 30 Days". Actually even two of those abominations probably counts.

philologically = asshole knows 50 programming languages and makes sure you know it. The number of languages you know is like the length of your dick. How long is yours?

physiologically = knows the insides of the system inside and out, including all the exploits to break it. Just in case he ever gets fired. Doctors make the best murderers, don't you know?

anthropologically = knows the glorious history of not just computing standards but the standards organizations and other cultural artifacts of the computer industry.

ontologically = objects!! Of which Java has none.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Meaning of Ties

Ties ... why does anyone wrap a noose around their neck ready to be strangled? And why do idiot conformists follow this absurd code of behavior? How did this idiotic standard even come about?

Well, when you think about it, ties are just non-evil nooses. Or a knot, like the fucking Celtic knot of supposed mystical significance which idiots tattoo on their bodies.

BUT, Gaians love leashes. And collars. And chains, including slave chains, which they consider nice fashion statements. And ribbons (which explains the ridiculous magical girl animes), ropes, nets, webs, interwebs.

Ties of friendship, ties of family, ties of blood. Anything which connects people. Anything which constrains people. They fucking love that shit.

And so we have ties symbols of Gaian conformity. But not just that, ties are supposedly the only remnant of individuality in the man's business suit. And that remnant of individuality ... is a hangman's noose around your neck.

That's a nice symbolic meaning there: individuality is dangerous and likely to kill you. Something which Gaians fervently believe, else why would they be so self-effacing and invisible? Why would they worship invisibility as a superpower?

It's not to go anywhere you want nor to do anything you want, because invisibility is a crappy power for that. No, it's simply so you can huddle down, curl up into a fetal position, and have your enemies never find you as you close your eyes to the world.

Also, Japanese have these absurd pornos where men are wearing white or black bodysuits and the women pretend the men are invisible as they're being molested or raped. Male self-effacement is a big recurring theme in Jap pornos, as well as rape of women. And Japan is a Gaian society.

So back to ties ... they're a reminder to every craven Gaian (which is all of them, no matter how many muscles or medals they sport) to self-efface their own personality lest someone else do it for them.

I've always loathed ties, and I loathe Gaians. Give me a Freak wearing BDSM gear openly down the street any day of the fucking weak. At least a spiked dog collar is unlikely to strangle you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Criticism of AO3's User Interface

A few observations on UI design prompted by a comment I read on reddit.
Look at Archive Of Our Own for a good example. It has a much, much easier interface than, its tagging system is rich and has a lot of advantages, it has nice features like letting you group stories into collections, you can reply to reader comments with proper discussion threads, etc. 

On A3O you can't do social tagging as you could with delicious more than a decade ago. There is only dictatorial tagging with the author being the sole dictator. You also as a reader can't cut out seeing insignificant tags, whether it's because they're so general as to be meaningless or so unique as to be unguessable. So those useless tags clutter up your attention and screen space while browsing, slowing everything down. Even though detecting insignificant tags by software operation is trivial.

You also can't do logic operations with search operators, only nest searches in a narrow way. You don't even have access to the simple NOT operator. And finally, the whole paradigm of search is entropic because it annihilates the existing lattice structure that exists in browsing rather than filtering that structure and collapsing sparse branches.

The comment system offers no levels of privacy nor ways to aggregate comments OR readers in any useful discussion-oriented manner. Because A3O isn't about discussion nor debate nor criticism nor anything like that, its model is strictly pairbonding and attentional. That's why "gift stories" exist on A3O. Everything is about readers giving attention to the author and possibly authors giving attention to the readers and authors giving attention to each other. And that is IT. A3O is functioning at the level of a human infant.

And because every comment is public, it's impossible to hide anything. Which means that strangers can scrutinize your interactions and apply their values to them. And which values get applied in any large open community? Gaian values of doing nothing, surviving at any cost and giving no offense to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Anyone who critiques others heavily is labeled an antagonist, a "troll", and totally anathema to the rule of giving no offense to anyone, thus driven out of "the community" which is more important than any abstractions like "good storytelling" or improvement or truth or critique. Gaians run every open forum in existence, and most closed ones. It's so easy to ban people as "offensive" when everyone can see all of their stuff and you just have to wait for an asshole to report being offended.

Some features I'd like: * For readers: a feature to auto-recommend stories based on the currently viewed story or your pattern of likes, sort of like Amazon does.

Extremely difficult to implement, requires machine learning. Unlike cutting out insignificant tags which only requires an asshole to think about it. (I say asshole because there are virtually no systems designers anywhere and so you rely on assholes for all your software needs. Enjoy your frustration.)

And in any case, the "features" paradigm of design is Gaian. A feature is a property of something that has a specific purpose. X is for Y. It's an incredibly narrow way of thinking that invariably produces broken software and kludgy software that's impossible to understand. Look at C++, it's a Gaian "evolved" programming language which absolutely no one understands and everyone claims is able to do anything but in practice can do absolutely nothing. Every program written in C++ is intrinsically broken, precisely because of its many, many, many "features". Brokenness is an intrinsic property of Gaianness, or any biological or ecological or evolved system. The only property those systems have is survival by cravenly appealing to their audiences or neighbors.

Genuine design works on the meta-level by COHERING features and ERADICATING features that don't fit within higher principles. Or even merely eradicating features whose benefit is not above a certain minimum which represents the cost of the feature taking up the user's and all programmers' mental space (so they can learn to avoid it as they inevitably have to do with broken crap). Undesigned "evolved" systems that have features added and added and added with none ever taken away because some asshole depends on them, are intrinsically broken because 90% of them is unused by 90% of the population, and 50% of them is unused by 99% of the population. And it's always a different 1% that wants each tiny feature and will whine. And Gaians will say cravenly that there is a "demand" for each feature and it would take "effort" to remove them.

For authors: a way to upload chapters and have them published automatically at preset dates/times.
See, instead of having a "feature" that does this, such as a script or something, you could just have a versioned object system that symmetrically allows you to read and write both the past and the future. So instead of a "scheduled" story, you just have a story that's written in the future. But nobody does systems design, least of all "architects", everyone is enamored of their little "features" which are really kludges.

The advantages of writing in the future are obvious: no more deadlocks ever but rather a solid transaction-oriented system. The advantages of writing in the past are difficult for lesser minds to fathom but they are far far more extensive. They boil down to: equity. If designed correctly, writing to the past can be done without the possibility of unending time wars.

But of course, there is that problem "if designed correctly" and the lack of systems designers on the Earth. At least recognized job-holding ones with significant whip power. It doesn't help that few systems designers understand systems design or can teach it, so you mostly end up with assholes with pretensions of grandeur like the inventors of Unix and C. Both of them 50 year old dinosaurs that really should have every single contributor to them summarily put to death.

I am not prepared to forgive the existence of C or Unix or C++.

So in summary, AO3 enforces the values of brokenness and inequity while superficially appealing to values such as freedom but really anarchistic hatred of all social organization.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Explain A Rocket Launch To A Roman

Not modern Romans but Roman Romans, from SPQR days.

Why should you try to explain things to people of long bygone ages? Because then you know you're not being limited by the intellectual potential and mental capacity of your subject. You know that any failure is your fault alone and not simply because you're dealing with a Gaian or a Psychopath.

If you can't explain a rocket launch to a Roman in a way that they actually understand then you know you're a loser of an intellectual. So let's get on with it.

Do you see that metal spire over there? It's a star lifter. In just 30 heartbeats it will lift a star into the night sky. Feel its fury against Terra as it wrenches itself away from its grasp. See the scorching pillar of fire it spits out against anyone and anything that would dare to hold it.

And then hold your breath in awe for on this night there will be a new star in the night sky. A star that moves unlike any other star. It will shoot through the night sky like a shooting star but it will never ever fall. And this star will watch over people or talk to them or provide the magic for our divining rods.

I imagine the Roman's reaction would be less "holy shit" and more "by Cronus and Jupiter!!".

Well, it's done so you can't do it anymore because that wouldn't count. Explain instead the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To someone who has never and will never see any footage of it nor artifacts.

If you can't do that then you have no understanding at all of human minds. And if you don't even realize that you can't do that then you have no understanding that minds even exist. Like most of the human population, who misuse "mind" as badly as they misuse "empathy" and "self-esteem".

It's funny, nobody capable of understanding human minds would ever study linguistics. And nobody who would ever study linguistics would ever be capable of understanding human minds. And yet, it's impossible to understand human language without understanding human minds. Therefore, nobody who studies linguistics studies language. Just like nobody who studies paint manufacture studies painting.