Friday, June 05, 2015

What is Mysticism

It isn't just contradiction because logical contradictions aren't mystical at all. Mysticism is holding values from mutually incompatible personality types next to each other. And only Gaians do mysticism or value mysticism. So take for example the psychopath persnoality type and the Naz er right-wing err Batman personality type. Yeah, take The Joker and Batman. Well, a mystic will say crap about how you need both Batman and the Joker to make a proper functioning society. Yadda yadda, creation and destruction, bullshit claptrap.

Or they'll say how you need both Sun worshiping and Night-worshiping freaks. But NOT at different times of day, but TOGETHER. Yeah, you need them TOGETHER, because you need the Sun AND the Night AT tHE SAME TIME. That's mystical. Like a dark night sky with a blazing Sun in it, that's the kind of contradiction that makes up mysticism. Or like the anti-Narcissist personality type and the Narcissist personality type ... to-ge-ther. Fucking turns my stomach and makes me want to put a bullet through the filthy Gaian that promotes such Broken autistic crap.

I dream of the day when all mystics are exterminated and everything is demysticied. And Gaians operate under a penalty of death for the crime of mysticism. Let's see how long they last.

It's worth repeating that Gaians don't have souls. As pointed out here, they suck in the souls of everyone around them and kludge them together into blatantly unnatural-looking fuck ugly fake souls. Gaians call this "syncretism" and they love it.


alnej said...

Again, you're confusing cause and effect; mixing up concepts without paying attention to what's more fundamental. You said that Gaians are defined by "having eating, sleeping, and fucking" as core values. Now it's true that Gaians may want to spend all their time eating, sleeping, and fucking, but that's not what DEFINES a Gaian. After all, there are many classes of people who only want to do just that.

You're making the same mistake here. In my wild and reckless youth I lived with mystics, so I know a fair bit about them. If I were to see them again now I'd probably either shoot myself or them, but anyway. The best way I can describe mystics is if you had religiosity (a.k.a. belief in magical thinking) on one axis, and collectivism/individualism on another axis, mystics would occupy the individualist, highly religious quadrant. Communists and RWAs would occupy the opposite quadrant.

Another thing about mystics is that pain is actually a core value for them, exactly like it is for BDSM fetishists. Pleasure is an anti-value. They dress up fasting and extended periods of isolation/silence as 'spiritual cleansing' and other bullshit, but that's just to hide the fact that they enjoy pain. For them, the more pain you experience, the better a person you are. However they don't do things like self-flagellation or cutting because (1) They're mostly pussies, and (2) They think that that's cheating.

After inflicting huge amounts of pain and suffering on themselves, they then confuse their random protesting neural impulses as 'spiritual experiences.'

These things separate mystics from Gaians. There's a lot of overlap between the two groups but a lot of differences as well.

Richard Kulisz said...

# there are many classes of people who only want to do just that.

No, there isn't.

There's a vast universe of difference between people who DO just that, people WILLING to do just that, and people who ONLY want to do just that. The ONLY people who ONLY want to do just that are Gaians. It IS what defines them.

Incidentals like Gaian shyness and Gaian circumlocution are DERIVED from their fundamental desire to do nothing. In order to do nothing they have to be alive, in order to do nothing and be alive their expectations have to stay constant thus the status quo must be maintained. From this comes their desire to offend no one under any circumstance. From this comes their hesitation to speak anything resembling truth to anyone at all.

You can't make a proof that runs the other direction.

You're speaking out of arrogance, just like your idiotic assertion that fucking is something or that eating is more something than death is. You have no idea whatsoever how the human mind is put together but still you see fit to pronounce yourself on it.

Finally on the topic of mystic monks, your argument is non-existent and your personal experience means nothing to me. On the other hand, you did unwittingly bring up a data point and I came up with the argument surrounding it. The argument being that contradiction of values is part of the Freak personality type since it involves contradiction at all.

Freaks value contradiction everywhere not necessarily contradiction of values. Gaian minds are intrinsically incoherent and broken thus they produce contradiction of values everywhere. In direct proportion to how true they are to their Gaian nature. It's a tossup which is worse, but there is no other personality type that so values mysticism.

# exactly like it is for BDSM fetishists.

It amazes me that you can so blatantly not know what you're talking about and still manage to accidentally utter true sentences. Tell me, can you explain exactly what a fetish is? Or exactly what a core value is? How exactly do you propose to derive the psychopathic desire to blow up buildings from their supposed core value of pain? Do inanimate buildings somehow "feel" pain?

It's not true that anyone has a core value of pain. It's also not true that mystic monks are psychopaths. Or that they value pain inordinately highly. Mysticism is contradiction of values dumbass, do you think that might maybe somehow possibly be related to everyone ELSE valuing pleasure and THEM deciding to value pain? But DECIDING to value something because you value something else isn't the same thing as just intrinsically valuing that thing.

Another example of your retarded non-thinking is how you basically end up claiming that mystic monks desire to fast puts them in the category of people who desire to eat above all other things.

Richard Kulisz said...

# (2) They think that that's cheating.

Yet another example of your non-thinking is how you FIRST dismiss mystic monks rationales for doing what they're doing and THEN you use those same rationales as an argument. Amazing.

Even if there were an actual reason why self-flagellation could be considered cheating, there are tons of people who positively value cheating. Like the psychopaths whom you believe the mystic monks to be. And Narcissists. And Gaians.

In other words, every single personality type around the Freak personality type. And you use that as your argument for why they aren't really Freaks but Psychopaths. Amazing. Your logic is as sound as a Gaians'.

Furthermore, psychopathic pussies like Daredevil have no problems torturing the helpless. So if mystic monks actually valued pain, that wouldn't stop them from flagellating themselves.

# After inflicting huge amounts of pain and suffering on themselves, they then confuse their random protesting neural impulses as 'spiritual experiences.'

Did you ever stop to think that that mystical experience is exactly what they're after and what they value? And that the pain and suffering is only the way they know to get it? As proven by the fact they'll reject forms of pain and suffering which they believe don't work to create that mystical experience? Thus are pointless?

There's a world of difference between: pain for the sake of a mystical experience and pain for the sake of pleasure. That difference appears to be exactly self-flagellation.

# There's a lot of overlap between the two groups but a lot of differences as well.

The more I look, the more differences I see and the less the overlap matters. The overlap consists of: concern for what's 'natural', vegetarianism, buddhism, balance. And that's about it. And of those four, vegetarianism and buddhism are overwhelmingly Freak. It's only nature and balance that have provably overlapping meanings to different personality types.

Balance, the point where all actions are equally likely. Balance, the center of gravity.

Natural, doing what is easy. Natural, doing what you want (which is to do nothing for Gaians thus it comes easy).

That's two to four things out of a background numbering in thousands. Like the pain issue, it's just a matter of your poor discernment.

Anonymous said...

# of those four, vegetarianism and buddhism are overwhelmingly Freak.

huh. I can reason out buddhism, but vegetarianism?

I brought it up before, but if you combine the two, it reminds me of Jainism (Let us sit still forever as to not hurt anything ever at all, even breathing might hurt the universe etc retiredness)

Anonymous said...

Oh p.s. it's TA (colossalmomento, not the first commenter) (I can't get the comments to run correctly),

# And of those four, vegetarianism and buddhism are overwhelmingly Freak.

so I can reason out buddhism, but I couldn't figure out vegetarianism, but guess what!

it reminded me of Jainism, a quick google of just "Jainism" leads to ->

"Jainism is an ancient religion from India that teaches that the way to liberation and bliss is to live a life of harmlessness and renunciation. The aim of Jain life is to achieve liberation of the soul."

LMAO. Do you see it?


"the formal rejection of something, typically a belief, claim, or course of action."

# Freaks value contradiction everywhere not necessarily contradiction of values.

ahahaha, that's too funny.

Richard Kulisz said...

Probably contradiction is a more advanced or just a total form of renunciation / rejection / marginalization. I mostly focus on liberation and escape. And here "escape in your mind" clothed as "escape of your mind".

Jains also have this thing about male and female practitioners not getting close. Because if they're close then they either interact (no no) or they share the same subjective experiences thus have common sense thus have common identities. Which is an even bigger no no.

Freaks draw their identity from subjectivity, if you have the same subjective experiences then you are the same person. To "know someone" is to have their subjective experiences. And to "change" is to move locations. That is how shapechanging is related to teleporting.