Thursday, December 19, 2013

Narnia's Aslan is Evil

I'm sure that any fan of Narnia is more than aware it was meant as Christian propaganda with Aslan being Jesus-lite. But are they aware of the vast differences between Aslan and Jesus?

Jesus died on the cross. He didn't want to, but he did. He begged to have it not happen. He was scared of it. He suffered. He was tortured harshly, humiliated ignominiously. After he died, he descended to Hell where he confronted the demons and gained power over them. Then he briefly ascended to the mortal world to tell his followers what had happened. He was wounded STILL. Then he ascended to Heaven as the mortal world got cut off from him. At the end of it all, Jesus gained nothing he planned for nor wanted, and he lost BIG. But he personally and unselfishly paid the price because NOT paying the price would have been more terrible for the entire world.

Now Aslan ... he died and got resurrected like Jesus but that's pretty much where the similarity ends. He wasn't tortured, he wasn't humiliated, and he didn't suffer. He had a quick death then he got resurrected thanks to the "deeper magic" which he boasted about knowing and taunted the White Witch about. He gave up nothing as he's still got full access to the mortal world, as much as he ever used it previously. He PLANNED everything! He KNEW he would get resurrected. He didn't sacrifice his life AT ALL. Rather, he sacrificed 3 days in order to gain the advantage of surprise over his enemy. And to look good.

The Jesus character is a hero and a saviour. The Aslan character is a trickster and a con man. He conned the white witch. He tricked her. He gave her his confidence so that she would pay him back confidence (that he was dead) so that he could then exploit it. It's almost a stereotypical confidence game. A CON game.

Do you know what kind of people are con men? What kind of people ENJOY conning others? They're called 'psychopaths'. And if not them then narcissists. Together, psychopaths and narcissists make up 'sociopaths'.

Aslan in a word is Evil.

Jesus is the real deal, a REAL saviour. Whereas Aslan merely PRETENDS and PLAYS AT being a saviour.

And really, the clue was there all along. He's a fucking LION. And once you drop that Lion King Disney shit, Lions are egotistical asshole sacks of shit that murder their partners in order to get The Lion's Share.

The early Latin version of Phaedrus[1] begins with the reflection that "Partnership with the mighty is never trustworthy". It then relates how a cow, a goat and a sheep go hunting together with a lion. When it comes to dividing the spoil, the lion says, "I take the first portion because of my title, since I am addressed as king; the second portion you will assign to me, since I’m your partner; then because I am the stronger, the third will follow me; and an accident will happen to anyone who touches the fourth".

For two thousand years, the lion has stood as a symbol of Evil. And you honestly believe CS Lewis changed all that? It's gryffons that are symbols of ... non-Evil. And as for symbols of genuine Good, they are few and far between. Owls are one of the few. Otters maybe. Mostly it's relegated to angels themselves to be the symbols of Good because there just ISN'T anything in nature that can be called Good.

But really, what does it say about people that they worship an icon of Evil in its full Evil splendor? I am speaking of Aslan here and of Narnia fans.

Incidentally, Da Jesus Book makes for some fantastic reading. But if you're interested in a real Saviour, you should check out Geoff Wolak's novel Magestic where Jimmy Silo single-handedly saves the world. Without resorting to any magic or hocus pocus bullshit! And he's perfectly willing to ... Cull pathological areas of the world.


Joshua Cole Simpson said...

I think you are missing a lot of the parallels. First Jesus knew what was going to happen to him. Multiple times he made the statement the "hour is not yet here" and he pleaded with his father to "remove this cup from me". Second no where does it say Jesus went to hell so I don't know where your getting that from, in fact on the cross he told him later that day he would be with him in paradise. Third the greater magic symbolizes God the father. Fourth Aslan was tortured on the table and did sacrifice himself for Edwards life so in every way he did give his life. Last but not least C.S. Lewis redefined Christianity as a whole in many ways during his lifetime and is one of the greatest authors to ever write about Christianity, if he can do that he can redefine a lion.

Joshua Cole Simpson said...

him as in the thief on the cross with him my

Richard Kulisz said...

I think it's obvious that where I simply don't care about theology enough to communicate it clearly, you are simply ignorant of theology period. And as I already made clear I don't really give a fuck about theology, I'm not going to waste time educating you on it just because you are sadly and pathetically ignorant of a subject you hold dear to your heart.

At the time the Jesus character was invented, God was still widely regarded as pure Narcissistic Evil. Why is that? Because parents back in the day were infanticidal and perfectly willing to abandon their own children to death. That really fucked with the surviving children's minds. Christians were the people who took in those abandoned children and raised them as their own. That practice DEFINED christianity and explained why it spread so rapidly. The Jesus character was invented post-facto in order to explain why people's lives were being saved who would previously have died. That character was just the human face of the omnipresent and omnipotent force of CULTURE who had decided to sacrifice himself, because he held Continuation as a value, to absolve children of the "original sin" of being born and make sure they lived instead of died.

*THAT* you moronic ignorant lackwit, was GREAT AUTHORSHIP and REDEFINITION OF SYMBOLS. The part where Jesus goes to hell and gains control over the demons is also part of the living Jesus story. Whereas what YOU know of Christianity is simply DEAD JUNK and what CS Lewis did was simply NOTHING.

Richard Kulisz said...

Let me be blunt you ignorant moron. I don't care about your fictional god anymore than I care about the God-Emperor Paul Atreides II or the God-Emperor of Mankind. Less in fact since at least those two gods are properly Good whereas YOUR Creator god is a pathetic Neutral who hasn't got a fucking clue what he's doing. But that doesn't stop me from knowing way more than you do. And if I'm relating to you the house rules which every player has adopted, I have nothing but sneering contempt at your naked sycophantic worship for The Writers and The Rules As Written. To you, Christianity is simply letters on a stupid page! To me it's living history and applied psychology!

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel, RK. It's reassuring and soothing to believe that when you die you'll enter into a peaceful state of nonexistence as opposed to a state of everlasting judgment and punishment. Stop wishfully thinking.

Anonymous said...

literally what the heck