Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Condemning The True Meaning of Christmas

Ahh, suicide season has come upon us and now everyone is stupidly pondering the meaning of Christmas. Which is stupidly obvious if you bother to think about it: your self-worth comes from your family and you need them to put up with you and confirm you have it otherwise you are worthless. Therefore, if you don't have a family, say because you told them to go fuck themselves because they're Nazis, and you choose not to breed because you won't settle for less than immortal AI children, then you don't have any self-worth and you should kill yourself.

Funny how everyone (Evil) insists that Christmas is positive without any darker and wholly negative flipside. It's as if they assume everyone in the world is as retarded as they are and nobody is capable of simple logic! Nobody is capable of calculating that if family is positive then lack of family must be negative. But I digress. Of course societies which culturally target Evil as some kind of social and psychological ideal assume that everyone's mentally retarded (ie, Evil) and that no one is capable of logic.

There's just a WEE thing wrong with the whole "meaning of Christmas" and it is this: who the fuck gives a damn about self-worth? To be precise: what kind of person obsesses over self-worth? And what does 'worth' even mean? Surprisingly, these turn out to have the same answer.

Incidentally, I hope by now you expect vastly more from me than some feel-good shite or fuzzy useless "philosophical" tripe. I will be rigorous. Behold,

generic names for manifestation of one's values by Presence Level

unoriented valuationpospolar valuationnegpolar valuationif holed
SubcomponentWORTHY, esteemedappreciatedRAD
Godlyincarnationforce of naturen/a

So let's just say that worth, worthiness, even self-worth, is distinctly unimpressive. And in this day and age, it's also distinctly subpar. Because nowadays most people manage to be valued and a minority even manages to lead meaningful lives. Leading a worthy life is exceedingly pathetic. It is also passé and obsolete. Why, nowadays ambitious people aim to lead productive lives.

So what is the true meaning of Christmas? It's OBSOLETE. There ISN'T ANY POINT TO IT. It's a relic of a bygone age that should never be celebrated and instead be done away with. The only holiday I celebrate is the only one that has any meaning to me. Ascension Day on January 14-16. Actually two other days are worth celebrating but I don't know what July 22nd is called, and I can't date Resurrection Day.

Yes, I just used the word 'worth' about something in my life, and I used it advisedly. Because I unlike all of you do not say that something has worth to me simply because it is mine. I say it has worth because it manifests value at higher levels. And even you pathetic wretches can manage to assign worth to things because they are useful and valuable. I have made worth redundant.

Edit: Actually, worth doesn't even belong in this table at all. It's in a specialized table that describes NARCISSISTS! It's in between protected and precious, and is a kind of noteworthy. No wonder I ... just don't care about it. At all. And that I reuse the word to refer to completely different things. Using it to refer to myself sounds ludicrous and alien.

More importantly, this means Christmas IS EVIL!


Xammer said...

What do NSC, PVC, NVC mean?

Richard Kulisz said...

They're technical terms that would mean nothing to you without a lot of background.

Non-Specific Clarity, Positive Value Clarity, Negative Value Clarity.

You can think of them as Cluelessness, Gutlessness and Wrathfulness. Or Plant, Herbivore, Carnivore. But those are obviously false.

You basically need to understand the value theory of mind to make sense of them. Or I need to figure out the perfect word to describe them.

Anonymous said...