Friday, September 20, 2013

Self-Abasing American Democrats

I just went to DailyKOS and they had a popup begging all their members to abase themselves before Obama's munificence. Some kind of "thank Obama for standing up for gay rights" crap.

Well, isn't POTUS their servant? Wasn't he fucking elected?! If these people had a trace of self-esteem, they would be saying "pat Obama on the head for doing a minimally decent job". So not "thank you" but "good job".

Instead, you've got self-abasement. Instead, you've got craving for abuse, for being beaten, for being made to feel worthless. And this towards the asshole that has more state secrets and stomps on whistle-blowers worse than GWB!

Not that he really matters because he's a gutless figurehead, and he will straightforwardly admit this if you ask. But that's besides the point, the point is the self-abasement. Which is reprehensible and disgusting.

Why? Because self-abasement isn't something that slaves do. Real slaves (think Roman empire, not Uncle Tom) were kind of matter of fact about their slavery. Slavery was just a fact of reality. Nowadays, servitude and being an employee is just a fact of reality.

So if self-abasement doesn't come from Submission and it doesn't come from Passivity then where does it come from? Well, who does it? Adjutants, boot licks and shills. Right-wing authoritarians, narcissists, and psychopaths, respectively. IOW, Evil people.

That's right, self-abasement is something EVIL people do. And DailyKOS, supposedly the province and refuge of American Democrats just told everyone "hey, I'm Evil, why won't you be Evil too?" in an obviously demeaning, dehumanizing and SELF-ABASING way.

And what kind of message is this sending to Obama? Let's assume that he ever receives this message (he won't) and let's further assume that it has any kind of impact upon him (it wouldn't). Then what kind of impact does saying "Hi, we are your supporters and we are EVIL!" going to have? What kind of impact does saying "We are not worthy of you oh great saviour as we are the scum of the Earth" going to have?

If the miserable goatfucker weren't already thoroughly vile and Evil, he would become so. He would also become even weaker, more gutless and totally spineless than he already is. Because in my experience, lowering yourself before others only encourages them to join you by lowering themselves. If you want to raise people up you have to challenge them. Usually the result is intimidating and cowing the fuck out of them, but that's a positive result for an elected official. And double plus good for an American elected official.

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