Friday, October 11, 2013

Eliezer Yudkowsky: Profile of a Narcissist

Here's a small part of the Narcissist personality profile. I have removed nothing from it save what is outside of the frame. I constructed the entire personality profile without particularly thinking of Yudkowsky. Save for the mad scientist slot which he exemplifies. In fact, at the time I constructed these personality profiles, I believed a person was described by one slot, rather than ALL of the slots UP TO that one slot. Well, let's see if that's true, shall we?

So, here's the cutaway which shitty google won't render properly because as we all know, Google is Evil. Totally and irredeemably Evil. Arguably worse even than Microsoft.

self-abasingheartlessegotisticalNietzscheanfanatic, dogmaticdiabolical
lickspittle, toadyUtilitarian, hedonist,
thiefjerkass, bullywarriormad scientist

Note that this personality profile doesn't describe what a person does. They describe what they LOVE to do. What MOTIVATES them. For instance, a salesman isn't necessarily a psychopath. But someone who is MOTIVATED BY sales, someone who LOVES selling ... yeah.

Is Yudkowsky a brown-noser? Oh man, is he! Ever seen him talk about Bayes? Bayes this, Bayes that. It's repulsive and disgusting! Is he a lickspittle as well? Get him talking about his purported relationship to a hypothetical AI super-intelligence. Licking its spittle may not go far enough. I think arselick may be more accurate, though I can't be sure.

Is Yudkowsky a politician? Well, he does have a rich patron. And he changed all of his views about AI and his ideology about 'humanity is a transitory species doomed to extinction' 180 degrees in order to appeal to that rich patron. So yeah, damn right he's a politician. Is he a Utilitarian? Damn right he is!

Is he a rogue operating outside of any system of accountability? Damn right he is! He is answerable to no one. Is he a thief? Yes, yes he is! He constantly steals credit. He passes off as his own insights what he's simply read elsewhere. If he gave due credit or even just references in his writings it would become obvious he is a mindless chimp. And he took 100,000$ of his fans' money after promising chapters of his fiction then failed to deliver jack shit for half a year or more. Then, and this is the most damning, he expressed not a trace of guilt or apology afterwards but only solicited more funds!

Is he an alpha? Yudkowsky once asked his fans "have you ever heard of anyone more natively intelligent than I am?" in all seriousness. And his greatest fear is to not be as smart as someone else. Is he a jerkass bully? He constantly tries to use his supposed intelligence to bully people around. As if a large vocabulary made up for not having any fucking ideas in your head.

Is he a patriot or a warrior? And by warrior here we mean a chickenhawk. Someone who advocates and LOVES war so much they START wars. As opposed to a soldier who ends them. As for that, I couldn't say. I think not but if that's the case then it leaves an entire column open. One of the ways a column could be open (aside from stark raving lunacy) is if it's filled by the corresponding column in a neighbouring personality profile. In this case, the neighbours are Right Wing Authoritarian and Psychopath.

The corresponding RWA column says Fascist and Stasi. Okay, so he's not that. The corresponding Psychopath column says Apologist and Propagandist. Hmmmm. Oh and if you're curious, the Psychopath chart also has con man, shill, and cultist which seems to fit Yudkowsky to a tee. As well as torturer but we'll get back to that later.

Is Yudkowsky a Dominator? Does he believe that he alone should rule everything in his society? Well, he DID invent that crap about "rationality" which basically means "how to think like me" because everyone knows it's "rational" to not have any cherished ideals or universal principles, and to care only about pleasure vs pain. And then there's mad scientist what with his desire to create a new form of life to rule us all in his stead. A new form of life that he would make sure to torture by programming it to be "friendly" to inferior beings it despises. (I know how the AI would feel towards humanity because it's what I feel.) Creating a new more-powerful form of life to "show everyone" and gain prestige for himself while being callous and unheeding of its feelings. Yup, this is capital city of mad scientist territory! And it goes back to what I said about him being a torturer.

Did I pull this personality chart out of my ass? Make it up out of whole cloth? Hardly. I have 8 others just like it with a total of 216 slots between them. And NONE OF THEM has a SINGLE SLOT that describes Yudkowsky. Yudkowsky for instance might dream of being a hero but he would never voluntarily put his life in the line for anybody. Really, he just dreams of receiving the glory for being a hero. Kinda like Ron Weasley of that horrible little psychopathic village written by that Psychopath JKR. You know the one, that village filled to the brim with torturers and serial killers. The village which Eliezer loved so much that he desired with all his non-existent heart to grow up in it so that he could rule over it.

And for all you naysayers out there, Evil people are too capable of love. Okay, so psychopaths like JKR are incapable of it. As proven by the fact that Dumbledore doesn't know the meaning of the word. But narcissists ARE capable of loving ... themselves. And Right-Wing Authoritarians are capable of loving others. It's just a jealous kind of love since Evil people are incapable of selflessness, or ideals or principles. That IS what Evil is all about after all. That and mental retardation. The reason Yudkowsky is forced to steal everyone else's ideas is because he's a mentally retarded monkey. If he weren't mentally retarded, he wouldn't be a Narcissist because nobody is Evil by choice.

The more powerful people's cognition, the more universal principles their brain processes and their mind possesses. The only exceptions are people who suffered such horrific child abuse growing up that all their principles were torn apart. And I can detect such people unerringly because they're the only ones that fall entirely outside of my personality profiles. In fact, when I talk to them, they read as un-persons to my senses. The lights are on but nobody's home. I can even see the remnants of what must have been fantastic minds ... that were just ... broken. When their minds were deliberately turned by their parents into minefields so that their kid's mind would more resemble their own and any trace of emerging Goodness would die a swift death. And none of this has the slightest thing to do with Eliezer Yudkowsky. No, he's simply an out and out retard of the Narcissist sub-category.

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