Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Economists Are Narcissists

Economists are mentally retarded because they are Narcissists. Narcissism fully explains the most distinct and bizarre 'what the fuck is wrong with you' features of economists.

First and most obviously, concepts such as Equity (making physical reality Fair) and Justice (anti-Catastrophe) are hopelessly beyond economists. Because these concepts are NPL +6 whereas economists are NPL +2. Consider NPL a measure of cognitive capacity.

So this is why economists will stare at you with blank incomprehension and vacant mindless faces when you bring those concepts up. Except for so-called 'development economists' but since these are shunned by mainstream practitioners, they hardly count as economists at all, do they?

Second, economists believe that growing up means growing bigger. Oh you have a big GDP, it means you're grown up! Quality is a concept alien to people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, only quantity matters. And that neatly explains the features of GDP versus the GPI.

Third, economists like all Evil people, believe that Submission should take the form of self-abasement. Servile, craven, imitative. So the poor and weak should imitate the rich and strong. That way they will magically become rich and strong through the Magical Law of Association.

These two features together more than explain why economists look at poor countries and say "do what rich countries do" and "there is nothing special that you have to do to grow bigger, it's a normal part of growing up!" Claims whose mental retardation is too much for even Right-Wing Authoritarians to swallow.

Why? Because RWAs are capable of empathy and Narcissists are NOT. Therefore, economists are incapable of conceiving that other people have different wants and needs than they themselves do. Therefore, economists are incapable of conceiving that poor countries have different wants and needs than their own do. And total +lack of empathy is not a mere feature of Narcissism but the definition of it.

The only thing distinguishing an economist from a politician is their commitment to their insane ideology. When politicians cease being clueless, they become economists. And when economists cease being gutless, they become consultants, eager to tell you what you should do despite not really knowing in exchange for lots and lots of money.

So as you can see, economists were born vile, the vileness oozes out of their every pore, and they will die vile. And another word for 'vile' is EVIL. Evil evil evil. EVIL! Unprincipled and heartless. EVIL.

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