Monday, May 23, 2011

On Hatred

It is exceedingly annoying how many people buy into the moronic notion that hatred is evil. Like fuck it is!

Hatred is not evil. Love is not good! Dark is not evil. Good is not nice. Light is not good!

Empathy, altruism, ethics, morality, politeness, and kindness, are all entirely independent concepts. Not a single one of them entails any other!

I have personally used all of the first four as justifications and tools to destroy people. Granted, it was always evil people doing evil things but the point remains.

Evil Love

Love of the world is provably evil since loving something means caring for it as it is. Well, this world is overwhelmingly monstrous and evil. So loving the world translates to trying to preserve evil and monstrosity. Since loving the world means preserving evil, loving the world is evil.

Hatred has its just place in the world. In fact, it is not possible for anyone in this world to be happy in it if they are genuinely and solely concerned with morality and justice.

Evil Construction

Hatred is a destructive emotion just as love is a constructive one. But construction is not good, and destruction is not evil. As proof, look no further to people's constant constructions of evil. 

What, did you think genocides aren't constructed? Did you think child abuse and justifications thereof aren't constructed? Did you think patent systems aren't constructed?

Did you think financial debt, plutarchy, positive interest currency aren't constructed? Did you think gerontocracy, tradition and bride price aren't constructed?


Furthermore, construction and destruction are two sides of the same coin. One needs empty space in order to construct anything at all. It's not going to stay empty so you'd better fill it immediately. In fact, you'd better start filling it just before you make it empty. But destruction of orthodoxy is constructive of revolution.

And every genuinely creative person knows that construction of anything at all is destruction of possibilities. That knowing even a bad solution to a problem is to inhibit the creation of an original solution.

Construction and destruction are inseparable just as love and hatred are.


There are no good or bad emotions. Only good or bad values. Justice, morality, empathy and passion are good. Narcissism and apathy (the signature values of Americans and English respectively) are evil.

You can't turn morality and ethics to evil because they define good. It's also exceedingly difficult to turn empathy to evil. However, construction and love, never mind politeness and kindness, these have nothing to do with good or evil.

It bears repeating.

Hatred is not evil. Love is not good! Dark is not evil. Good is not nice. Light is not good!


boboniboni said...

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Anonymous said...

There are two base emotions LOVE and FEAR. All other feelings and decisions that are made are based on these two emotions. Whichever feeling or emotion you decide to live your life under will decide how you act and where you end up. Hate is simply an expression of fear. This can be a fear of death, fear of embarrassment, fear of rejection, etc. When you express your fears they usually result in negative behaviors. Negative behaviors can include both acting out and withdrawing. Both are negative because neither helps to increase the feeling of love, instead it compounds the fear. Resulting in more hate.

Does this mean you can't hate someone or be scared? No, it simply means that if you teach yourself to identify which emotion (LOVE or FEAR) you are operating under, than you are more likely to make a better decision for yourself.

Richard Kulisz said...

Shut the fuck up you ignorant retard. There are over 400 unique human emotions. There's no such thing as a "base" emotion at all. And love isn't an emotion AT ALL. The proof is that it generates many different emotions from affection to fear to grief and on and on and on. You simply don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

And your claim that aversion and attraction are some sort of fundamental meta-emotions are ridiculous. As is the fact that you can't even name them properly. What a moron you are.

Shut the fuck up you ignorant retard.

Anonymous said...

So, you use TV Tropes to explain your philosophies...