Sunday, July 10, 2011

People's Self-Evaluations

I'm always on the lookout for potential peers and equals. The fact I so rarely find them is one reason why I hate you all. But when I do, talking to them is wonderful and invigorating. Even the occasion where I talked all night with an equal only to decide I despise him for being a nihilist. I never once regretted a single minute of that conversation after the fact. It was a great experience even without counting what I learned that night.

What I regret each and every time is the people who snow me. People who I initially think are my peers and equals but who after being pushed just a little forcefully, end up spouting the most bizarre crap. Stuff like going through a Star Trek transporter means you die and a copy lives on. Or that AI in our future is something you can choose to "believe in". Or that your opinion in a subject is precious and valuable even though I know literally 10 times as much of it as you. Or that "withholding judgement" makes you a nice guy when I would myself have rendered judgement on 1/10th of the data you have available.

I shudder in horror and revulsion every time I find out they lied to me. And they DID lie to me. Every single one of them swear up and down they are logical and creative and intellectual. Then I find out they are incapable of applying their so-called logic to a simple scenario like their mind/body being copied. Or they are incapable (*) of applying their so-called creativity to the ebb and flow (the meta-level) of the conversation they are involved in. Or they are incapable of applying their so-called intellectual curiosity to anything that doesn't have practical ramifications for themselves. When I find out they've lied to me, those are the conversations I regret ever having, those are the people I wish I'd never known.

How can you count yourself an intellectual without being curious? How can you count yourself logical when you can't apply logic to personal situations like your own life and death? How can you call yourself creative when you scorn the very form that original ideas come in as "mere talking"? And yet these people do. Perhaps they think there's something wrong with me for being a linguistic thinker instead of a pictorial one? Oh wait, that would just mean they have no conception what an 'idea' is. No, these are just self-inflating blowhards who like to think they're analytic synthetic intellectuals because it sounds nice. When in reality they're just putting their egos before the truth. And I hate that.

Over 95% of people are cognitively broken. And even though I dismiss greater than 9/10ths of the people I see around as worthless, I still end up with a dud rate of about half. It's pretty sad. And exasperating. Which is probably why I'm not in the mood to handwave these liars away by saying illogical people have no conception of logic or uncreative people have no conception of creativity. That's crap. They should fucking know. It doesn't take much effort to compare yourself to fellow high school students and see that you are more or less capable at math, programming and logic than others. Or that you are more or less capable at artistic and creative endeavours. Or that you are more or less intellectually curious. Who here has never met a good math student, a good student artist, or a good philosophy student?

They should fucking know and they are willfully and blatantly lying.

*: I can tell when someone is resisting willfully versus when they're simply unable. To resist something willfully you have to know it exists and recognize it when you see it. I consider it perverse and exasperating to resist meta-leveling but I can work with it. Just like an artist might work with another who insists on doing everything in black and white, but not with a blind person. There are limits to what one can work with.


Eugenick said...

How can you reconcile "95% of humans are cognitively broken" with your previous statements that "there is no genetically determined human nature"?

Richard Kulisz said...

How can you reconcile war with space flight? How can you reconcile metallurgy with humans being meat sacks? How can you reconcile alternating current with batteries? How can you reconcile that you are a fucking moron talking to a creative genius? How can you reconcile your idiotic nonsensical Chewbacca Defense with my glorious blog? Going by your "logic", if Chewbacca lives on Endor then you must quit this blog forever.

Richard Kulisz said...

The disproof of your ridiculous association is trivial. IF what you're insinuating were at all meaningful THEN it would imply that I am not genetically human. Admittedly I would dearly love to be able to claim this in order to disassociate from you. But it's not true. Neither do I believe I am a meta-human or homo sapiens superior. I do not think my clear and overwhelming superiority to you is due to my genetics.

Richard Kulisz said...

You know, it takes a deeply cognitively broken person to read either of my two blog posts on there not being any "human nature", genetic or otherwise, and understand NONE of it.

Garland said...

can you just answer his question please

Richard Kulisz said...

Can you fuck off and die please?

Go waste your time telling a 6 year old all about how the Apollo moon landings are fake and an Evil god created you.

Garland said...

why would I say that it's not true and I don't get what it has to do with anything

it seemed like a pretty good question, I just don't understand your explanations

Richard Kulisz said...

Let's start with the fact that you sound like a retarded idiot and go on from there, shall we? There's the fact you're totally un-self-conscious about sounding like an idiot. There's the fact the question is idiotic in the extreme. And then there's the fact that the question (and your comments) are in response to me TELLING YOU that YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT. A fucking idiot who is NOT WORTH MY TIME.

I say that 95% of people are cognitively broken. You don't understand how this can be. THEREFORE, MY POST APPLIES TO YOU YOU FUCKING RETARD.

Go away. Leave me alone. Drop dead and die. I don't care what happens to you so long as I never hear from you ever again.

Garland said...

I don't understand why you have a blog if you don't explain things like the guy asked

i can understand 95% being cognitively broken but then are they not genetically determined to be that way? if not when did they break

Richard Kulisz said...

In the womb and in infancy, when neural wiring occurs.

Also, I never said that cognitive capacity isn't genetically determined. I don't know, and neither does anyone else. However, cognitive capacity is NOT "human nature".

Cognitive capacity is fundamental to ALL thinking beings. And the part of humans that is their nature isn't reducible to cognitive capacity, and I doubt to any genetics.

To sum up, the part of human nature that is genetic isn't human. And the part that is human isn't genetic.

It reminds me of 'the part that is true isn't original and the part that is original isn't true'.

Finally, you assume that just because I have a blog, I care about it being popular. A notion I sneer at.