Monday, January 30, 2012

Hypocritical Lying Asshole Brian Wang

Check out this article for a startlingly blatant depiction of hypocrisy and racism. The gist of the article is that China's cities are far smaller than advertised. And in fact, far far smaller than Brian Wang has always boasted they were. Yes boasted since according to him, China having the biggest cities and the biggest contiguous urbanized area were GREAT things. A judgement which would be entirely true if only China's cities were that big or at all contiguous. But now that empirical reality has turned out to trump Brian Wang's racist pro-China hype, suddenly having big cities is a BAD thing. Suddenly, megacities are "ungovernable messes". China = good, India = bad. Four legs = good, two legs = bad.

It's like that all over the place. In the words of this racist asshole, China is consistently just as good as any other industrialized country. And will in fact be BETTER Real Soon Now! When in truth that claim is very far from empirical reality. And China would still be only a developing country at best if it weren't for Japan. That story was also recently on NBF but of course it was spun as "look how much the USA sucks" (something which sounds plausible because it happens to be true for entirely separate reasons) instead of "look how inferior China really is if you take away Japan".

China may or may not achieve the transition to high tech. China certainly amounts to more now than it did 10 or 20 or 30, let alone 40 years ago. And China is so ludicrously over-hyped it's not funny.


Anonymous said...

You really are a deeply unpleasant man.

Your blog is a piece of shit and so are you.

I have no idea how I wound up clicking on your blog, but I know I will never do so again.

You are a spiteful, hateful little cretin who would be better off if you killed yourself by the sounds of it.

You are also nothing original, and I do not find you intelligent at all.

Enjoy your pathetic life of hating humanity you fucking loser.

Lee Wang said...

I came here through NBF, what's with all the hate? NBF has a comment section as well, I'm sure you could articulate whats wrong with how Brian Wang is portraying China. I hope in the future you and certain anonymous posters refrain from this kind of foul language and mudslinging.

Richard Kulisz said...

Brian Wang censors comments he doesn't like. And the basis of his censorship is anything that makes him sound like an idiot and/or is hateful to him.

And I've written several blog posts about what a moronic fucker Brian Wang really is. I've articulated my position very well right here thank you very much.

Quick question: have you read the article where he boosts bricks partly made from wool ... by comparing them to mud bricks? Or how about the multiple articles where he boosts the economics of plastic domes over cities ... without accounting for increased cleaning costs?

Brian Wang is a liar. He systematically lies. Doomers have black coloured glasses on, and boosters like him have got rose coloured glasses on. He lies JUST AS MUCH as the doomers he pours scorn on. That's what's wrong with him.

Richard Kulisz said...

You know, Lee, I don't know where you get the idea that me calling Brian Wang a racist and a hypocrite even remotely qualifies as "mudslinging" let alone "foul language". They are plain unvarnished proven empirical facts.

Since your accusation is so off the wall, coming right out of left field, and completely irrational ... I am left with two hypotheses to explain it.

1. you are completely Americanized and buy into American political correctness.

2. you are a racist who is defensive about being called a racist.

or some combination of both. So which is it?

And I do so hope you're offended by this as that will prove to me that you are irrational on this subject.

Richard Kulisz said...

Oh, I suppose you meant 'asshole', but you see that is remarkably mild for me. Brian Wang is a hypocrite and hypocrites deserve to die. Brian Wang is an inveterate liar and inveterate liars deserve to die. But I never drew the obvious logical conclusion, did I? I merely said he's an asshole. So very mild and restrained of me.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Get your Tourette's and psychosis treated. You need help.

Richard Kulisz said...

Brian Wang's fans sure are defensive.

Unknown said...

As brief as it was, I enjoyed that article by Fingleton. I wish there was more to read. Thanks for sharing.