Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ronald Weasley Is A Lickspittle

Regarding this chapter, the author described very well what an EVIL shit Ronald is, and why I despise him. He is a narcissistic shithead. Lazy, violent, thoughtless, self-centered, HEARTLESS. He doesn't even rise up to being egotistical. He is a swine, a hedonist. Going through life in a purely passive pursuit of mindless pleasure. Especially attention and self-aggrandizement, as all narcissists do.

But beyond that, did you know there are only 27 different possible stable ways to relate to another human being? And so once you know every single one of them then you can perform tricks like figuring out which is Ron's. And come to rather astonishing conclusions.

First, NONE of the 27 ways *seem* to fit Ron. So it appears we have a problem, right?

But if you actually look at the 1-1 interrelationship slot in the same row as 'hedonist'. In fact, the slot that's right besides hedonist ... you have 'lickspittle / toady'.

But wait! Ron couldn't possibly be a lickspittle and toady, right? I mean, he's a fucking asshole who's one step away from beating up an already victimized stupid kid in a murderous rage.

And that's where things get interesting. What you and JKR the psychopath and everyone else dismiss as "jealousy" and "insecurity" is rather curious when you think about it. I mean, what kind of fucking asshole, what kind of fucker HANGS AROUND someone they're jealous of? Someone they're angry at? Someone to whom a more honest and proper emotion would be HATRED?

If Ronald weren't a gormless twit, he would hate Harry Potter. And indeed, in his MORE HONEST moments, this is EXACTLY WHAT HE DOES.

The question naturally arises, if Ronald hates HP, why does he hang around with him?

Because he's a lickspittle and a toady. His problem is that as with all things Ronald, he's incompetent and inept even at being a lickspittle and toady. He's too hedonistic, too lazy, too stupid. Which doesn't stop him from trying. And doesn't stop me from despising him for it, even before I knew what I despised him for.

Why are there so many fics with Ronald the Death Eater? Because it's only a miniscule hop away from Ronald the Lickspittle. It's not even a slide sideways, it's actually IN CHARACTER. The only difference is that instead of being a lickspittle and hedonist, Draco is a brownnoser and politician. Meaning, if Draco grew up (became more Evil), he would be Ronald Weasley. Read that last sentence again if you have to, I know it's surprising.

In canon, when Ronald grows older, he becomes a thief. And yes, that is growing up since he has become more fully Evil. More fully himself. If he grew up any more he'd become a jerkass & bully going in one direction. Or a bandit (actively shaking down people) in the other direction.

JKR seems to have an instinctive understanding of Narcissism. As well as approval of same. But that makes sense for a psychopath who dreams of becoming a torturer. After all, her books are just fantasies for wishful child torturers.

Anyways. Yeah, JKR? Hate, HATE the bitch. Ronald Weasley? Hate, HATE the son of a bitch! Would roast marshmellows over his burning body.

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