Monday, March 03, 2014

Emoting vs Emo-ing

Emoting is Subcomponent level, it's being part of an experience. Emo-ing is Passive level, it's a pathetic disgusting distancing mechanism used to NOT be part of an experience.

Emoting means venting at the cause of your frustration or anger. It means expressing an emotion right there and then when you feel it. Emo-ing means channeling all this emotion and feeling into ... nothing.

Emo-ing is feeling an emotion so you shut it down then you go to your room and cry and scream about the unfairness and hellishness of the world.

What the fuck is this bullshit?! THAT's how pathetic and disgusting emo-ing is!

Emo-ing is PURE DISTANCE. You vent your emotions when they CAN NO LONGER BE PRODUCTIVE! When they can no longer do ANYTHING!

Now do you fucking get it what you're doing wrong you emo-ing retard? And why it's wrong? Not just low and pathetic but lying? First you refuse to say the truth about your emotions and feelings! And then when it no longer means anything you speak it.

In an empty room.

To a statue.

PRETENDING that it's alive and will CARE about you.

Meaning, deluding yourself.

Emos think statues care. Emos think strangers care. Emos delude themselves that their emotions are by themselves somehow magically intrinsically important. Despicable.

And writing a blog post about the retarded emo fucker you're dealing with isn't emo-ing. Nor emoting for that matter. It's threatening abject humiliation so they will fucking stop.

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