Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feminism Is Evil

Feminism ... what is it? Who cares. Take a look through the 200+ other ISMs in the English language, everything from cynicism and romanticism to gaianism to truism to gameism to verificationism to constructionism to anthropocentrism to isomorphism to industrialism.

How many of them reference the human body and a specific subsection of the human population while specifically excluding another specific subsection of the human population? Very few. Feminism belongs to the same category as reactionism, ageism, misandrism, monarchism, racism, nazism and rape apologism.

Both majoritarianism (aka Bolshevism) and minoritarianism (aka Menshevism) reference one subsection of the population ruling over another. As does cooperativism, cronyism and clientelism. You'll never guess who believes in cronyism and clientelism. It's the same people who believe in Gaianism and Greenism, the fucking feudalist freaks!

But none of these ideologies, as Evil as they are compared to Agriculturalism, Communism, Criticism, Goodism, Nudism, and Utopianism, bothers to reference *an arbitrary biological condition you were born into* the same way that Racism and Sexism and Tribalism do. By simple linguistic analysis, Feminism is Evil.

Feminism is the "nice face" of sexist feminazism and misandrism, the same way that deconstructionism is the nice face of solipsism, or totemism is the nice face of shamanism, or fetishism is the nice face of cannibalism, or creationism is the nice face of fundamentalism, or fanaticism is the nice face of eliminationism or ecologism is the nice face of ecofascism, or Machiavellianism is the nice face of Nietzscheanism.

See how it goes? For every dark side there is a light side, for every light there is a dark. Because for every person gutsy enough to engage in violence, there is a gutless freak who shirks from it and honestly sincerely believes it is some kind of a virtue. Despite the counter-example of fetishism - gutless freaks who pay to have children butchered for their body parts to be used as magical ingredients rather than doing the job themselves the way honest cannibals do.

So if feminism is the light side, then it's obviously misandrism and feminazism that is its dark side. And so clearly feminism is the "nice face" of Evil intended to sucker in the crowd of dumbass followers of Egalitarianism. Which means feminism is Evil period. And now the psychological analysis backs up the linguistic analysis, how unsurprising.

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