Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Eat Human

Fat people are ugly and unhealthy and eating fat makes you fat therefore fat is unhealthy and harmful. By the same token, eating cow makes you stupid and placid like a cow. Eating pig is not as harmful because pigs are smarter. But the best food of all is human beings. The more humans you eat, the more human you are.

I recommend against eating gaians and greens and hipster's brains since they'll surely make you stupid. I highly recommend eating them though. Or just killing them if you can't stomach cannibalism. Not that cannibalism could apply to eating them though since they are not human beings.

To whit, gaians and green and hipsters all honestly genuinely believe that humans are absolutely identical to animals in their brains and important mental abilities. And if it's okay to kill and butcher animals because they are clearly subhuman then the same must be true for gaians and greens and hipsters: they are subhuman.

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