Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Interfaces Worthy Of The Name

Between self-sufficient concepts such as cars or Class Car on the one hand and large scale models on the other hand, there are interfaces. Not interactions or relationships but interfaces. The problem is that the software industry is extremely impoverished in those and as a result, dealing with it is excruciating torture to me. Because interfaces are what I'm best at and what I love. MVC is a good example of interfaces which are debilitatingly painful to me due to being hopelessly broken and low-level.

Think about it and think about how many concepts there are for large scale structure. Some patterns, architectures, frameworks, libraries, that's 4 categories already. Then how many concepts there are for small scale self-sufficient structure, probably hundreds of the latter. And then how many concepts there are for interfaces that one would be willing to use (so command and instruction and function don't count).

Events? But events are broken and not first class, so they aren't real. Object-capabilities? Disgustingly low level and broken. Object, maybe but that counts as small-scale structure really, or non-interface even. So there's message passing, inheritance, polymorphism? that one doesn't count. delegation. cloning vs instantiating, subclassing. Oh yes, aspects vs crosscutting, those are nice. Agents? Not really. Actors? Hmm maybe, maybe not. Probably not. Meh, probably yes but the problem is I just don't give a damn since it's about distribution and concurrency.

So there's no first class events, there's no first class dependencies, aspects aren't in any language I know. Transformational programming seemed in its infancy when I first heard about it, and I've never heard anyone ever ever mention it since then. Namespaces suck rocks so they're broken. Naked Objects? Oh yeah there's some guy who implemented it as a library or framework in Java, that's good for him honestly but doesn't count. Especially with the implementation being so kitsch and primitive rather than thorough and comprehensive. I mean, where's the IDE using naked objects? Nowhere.

There's remote message sends and proxy object, doesNotUnderstand: NullObject, those are another 4 interface concepts. So that makes what? 10? An even dozen? Twenty? It doesn't matter how many there are because here's the sick thing, they're enumerable. and they're not categories of things either, they're discrete instances of interfaces.

The software world forms an uncanny valley type field to me. There's large scale structure and then there's small scale structure and there's no bridges between them.

I don't think I'm the only one who loathes debugging or reverse-engineering with a passion. But I do think I'm the only one who understands why. The tools are worthless because the concepts to even minimally support asking "where did this bug come from?" and "how do I use this?" don't exist in software.

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