Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hating the world and the people in it

Look around you at the Earth and you'll see a world of genocide, mass murder, rape, neglect, infanticide, child abuse, sexual slavery, child sexual slavery, impoverishment, insanity, misery, death and slavery.

Who is responsible for this world? It's the people in it, the people who are psychotic and psychopathic, delusional and unfeeling. It isn't "economics" nor "technology" nor "physics" nor "human nature". Economics is what we make it, technology is sufficient, physics doesn't hinder us, and there is no single human nature.

Look around at the world, really look at it, and the only healthy response, the only response motivated by human feeling and reason, is hatred. Frustration with what it could be and deep loathing of what it is. And for this reason the only possible response to the people in this world, the people who make it the living hell it is today, is hatred too. Or just perhaps compassion. But never love.

One cannot love a world of misery unless one is greatly deranged. Nor can one love a world of masochists and sadists and psychotics and psychopaths without being deeply disturbed. One may freely hold hatred and contempt in one's heart, and when the planets align one may find compassion in it, but love of this world and communion with the people in it is nothing short of insanity.

Empathy and mental health do not mean that one is nice, polite, forgiving or accepting of one's fellow man. On the contrary, mental health in a sick world means that you regularly scream in rage and frustration, that one is "maladjusted" and "anti-social", that one hurls imprecations at the casual injustices of the world. And if this great swell of anger falls on other human beings then so be it.

No person can willingly take the pain of this world without being a martyr. And since martyrdom is a sign of insanity, no sane person can be a saint. What matters isn't sainthood but reason, empathy and justice. If you hate humanity for its shortfalls of reason, empathy and justice, then so be it.


Adam Spitz said...

Does screaming in rage actually help you achieve your purposes?

(I mean that as an honest question, not a rhetorical one. What you said is interesting to me because I've never heard anybody say it, and I've heard lots of people say the opposite.)

What you said about hatred reminded me of a quote from The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand. :) "One can't love man without hating most of the creatures who pretend to bear his name. It's one or the other. One doesn't love God and sacrilege impartially."

Anonymous said...

Christianity deals with this by accepting "this" isn't the only world.

Richard Kulisz said...

Christianity deals with it through infantile escapism. Running away from your responsibilities and going back to daddy.

Anonymous said...

When you see a world of hateful people, is reacting with hatred rational? Or does this rather say something about you, and the way you feel about humans?
Contrary to your statements in this comment, I believe you have a rather Christian mindset. You see 'sin' in the actions of humans, and your solution to this problem is a rather Christian solution as well: punishment. You punish the 'sins' of others with hatred.
Do you honestly think that you are so morally superior to everyone else that your hating them is different from their hating each other? You're committing 'sins', too.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like you've met very many nice people :-(

Sure, the world has a lot of messed-up folk but I think the majority are pretty decent.

It's unfortunate that the sort of people who desire power and wealth at the expense of others will by their nature achieve their aims.

Richard Kulisz said...

The majority would cause everyone to freeze to death because they want to protect the Gaia godess from the nukular plants. Or they think there's nothing wrong with producing a new and improved landmine. It's New! and Improved! what could be wrong with that?! Greater than 95% of people are magical thinkers or engineers. The former are inherently evil, no matter how good they try to be, and the latter are completely amoral. The problem you see is that most people think locally and act globally. They let themselves become part of a machine with global reach without wondering even once what the machine does on that scale. This desire to latch onto a machine, any machine whatsoever, and become part of it is selfishly destructive. And that is a pretty good definition of 'evil'. Hence, most people are evil.

UltraContemptor said...

I've been attacked ALWAYS UNPROVOKED by boys and men at least 10 times, whom I didn't know and twice by ones whom I know. Once I narrowly avoided being turned to pulp by 6 people (likely inflicting severe brain damage or death. To date they've only managed to land 4 blows to my head and 5 kicks to my legs, none of which hurt bad. I've counted. I've also been bit and spat at by women and men.

I'm good, smart looking, and everyone of them except for one were average or ugly and stupid looking.

The only people I feel entirely safe around are good, smart looking - check out entrepreneurs and scientists and supermodels - preferably wealthy people.

I've been around many dogs, but I've been bitten by only one once, and the dog was as crazy as its owners.

I, as they say, feel you.

UltraContemptor said...

I've only acted in self-defense and ran away and been saved by the police twice. I understand the police inflicting unnecessary pain on their "customers". Some of them never get to taste their own medicine otherwise.

Many girls and women absolutely hate it when a guy is severely better looking than them, in a totally different class. They treat you like shit. They talk in an irritated tone. Perhaps because they "know" that good looking guys are conceited and they don't have a chance with you. Or they ask you to start dating or even marry on the spot when they meet you (7 times, I'm counting - I told you, good looking, "angelic" I've been told). Especially the ugly ones. Or they grab you like I suppose many treat women and try to kiss you by force.

None of the people I've met are as realistic as you, Richard. Not even myself. :) I'm learning. Thanks for leaking some of your intelligence into the world.