Saturday, February 03, 2007

If I were an Evil Emperor

  1. I would not think that war solves every problems
  2. I would not make a laughingstock of myself by posturing
  3. I would shoot all obsequious yes-men
  4. I would not open my economy to competition with a slave holding state
  5. I would not consider the foundation of my industrial economy to be passé
  6. I would not confuse price with value
  7. I would not keep my colonies de-industrialized since they are my colonies and my power base
  8. I would execute every shill economist and political scientist working for the good of some privileged class at the expense of the good of my empire
  9. I would make an example out of anyone claiming my empire doesn't matter because the world is going to end within a few years
  10. I would deal with everyone regardless of their ideology, I am strong enough to let people think they are free while manipulating them for my uses
  11. I would execute the landed gentry, their existence demoralizes the workers who are the foundation of my empire


zap said...

Eccentric masturbatory fantasies you have there, Richard. Seems like you have the 'evil' part down; now you only need the 'emperor' part. It would be a most interesting implementation of "anarchism", I am sure. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Would you consider adding "I will not reveal my master plan while there is still a chance of being foiled?"

Richard Kulisz said...

I'm pretty sure that the Rules for an Evil Overlord deal with that.

Anonymous said...

"I would not think that war solves every problems"

You DO seem to think that executions solve around 1/3 of your problems.

Anonymous said...

That song you qouted is not about humans