Sunday, December 12, 2010

Delicious - Yet Another Epic Yahoo Failure

Those of you who use well remember the black day that Yahoo bought it several years ago.

The very first thing those dirty fuckers did was turn the site over to a bunch of graphics designers who set out to make it "pretty". Yes the search function became vastly faster since yahoo put it on new servers. So much faster that it became actually useable. But everything else dwindled in quality.

The most egregious and massive of these pathetic excuses for designers' blunders was to relegate the save-bookmark function, the one function the whole site revolves around, somewhere entirely forgettable. So forgettable in fact that I have repeatedly forgotten it. May those fuckers burn in chlorine gas.

Did these morons learn from their errors? Not at all. In fact, they just did it again. They just changed the save-bookmark function so that it's "interactive", so that it brings up a filthy dialog. And since you probably don't know, let me inform you right here that dialogs are crimes against user design and ought never exist.

So instead of the full-screen save-bookmark page which had a nice layout of your tags, others, tags and recommended tags that you could click on in order to tag your bookmarks. Now, now you have nothing. You just have a filthy fucking DIALOG (all "pretty") with none of the previous functionality. Saving bookmarks is now officially unuseable.

In fact, with this one single change, has officially reverted from a social web 2.0 site to an individualistic web 1.0 site. Is it any wonder that Yahoo, that cesspit of cretins, is going under? Bah, this is the same company that started out using LISP and downgraded to a more "popular" language when it sold out.

Die Yahoo, die. Fucking die already!

[December 2011, and it's actually even worse now.]


If anyone knows of an alternative to Delicious then please, please comment.

Note 1) anything advertised as "prettier than Delicious" is an automatic FAIL.

Note 2) I don't give a fuck what other people read. The social part of a social bookmark site is the shared ontology.

So can someone please give me the name of a social bookmarking site not intended for popularity-seeking group-thinking cretins?!

Back in the day, I had reddit for all of that group-thinking crap. And I abandoned it because I hate most people. I do not want my bookmarking site to be a new reddit!

Hell, until just now I never believed people used delicious that way. Which just goes to show that no matter how good your imagination is, and no matter how much you despise humans, you will always underestimate human stupidity.


Pinboard sucks. I don't know if it's my version of Opera being flaky and I don't give a shit. At least delicious' basic scripts never, ever flaked out on me. I bought an account and this is what I can't do that I SHOULD be able to do since it was all ADVERTISED,

  1. I can't edit the tags on a bookmark once saved
  2. I can't delete a bookmark at all - clicking on 'really cancel?' just doesn't do anything
  3. clicking on 'add a url' doesn't give me any clickable tag cloud with recommended tags. I know there's some obscure option in the settings that gives you this by default. Well I'm not going to hunt down how to turn on something that should NEVER be off. This is craptastic design.
  4. clicking on 'add a url' doesn't auto-insert the title of the web item
  5. the bookmarklets can't be added to Opera which makes them completely fucking useless as far as I'm concerned. And if there's a way to add them, I don't know it and I've ceased caring. The scripts for the bookmarklets are also flaky as hell.
  6. the auto-synchronize with delicious doesn't work. Or at least it doesn't work within an hour of turning it on. That's pretty fucking bad.

Too fucking bad because Pinboard lets you add and tag notes which is something I've dearly wanted for maybe 2 years now. But it's completely unusable as far as I'm concerned.

Let me repeat I don't care whose fault it is. It doesn't fucking work - that's all I care about.

I am pissed and I want a refund.


Anonymous said...

just fyi.... you can use the bookmarklet to save. i didn't notice the change, because the bookmarklet is still the same:

Richard Kulisz said...

The bookmarklets were always defective compared to the full screen save. It's the reason I never liked using them in the first place. You didn't see the change because all along you were used to something exactly as defective as what I'm complaining about. Really, it's like people exclaiming that there's nothing wrong with opening and saving files and documents in Windows because Unix does it the same way.

Anonymous said...