Saturday, January 08, 2011

Contour Crafting

One of the fulcrum points of society is Contour Crafting technology. What's the guy done in the past 5 years to develop this technology? My guess is absolutely nothing. This technology could be out there even without the integrated utilities he was going on about, but no. Apparently it's much better to keep it under wraps so nobody hears about it. What the fuck? It's not like he lacks money or interest, at least two different companies have worked with him.

This tech is much too important to the entire planet to leave it in the hands of one guy. If he doesn't come out with it then fuck him. If you know anyone with an aptitude or enthusiasm for mechanical engineering, then you might mention this to them. Once the tech is developed, it would be a very simple matter to sell it to the Chinese who don't give a flying fuck about patents or intellectual property.

All this planet needs is for one or two people to work on this and develop the technology.

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