Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Obama Is Worse Than Stalin

In the USA, millions of oppressed people are starving or dying from lack of access to food, drugs or medical treatment.

In the USA, public hygiene and anti-poverty measures to save the oppressed underclass from runaway plagues such as tuberculosis, MRSA and HIV are non-existent.

In the USA, citizens' private communications are under constant 24 hour surveillance.

In the USA, citizens can be stripped of all of their possessions for having listened to a song.

In the USA, Imagine by John Lennon is censored because it is illegal to imagine a world without christofascist religion.

In the USA, the laws as written never matter, only your connections to the ruling class and the Party.

In the USA, the rate of incarceration quadrupled over the last thirty years, even as the rate of violent crime halved.

In the USA, 2.3% of the general population were either incarcerated or under some form of limited release. Under Stalin in 1951, the Gulag system held 1.4% of the general population.

In the USA, police torture of prisoners is protected by the State.

In the USA, most prisoners are in prison for political crimes like smoking grass (made illegal because it represents lack of ambition and treason to the Mexicans).

In the USA, and unlike in civilized countries such as China, Kenya and Serbia, prisoners are stripped of their every last political right.

Not that it matters since vote rigging makes voting meaningless, in the dictatorship that is the USA.

Not that this matters since bribery is officially permitted, in the third-world dictatorship that is the USA.

In the USA, prisoners are forced to work as slaves, just like in the Gulag system.

The big difference is that Stalin's Gulag system was dismantled almost immediately after his death, after 30 years of life. The USA's prison system has already had 30 years of growth, has been institutionalized, and so seems set to be dismantled only after the position of POTUS is dismantled.

The other big difference is that Stalin lived and ruled back when fascism was openly espoused and practiced by every advanced country, when fascism was normal. Today, the USA is a fascistic totalitarian dictatorship when democracy is normal.

Obama is POTUS and POTUS is worse than Stalin, therefore Obama is worse than Stalin.


Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat impressed that you managed to call a run-of-the-mill spineless politician worse than one of the worlds greatest mass-murderers. Your reality-tunnel is quite unique.

Richard Kulisz said...

Unlike *some* people, like you, I do not have preconceived beliefs about reality or what I'm willing to argue. That's called Prejudice.

Nor do I let others (either in their speech or writings) dictate to me what my beliefs about reality ought to be. That's called being a group-thinking moron.

The way I operate is precisely the opposite of determining the truth before you argue about it. I determine the truth AFTER I argue for it.

I'm willing to argue anything and everything. And if it turns out that I can make a successful argument for something then it must have, retroactively, been the truth all along.

Don't break your brain trying to understand these simple notions.

Oh and by the way, I'm pretty sure lots of people would claim Churchill was worse than Hitler. The only difference is he got away with it.