Sunday, July 07, 2013

Signs of the Superior Intellect According To Eliezer Yudkowsky

It's wise to keep track of what your mortal enemies do, and there's little that more exemplifies Pure Evil in this world than Eliezer Yudkowsky. Not even American corporations ... okay, equaled only by American corporations. But American corporations are a known and predictable quantity. So anyways, if you've read Yudkowsky's Methods of Rationality (gag, what a pretentious title) then you know that Yudkowsky considers all of these to be signs of the superior intellect,

  • multiple personalities disorder
  • hedonism
  • lack of empathy
  • dominance and competitiveness
  • pretentious misuse of language

That's right, if you're hearing voices in your head that means you're thinking faster than other people. Which of course means you're cool and superior and a better person since hearing only ONE voice in your head (your own) is for normal (ie, inferior) people. It doesn't mean you have a clinical disorder which should lead to your getting checked into a mental institution. We know mental institutions are for inferior intellects anyways, right? And we know that being "special" could never be bad!

Additionally, if your entire life is governed by senseless pursuit of meaningless pleasure and pain (sex, drugs and rock n roll is just one option; adulation and glory are another; parties and art objects another) to the point where you spend hours calculating just how much of that next dose of powdered pleasure you should take for maximum effect then you're a superior intellect. It certainly doesn't mean that you are an animalistic savage. The kind of savage that's lower even than cannibalistic savages. Also known as an animal. No no, you are superior for thinking like an animal!

Furthermore, if you are incapable of understanding other people then it means that they are inferior to you. They are "irrational" and you yourself are simply too "rational" to grasp them beyond enumerating their "biases" and naming them. It certainly doesn't mean that you are the inferior person since you're incapable of grasping them. After all, everyone knows that children and toddlers are beyond the comprehension of adults, they're simply too inferior to be understood. The same way that adolescents are beyond the comprehension of their teachers. Or animals are beyond the comprehension of zookeepers. Inferiority is incomprehensible.

Going on, if you're obsessed with petty dominance games which others tend to grow out of as they reach adulthood (except for right-wing authoritarians, narcissists and psychopaths) then it means that you are good at those games. It certainly doesn't mean that you're an idiot incapable of grasping that "winning" and "being #1" are categorically (everywhere and everywhen, in every instance) corrosive and destructive. That there is absolutely nothing redeeming about 'making others lose' whatsoever and that only small children and retarded people (and Americans, at the risk of being redundant) believe in something so atrociously idiotic. After all, we all know where America's obsessive-compulsive desire to be #1 led it to - trillions in debt after a destructive war in Iraq. And that's a GOOD place to go to!

Finally, Bayes Bayes Bayes, meta meta meta, bias bias bias, probability probability probability. Misusing Bayes' theorem when you really mean probability, misusing meta- when you really mean regression (the meta-level of playing against a chess player is playing a different variant of chess, not playing smarter), misusing bias when you mean prejudice, and misusing probability when you mean guesstimate or SWAG (scientific wild ass guess), these all mean that one is smart, S-M-R-T. Just like making unnecessary and incorrect references to popular culture means that one is more popular than thou. Just like making religious references means that one is holier than thou. Isn't that right you sinful heathens?! Watch as I bask in my holiness! It's simple logic! Surround yourself with SYMBOLS of intelligence and it MAKES you intelligence!

So THESE are the signs of the superior intellect. An idiot animal incapable of understanding any human beings who hears voices in his head and has been trained to yap particular words like a parrot. And just like Khan's, I am laughing at the superior intellect. Incidentally, Khan Noonian Singh is everything that Eliezer Yudkowsky wishes he were. Except for the part about dying in a blaze of glory. Eliezer is simply too gutless to do that.


Anonymous said...

Not that you're off the hook:

Richard Kulisz said...

And who are you exactly? And why should anyone care about you? Because of your overweening humility and self-effacement? How despicable and disgusting. Erase yourself.

Anonymous said...

I happen to be a random internet commenter, who in the process of investigating the AI box experiment and the wacky antics of Eliezer Yudkowsky, happened upon this website and was struck by the contrast between the reasonable criticism of Yudkowsky to your irrational attitude to... well, just about anything else. To wit:

I think a more appropriate question is: Why should anyone care about *you*? To paraphrase another thing that I saw recently, he may be the kettle, but you're the fucking pot and you know it. At least Yudkowsky is an idiot whose notoriety is great enough that his work has been criticised by Randall Munroe in the context of xkcd. You can't even manage that.

Richard Kulisz said...

That was a rhetorical question, nobody. You're a nobody, insignificant, and you LOVE being a nobody and being insignificant. And I despise it.

There's only two kinds of people with your personality type who are kill-worthy. Those who want humanity to have never existed (gaians). And those who want humanity to be insignificant (greens). You belong to the latter category.

I know literally hundreds of distinct types of people who all deserve to die, to be exterminated from existence and extirpated from the future. You're on the edge of deserving to live. Oh so close and oh so far. Die motherfucker.

And if you won't put a gun to your head and shoot yourself because you're too hypocritical to stand up for your own beliefs, then why don't you stand up for your principles in another way by shutting your stupid mouth up and being the insignificant nobody you not so secretly believe everybody should be.

Everybody includes you so you can start shutting up right now. You can be a martyr to your cause by quietly going to a garbage dump and shooting yourself in the head. That way you win, I win, we all win!

See, everything is so much clearer when we all UNDERSTAND each other. By having EMPATHY.

I know your kind likes to proclaim how much you understand others, and I also know your worst nightmare is someone who can empathize with you. And finally, I know that you genuinely believe otherwise because you lie to yourself as much as to everyone else.

Your kind uses your fake pretend-empathy to proclaim that we all should get along and should all be humble and should all be friendly to each other and care about nothing but bare survival ... just like you. Meanwhile, people with genuine empathy know that you should die. Why? Because not so secretly but deep down you want to die. Or become irrelevant which is frankly a fate worse than death. After all, death is momentary whereas irrelevance lasts forever.

So take your pro-irrelevance attitude and channel it through a bullet that goes right through your skull. An entry wound and a very large exit wound, that's what I want to see from you!! Or actually, not see, since you're irrelevant like that.

Richard Kulisz said...

In case you didn't get it, I won't stoop to answer your questions or accusations. Anyone with a smidgeon of intelligence (which excludes you) will be able to cobble together why the fuck they should listen to me (including why you should die).

I will however stoop to mock your appeal to the masses and appeal to xkcd as if those are kinds of authority I don't despise. I've despised xkcd's creator since I talked to him years ago. But of course, your principles of total and utter irrelevance makes it so you can't muster anything but a totally irrelevant thought in your empty irrelevant head.

Oh and I suggest you die. Seriously. It would be the culmination and apotheosis of everything you strive for.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess: You're from one of those countries where they haven't yet learned that appeals to violence are so very dismal and lacking in subtlety and intelligence. I don't know if you're American or not, but you sound like it, with your vulgar exceptionalism and your lust for violence. I find it so incredible that the Yanks have managed to become so powerful, despite so many of them being incapable of more than bluster and bombast.

I live in a country where firearms are by-and-large illegal. This is a consequence of the history of the country, where the shadows of violence stemming from the movement for independence and the subsequent civil war have only just faded from living memory. As a consequence, I find myself rather disdainful of those that appeal to violence, especially in such a crude and vulgar manner. Of course, wherever you come from, even if it isn't America, they obviously haven't taken enough cues from the Brits. In Britain, egotism is the sign of a chav, somebody who is too ill-educated to practice the subtlety required to keep the upper lip stiff. So, either you're a Yank or a chav - and I suspect the latter, since at least some of the Americans have done something worth talking about, even if they needed the help of the Poles, the Hungarians, the Germans and the Brits to get there.

Richard Kulisz said...

Blah blah blah blah. You talk and you talk to try to confuse and obfuscate the issue that you're a hypocrite who ruthlessly violates his own principles. Oh and that you're gutless besides. Go die. There's plenty of ways for you to do it in a totally gutless manner, you just have to be creative about it. In your case, I suggest you sign up for Doctors Without Borders as a nurse and ge straight to Liberia then just stay there until the end.

Anonymous said...

You don't get it, do you? You've already lost the argument. You lost the argument from the very moment that you once again demonstrated your cretinism and vulgarity and that you apparently take your intellectual ideals from the back of cereal boxes and the lyrics of S.O.D. songs (cf. "Kill Yourself", Speak English or Die, Stormtroopers of Death, 1985). At least S.O.D. had a sense of humour, though and were clearly doing it to have a laugh. You seriously seem to believe your own bullshit.

Face it, Kulisz. You're a loser and you always will be.

Richard Kulisz said...

"I was losing an argument? I don't even think I heard an argument. Maybe some whining about waah waah Dissy so mean calling me a dumb pony because pot, kettle, chartreuse. Yes, I told an entire pantheon of overbearing, busy-body stuffed shirt would-be do-gooders that they were idiots, with predictable results." There was a bright flash, and he was holding... a cardboard box, with a plush toy version of himself inside the box. "See what it says there on the bottom? Discord, Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. If I tell entities the hard cruel truth about themselves and they don't like it and throw a hissyfit, because they wanted us all to join paws and sing Friendship Songs and pretend that the elephant in the room is just there to borrow a cup of sugar and will be heading back home any moment now, and I couldn’t tolerate the blind idiocy one moment longer... that doesn't make me stupid. It makes me true to myself. ..."

Go be a hero and go save other people's lives until you die. Random strangers deserve to live infinitely more than you do.

Anonymous said...

Getting out the JCB, I see, since you clearly weren't digging yourself into a hole quickly enough with your shovel. Just a note: Phrasing your response in the form of some sort of non-sequitur fantasy story with an author insertion character isn't the most effective way to get your point across, unless of course your objective is to go from merely contemptible to downright hilarious.

>> that doesn't make me stupid. It makes me true to myself. ...

Keep believing that.

Richard Kulisz said...

Your personality type doesn't believe in any of:

* personality types
* values
* principles
* ideals

only self-preservation. To be craven is for you to be true to yourself. And anyone who acts in a non-craven manner or interprets "true to himself" in a non-craven way must be some kind of idiot since other kinds of people simply don't exist.

I know you too well craven idiot.

In any case, is there some kind of reason you're talking to yourself on my blog in long comments I barely snatch a word or two out of before responding? Some pathetic semblance of human contact? Oh right, I forgot: your type are positively obsessed with contact. Second only to survival.

Anonymous said...

>> In any case, is there some kind of reason you're talking to yourself on my blog in long comments I barely snatch a word or two out of before responding?

To be perfectly honest, I've been seeing how far you'll go to desperately justify your pathetic ramblings. It appears to me that if you really thought I was so insignificant, it would have been far more contemptuous to just ignore me. The fact that you didn't suggests that you're as much of a hypocrite as you suggest I am. Perhaps you're even afraid - not of me, of course; your ego would never let you admit that, but of what I represent: Somebody whose opinions differ from yours, somebody who isn't cowed by your juvenile and adolescent threats of violence, somebody who won't facilitate your Special Snowflake Syndrome.

Of course, your ego would never let you admit that either, so there are four ways I can see this going: You continue ranting on, further digging yourself into a hole; ignore me - and we all know that wouldn't be your idea; block me from further comments as demonstration of your inability to face facts - or you could admit that you're a loser and all of this can be over. It's your call; I don't really care which choice you take.

>> I know you too well craven idiot.

Keep believing that.

Richard Kulisz said...

I am ignoring you. You confuse me talking to you with paying you attention.

Also, between your obsession with human contact and your total lack of any intellect, it's logical that ignoring someone is the most extreme way you can express your contempt for them.

Not so for me. For me it's using my empathy to give them exactly what they want in the most destructive way possible for them. I genuinely want to convince you to die.

Richard Kulisz said...

I forgot! The reason you don't want to die with your fervent ideal of universal irrelevance isn't because you haven't previously considered the fact that your death would make you more irrelevant to everyone. Rather, it's because you mistakenly believe it would make you MORE relevant. You believe that shows of grief and mourning during funerals are genuine. You believe that the few seconds per month that people think about the "dearly departed" are important. You never bothered to compare them to the hours of their time you take up every week with your life. You never bothered to amortize those few hours of grief come funeral day over the years they have of not knowing you. You never bothered to balance the mourning against the apathy that follows it. Believe you me, nobody really cares about the dead and least of all suicides. Love withers and attachments die in short order. So you can do exactly what you were meant to do: save more worthy people at the risk of your life until your own life is fully expired.

Anonymous said...

>>I am ignoring you.

wow such 1181 words much ignore.

Try again, retard.

>>I genuinely want to convince you to die.

Yeah, well, you're doing a really shitty job.

Try again, retard.

>>For me it's using my empathy to give them exactly what they want in the most destructive way possible for them.

Keep believing that.