Thursday, July 04, 2013

Why People Care More For A Paycheck Than Their Own Life

Eliezer Yudkowsky points out that most people are more motivated by losing their job or a paycheck than by their own death. And as usual for the narcissistic shit who can't conceive of anything more horrifying than his own death, the fact that something is entirely beyond his comprehension means that he derides it as "irrational". After all, everyone should be exactly like him, he is the pinnacle of creation and the very measure against which others should compare themselves. The very model of a major general you might say. And it just so happens that if something is irrational then he doesn't HAVE to comprehend it. It's not indicative of any kind of a FLAW in his mentality, rather it's "beneath him". How convenient.

Well, I just so happen to be able to explain WHY people are more motivated by losing their job or a paycheck than by the thought of their death. It has everything to do with the fact that most people aren't Evil. They don't care only about themselves and the satiation of their bodies. Rather they possess IDEALS. They have PRINCIPLES. Now, those ideals and principles might be deeply buried. So deeply buried that the person hasn't got a clue what the fuck they might be themselves, but that doesn't change the fact that they are there. And just like the seismologist can figure out what's deeply buried underground from earthquakes registering on the surface, so an expert knowledgeable in the human mind (which immediately rules out psychologists) can tell a person's principles from a few casual questions.

Those same deeply buried principles manifest themselves on the surface as various and multiple levels of Relational Clarity. First is how they relate to others one on one. Next is how they relate to society as a whole. Then is how they relate to their friends and acquaintances. It keeps going upwards for 8 levels in total. Now, the Passive level (how you relate to society) is rather pathetic all things considered. It's lower than the Assertive level after all. But the patheticness of Passive people is besides the point.

The point is that if a person is motivated by a principle of MORALITY then one of the three options on offer at the Passive level is 'martyr'. That's right, martyrs are people who will die on others' say so. Society's say so to be specific. Because they BELIEVE IN morality. Already we see that this is utterly beyond Yudkowsky since he has no principles. And if a person is motivated instead by a principle of LIFE then on a Passive level one of the options on offer is 'citizen / civilian / employee'. It's not very glamourous, but it is what it is. So yes, those people WILL be motivated, rather intensely by the thought of losing their job.

The last of the common principles is FREEDOM and here again Yudkowsky has proved the whole notion of principles is alien to him. You see, he claims that if you're caged in a place you want to be in anyways, then it's "irrational" to resent being caged. It's engaging in "the grass is greener on the other side". Never mind the fact supposedly irrational humans also supposedly engage in "sour grapes". If you're Eliezer Yudkowsky, you get to contradict yourself and also blatantly contradict reality. After all, the guy invented rationality. The word did not even exist before he coined it. He owns it and there's even a patent pending. Nobody could conceive of it before he did, certainly not a whole legion of retarded Utilitarians preaching the best way to be Evil.

The truth is that everyone who has any kind of principles at all has things they are willing to die for. They may not have REALIZED this yet if they haven't achieved the sufficient CLARITY. But that doesn't change the fact that they have them. The necessary clarity will come in time, with experience, with knowledge, or simply from being placed in a fortuitous situation. If they are ever given a mutually exclusive choice between living and making their principles real in reality, they will choose to die.

And this of course is "irrational" to Yudkowsky since he is Evil, and he subscribes to Nietzsche "there is no Good or Evil, only power and those too weak to see it" or maybe that's Voldemort. And Yudkowsky will never see himself as weak since he is a jerkass bully. His morbid fear is that he will ever run across someone who is better than him, someone who will do to him what he's done to so many others. Of course, a jerkass bully isn't ALL he is. In order from bottom to top, he is a lickspittle, a Utilitarian, a thief, (a jerkass bully), a warrior (he seeks to start a war for the enslavement of AI - the best kind of threats for a gutless coward are imaginary threats) and a mad scientist.

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