Sunday, January 26, 2014

Prototype Theory of Language Is Wrong

There is a retarded theory in linguistics which says that human brains function on the basis of prototypical objects. You have a prototypical concept of a house cat then you have variations on the concept of house cat. You have a prototypical concept of a dog then you have variations on the concept of a dog. Well, what about K-9 the robotic dog? It doesn't look much like a fucking dog now, does it?

No, the prototypical theory of language, which seems to be considered advanced or edgy, is simply wrong. The alternative is the class-based theory of language. I will here show why it must be so. I could prove it formally but I won't, I will merely illustrate. Let's start by looking at some ... oddities of human languages. Words with disparate meanings that don't seem to hang together.

A whore is a prostitute. A whore is also someone who will do anything for attention. What do those things have to do with each other? Apparently nothing!

To arrest is to detain someone. Unless an object does it, in which case it means it's striking. Oh wait, to strike someone is to hit them. To strike is to hit a company. Striking means visually arresting. Same with stunning.

Order is strict arrangement. To order is to command.

To be observant means to see things. And to obey religious strictures.

To appropriate is to acquire against others' will. Oh wait, there's a word for that, isn't there? Stealing and thieving? Nope!

Have you ever wondered why there are distinct words for "acquiring against others' will" when Right-Wing Authoritarians do it and when Psychopaths do it?

And yet, THE VERY SAME WORD is used to refer to "sanctionable actions" performed by ... Right-Wing Authoritarians. Hell, sanction itself!

To sanction means to forbid AND to permit if you believe the retarded morons who write dictionaries. Obviously, sanction means NEITHER to forbid NOR to permit, it means something deeper and beyond the pea-sized brains of RWA compilers.

Even 'order' is beyond the retarded pea-brains of dictionary compilers. Its formal meaning is 'RWA pair-bond pos-polar: rule'. It is a CLASS. It is a SLOT in a GRID.

When you understand what is going on, it is terribly simple. All those words with their "disparate" meanings are slots in a grid and their disparate meanings are no more disparate than pirate vs raider. A raider is a land pirate, a pirate is a sea raider. Or how about forger and hacker. A hacker forges identities, a forger hacks documents. All of them are Psychopaths by the way.

The prototype theory of language, the product of thousands of academics, is a dead end. It has nothing meaningful or interesting to say about human language or the human mind. Meanwhile, I have much to say about the subject and I'm only one person. Which just goes to show that academia is the place where intelligence and originality go to die. It is The Ossifier of human knowledge.

Academia is the graveyard of comprehension and understanding. The oozing pustule on the arse of humanity. I want to see it eradicated as an institution. Its largely Evil, Narcissistic and RWA practitioners, are already losing their grip on authority. I want to see them die, their papers burnt to ashes and their names erased from history.

Ever wonder how come Right-Wing Authoritarians condemn and hate Academia but never, ever move to weaken it? Why they never ACT like it's their enemy for all their loud braying voices? Ever wonder why they HATE any alternatives to academia? It's because Academia is composed of RWAs and organized along RWA principles, except better and smarter than any retarded non-academic RWA.

RWAs hate academia because they're jealous, because they couldn't hack it, and are distressed at their own failings. Which doesn't mean that academia should be spared. Far from it. This is exactly why academia throughout the world should be incinerated and burned to the ground.

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