Monday, January 13, 2014

Superman Is Evil

There is a tiny minuscule difference between stability and stasis on the one hand, and holding and restraint on the other hand. The smallness of that difference is what makes Gaians the most Evil-seeming of all the non-Evil personality types. Gaians will tolerate lies and slavery, something that NONE of the other non-Evil personality types would EVER do. In fact, Gaians will *allow themselves to be slaves*, something which is utterly revolting. Uncle Tom? He was a Gaian!

Nonetheless, there IS an actual difference between the most primitive and brain-damaged of Right-Wing Authoritarians ... correction, SECOND-most primitive and brain-damaged since Malcolm X and other racial supremacists belonged to the MOST brain-damaged. As I was saying, there IS an actual difference between the kind of brain-fucked RWA who worships stability and stasis and a Gaian. That difference is more than enough to put Superman firmly on the wrong side of the line between Evil and non-Evil. Although it does explain why so many Gaians run shoulder to shoulder with RWAs in the environmental crowd.

As I said, the difference is small, tiny and minuscule. But right off the bat it makes itself felt. An RWA who seeks stability will right away become a dependent, a codependent, a mollycoddler, a mama's boy, a milksop, a weakling. Like Spike the fucking vampire. Spike who EATS HUMANS FOR FOOD. Meanwhile, a Gaian who values holding keeps like a rock in a stream. They're faithful, a personal servant, a manservant, a valet. Like Alfred the SAS trained Butler and faithful family retainer.

Don't think there's that much difference? Think you I'm just using pejoratives in the former and neutral terms in the latter? I'm not because once their COMMITMENT turns on, the milksop is going to be blindly loyal, uncaring and unseeing of any Evil performed by their mama. Their mama beats them? Oh no problem. Their mama eats human flesh? Oh no problem. Their mama sacrificed a passing stranger to the Devil to bring about the Apocalypse? DON'T DISS MOMMA!

Meanwhile, the faithful manservant becomes a bodyguard when you turn his commitment on. They'll willingly sacrifice their life for their employer. But if their employer starts becoming reckless and threatening to end the world or even merely threatening the continuation of their operations ... them's the walking papers, oh and did I forget to mention that your enemy has gunmen coming for you, sir ... right about now? And that I called them in? But you won't have to worry about them because they'll find a dead body. Goodbye sir. BANG.

Next level up is gold digger / harpy. Neither of which describe Superman, but they both describe his little girlfriend, don't they? "Oh Clark, why can't you be like Superman?" "Oh superman, my pussy gets wet because of you. I want to marry you and have your children and most of all get the status and enemy-proofness that comes from being your little bitch." She's a sick, sick bitch and most of all, EVIL. A few levels up we have the fact Superman's a fucking aristocrat (Kryptonian) who's bought into all that aristocratic crap about helping those of lesser breeding (Humans) to ensure social stability.

Parenthetically, you'd think I'm cheating. After all, women can be reliably counted on to be Evil. They are statistically speaking more Evil than men. And less creative too. Not least because they're actively encouraged to be and their brains are hardwired for it from a young age. But that doesn't explain why Lois Lane is SPECIFICALLY a gold digger / harpy rather than a self-aggrandizing bitch, or a vain sex slave, or any of the different brands of psychopath. Or even a different brand of RWA. No, the Superman story makes an almost straight line from left to right across RWA with one minor crossover in polarity at vigilante.

Going on, the differences from Gaian only widen as you go up levels. A Gaian would never EVER choose to work in the echo chambers of America the way that Clark fucking Kent does! He CHOSE to work at Evil Inc. And thinks his Evil controlling employer is "quirky". And doesn't retch at the crap he has to spew at every publication. Why? Because Clark Kent is the Good Immigrant and the Good Immigrant in Fascistic America is a naked power-worshiper! So he is. Fuck, at the surprisingly high level where RWAs are power-worshipers, Gaians are white knights selflessly supporting strangers.

A real hero will sacrifice his life for a stranger. Superman never does that! He "risks" his life for strangers, except he doesn't haha because he's the invincible stalin. Man of steel you know. Where a real hero walks into danger in order to save the lives of perfect strangers, Superman spends a few hours a day carefully polishing his Legend and making notches in his belt to keep score. And when Superman's life is ACTUALLY at risk, it's because someone is gunning for him SPECIFICALLY or someone would raze down the entire planet and wipe out his hometown. And Superman's reputation with it.

Wanting to keep YOUR possessions and YOUR friends and YOUR memories and YOUR neuroses safe is the mark of Evil. It is the mark of a total and utter lack of principles. Even Raistlin fucking Majere, the GOD OF EVIL himself, was capable of "kindness" to those who reminded him of himself and triggered his neurotic memories of his own childhood, threatening to destabilize his mind. Something that only a pathetic moron would mistake for genuine kindness! Raistlin never "went Evil", he WAS Evil all along! He just dialed his Evil all the way up to 11 by becoming a Legend.

Superman is a pathetic mockery of Truth and Justice. But he's spot-on about the American Way of power-worship and atavistic self-aggrandizement. And speaking of the American Way, 'irresestible' is a mark of godhood ... of an EVIL narcissistic god. Allah is irresistible, and wasn't America irresistible to immigrants? Yes, yes it was. Going on, is it really a surprise that in these Fascistic times, a fascist like Superman (and all journalists are fascists as they seek to regiment your beliefs) got put on the big screen in a harder, dirtier, grungier, "cooler", Eviler, more nakedly fascistic way?

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