Saturday, December 20, 2014

There Are Two Kinds of People

Those who say there are two kinds of people and those who don't. The former are all sociopaths.

Then there's the people who say "we all". It doesn't matter whether it's "we're all in this together", or "we're all the same" or "we're all different". Retards, every single last one of them.

And then there's people who say "there are 197 different kinds of people as of last count" or "there are 21 different kinds of people in the Personality Description Language".

And those are the people who say it not because it's in some book or some fellow retard told them so, but because it's the truth. Which means, they're the people you will never trust.

Everyone is much more interested in what the sociopaths have to say.


Cathy Lane RPh said...

I had seven siblings -two brothers and five sisters. I usually see strangers in terms of being more like one of my siblings until I know them better. Then, I wonder how I could've imagined that they were similar.

Richard Kulisz said...

Just because you don't possess the language to fully describe human personality with doesn't mean everyone is suffering from your handicap. And your total lack of initiative in overcoming your handicap.

After all, isn't it your belief that we're all different? And doesn't it follow then that there are people whose thoughts and ability to discern reality exist far beyond your comprehension?

There are tribal people existing nowadays whose minds are utterly incapable of grasping the concept "2" and have to make do with "few" and "many".

Doesn't it follow then if there are people who are so much lesser than you that there must be people who are so much greater than you also? People who can see the thoughts sluggishly and painfully crawling in your empty mind as easily as you can see road signs?

Don't insinuate I'm guilty of the sins (incuriosity, anti-intellectualism) you're guilty of just because you're GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY.

mclaren212 said...

How come you think that she was insinuating that everyone else perceives people's personalities as she does?

mclaren212 said...

Err let me rephrase that last part: that everyone else isnt capable of describing people's personalities better than she can

Richard Kulisz said...

Because she isn't a sociopath. And since she isn't a sociopath I assume she writes in order to communicate rather than to hear the sound of her own voice. She just happens to not have anything interesting to say. As a result, she projects her own insecurities and sense of inadequacy on me. I earlier assumed they were her ideological beliefs but ... well it doesn't really matter either way.

As to how I know she isn't a sociopath, it's because a sociopath would never think their family is worth more attention than they themselves are. Nor would they try to analogize all kinds of people to their family members. Nor would they believe exactly 7 (or SiblingNumber) is an exhaustive enumeration of all the different kinds of people.